Which blog posts result in referrals from Pinterest?

11th June 2015

Which blog posts result in referrals from Pinterest?

I’ve written this blog post as response to an issue that is regularly flagged up by bloggers; how to get referrals from Pinterest.

Pinterest is a funny platform. It’s not as direct or as easy to use to bring readers to your blog as Twitter, however, if you can get your head around what works and what doesn’t work then you may be able to successfully use Pinterest to to promote your posts.

First of all, there is a difference between re-pins, likes and clicks when it comes to promoting your blog.

Let’s look at an example. Your pin has been re-pinned 20 times and has 10 likes.

That’s great, but is it bringing in visitors your blog? Well, that depends on what you are sharing.

If you are simply sharing a pretty picture with no hint of extra information if the user were to click on the pin, then you probably aren’t going to get any traffic from that pin.

Repins and likes don’t necessary result in referrals.

So, how do you generate referrals?

In order to get those clicks you need to provide something more for Pinterest users. Provide something on your blog that they can not extract from a picture alone.

One way you can do this is by using a description that encourages the user to want to read on. Something like “Find out more about this over on my blog.” but of course try to be more unique and less sales-y.

Ultimately, there is one type of post that will get more referrals AND re-pins than anything else. And this is perhaps the key to using Pinterest for referrals.


Any blog post that teaches a reader something will gain referrals and re-pins. It will get referrals because they want to know more and it will get re-pinned because if they like the information in the post they will want to save it for later.

I tend to pin all of my post to Pinterest, just to see what people will like and click on, because you never know which posts are going to be a hit. However, it’s the tutorial blog posts that generate the most referrals, such as my DIY text pillow to tutorial and my post on being an organised student.

Therefore, whether or not Pinterest will work for you as a blogger will depend on the type of content you write about.

Are you on Pinterest? Do you use it to promote your posts? Does it work for you?

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  1. I only start using it and find it a little hard. I will have to spend more time to understand how it works and it can work for me.

    • Holly

      It’s such a tricky platform to use. Some people are just really lucky and will build a following with lots of referrals quite quickly. You never know which posts are going to be popular with Pinterest users, but it’s usually tutorials.