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22nd October 2013

Have I ever wrote a blog entry where I haven’t moaned about anything? I doubt it.

Today’s rant involves a lecturer who is ruining my degree by taking away marks for not putting my name in the correct place on a piece of work. I know, how petty is that? And when the piece of work is marked out of 10, losing a mark is a big thing.

Basically we have been producing maps using a horrible piece of software called Arc GIS. The lecturer puts the instructions on the shared area and we have to work through them to produce a map. These maps make up 60% of the module marks. The other 40% is an exam, and I’m useless at exams.

I also lost marks because I put ‘Kilometres’ as a label on the scale bar when it would have been ‘km’. Why?! Why be so bloody picky when we all know it means that same damn thing?! I lost marks because two of the lines on my map were different colours when they should have been the same. Really, they should be two different colours because they show two different things, and even the example map used two different colours. So I don’t know what all that is about.

It’s really frustrating. The lecturer shouldn’t have taken a mark off for each wrong feature, especially when it is something as stupid as having your name at the top of the page when it should have been in the title. To be quite honest if he was following university protocol there shouldn’t have been a name on the work anyway as marking is supposed to be anonymous.

I’ve written an email of complaint to my tutor. To be honest, I could have included a lot more details about how boring the lectures by him are and how half of the class don’t bother to show up because they know it’s as boring as hell. The lecturer is new and is covering the maternity leave of one of my favourite lecturers. I know if she was teaching the module then I wouldn’t be having this problem. He doesn’t speak very good English which is a problem. I’m in no way knocking international lecturers. I have one from Greece, one from Mexico and one from France, and they also speak incredible English. This lecturer seems to take no interest in his students and he doesn’t want to help.

He even accused my friend of not turning up for lectures and not handing her maps in. What a bastard! I’ve been to every lecture she has and I know for a fact he doesn’t register the attendance. Also, I watched her hand him her map, so he’s talking a load of nonsense.

If there is one thing that annoys me it’s lectures who don’t bother, or just make your life miserable. At the end of the day my Β£9,000 a year is paying their wages. It seems unfair that sometimes all you get for your money is a 60 slide PowerPoint with white backgrounds and black Arial text.

I really hope my complaint gets somewhere. I want a remark or even a change in mark scheme for the next GIS practical. If not, at this rate, I’m probably going to do awful in the module.

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  1. AHHHH THAT IS SO INFURIATING!! I’m terribly sorry to even hear that, Holly. I’d have smoke coming out of my ears if I were you. This is an incredibly incompetent lecturer who clearly is having a power trip. I’ve had similar experiences in my time in college & it makes me so livid. It is unfathomable. Understandably, lecturers expect you to turn in top-notch work, but marking off kilometres vs km is just obnoxious. If there’s no guideline for what is & isn’t acceptable, how are you supposed to know you’re doing subpar work or that it isn’t what is required of you?

    If you don’t get a response from your tutor, you should definitely try to take this up with your lecturer again & complain to him that he’s being unreasonable. Truly this is an issue.

    If all fails, you’ll just have to work your best with him & put on a smile & ask him what he’d mark off & what he wouldn’t. Sometimes these grumps just need a hug…or to get laid. Whatever it is, just try to ask him what you can do to improve your work. Don’t give up on doing well on exams either! You can do it!

    • I had teachers at school and college just like this so I’m kind of use to it. I just think it’s worse now I’m at university because my fees are paying his wages.

      I’m going to go and talk to him sometime this week. Hopefully I will be able to help him see the error of his ways.

      Thank you. πŸ™‚ Exams have never been my strong point but I’ve been revising my arse off this year so hopefully it will pay off.

  2. Liz

    That’s really UGH. o.- My speech teacher knew me personally AND my mom AND my stepdad, so whether it was just me she was very persistent about or not I don’t know. But I really dislike teachers like that. They need to just mind their own business. >:(

    • I agree. The worse thing is that this lecturer, even though he is new, already has favourites. Some people made the same mistakes I did and have achieved higher marks than me. It’s a joke.

  3. Cat

    That lecturer sounds super annoying! His grading seems unreasonable, and I hope you’ll be able to get some marks back. That’s also not fair that he accuses your friend of not showing up, when he doesn’t bother doing attendance. I hope your complaint makes a difference!

    • I don’t even know where he gets these ideas from! My friend even did the extra, non-compulsory work that the lecturer set. It’s so unfair.

  4. Amy

    That’s ridiculous! Hopefully they manage to sort it out. I hate it when universities are so picky about everything – I once lost marks for putting full stops at the end of my references. It’s stupid sometimes.

    That tutor has no right to do that though. If he knows it’s yours or can find out that from you then why does it matter?? He’s just being unfair.

    In my exam last year I put the wrong student code on my paper and spent the next two months panicking that they’d void my paper or something. They didn’t luckily, but still, that shouldn’t have even been a worry.

    Good luck with getting it sorted out!


  5. Chynna

    Do not even get me started on lecturers.

    I’m graduated now, but just thinking about them make me so angry. The amount of times lecturers didn’t turn up to my lectures is ridiculous – they’d make some excuse like oh, it’s on Moodle. Did I pay that much money to be looking at some bloody PowerPoints on my computer screen?

    Gosh. Your lecturer sounds well annoying, though. Glad you took the initiative to complain. D: Hope everything else is fine with university, tho!

    • My lecturers are pretty good when it comes to attendance. However last year I had a lecturer who said he couldn’t get in on the train because of the snow, yet people in my class who caught the same train as him managed to get in. He was just lazy.

      Everything else at uni is great thanks. πŸ™‚ The modules I picked this year are really interesting. I think my made the right choice on them.

  6. Chynna

    Oh, and the 50p return to Birmingham was an promotion from Chiltern Railway because they added a new line from Marylebone! Think it’s finished now, though.

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