When will life brighten up?

17th February 2013

In my previous post I mentioned that I’d had some bad luck regarding a little legal project I was working on. It must have been a bad omen because things got worse from there on.

On Thursday afternoon I went to the pub with my flat mate and a few of her friends to celebrate a birthday. Recently I haven’t been taking well to alcohol as it makes me feel really sick, even if I only drink I small amount, so I bought a pint of cider and thought no more of it. I was fine, until later in the evening.

I’m not sure if the following occurred due to the alcohol, or perhaps it was a linked to the mixture of emotions I’d felt the previous day, but that evening I was pretty ill. I won’t go into the details because I don’t want to put you off your food but it was pretty crap. I decided to go to bed early and take Friday morning off university. I wanted to get better for Friday evening.

On Friday afternoon I caught a very busy train to Manchester and met with Tyrone for a romantic meal from Burger King. We then made our way to the venue ready to see Kaiser Chiefs. There were two supporting acts on before Kaiser Chiefs. They were both pretty good bands but I preferred the first one, Heavyball. I steered clear of the alcohol so I wouldn’t feel ill and so I could enjoy the show more. Kaiser Chiefs were brilliant and really entertained the crowd. I think Ricky Wilson is a great frontman with so much energy. I was shattered after the show, and I still had to find my way to a train station I had never been to before in a city I really don’t know that well, and then catch a train that would take an hour and a quarter to get back to Liverpool. Yes, I made it back and avoided spending the night on a bench in a train station in Manchester.

No direct trains between Manchester Piccadilly and Liverpool after 10pm on a Friday. Who thought that was a good idea?!

Kaiser Chiefs, seeing a Tyrone and managing to get a train home were all positive points of the weekend. Now I continue with the negatives.

This morning Tyrone turned on my laptop. He tried logging on with my password but it kept failing. We eventually realised that it was because the V key on my laptop keyboard wasn’t working. Subsequently we discovered that the Z, X, C and V keys were all broke. We had to go into town and buy a normal wired keyboard so that I can use my laptop. It’s a pain in the arse having to sit my new keyboard on top of my old one but what am I suppose to do? My laptop is 3 years old now and has never really had any problems until now. I hope that some how I can get it fixed. I really can’t afford to replace it. Plus I’d be picky about buying a new one. Ty and I went into PC World to look at laptops and I managed to find problems with them all. None of them are as good as my current laptop. And I really don’t want Windows 8. Ugh.

When we were in town my flat mate text me. She was concerned that the fridge wasn’t working. When we returned we noticed that the fridge was warm and so was all the food inside. I called maintenance and the guy said that we had overloaded the fridge. Not my fault as I only had block of cheese and a bag of salad in there. The main problem is my other flat mate (who never speaks to us) who fills the fridge with out of date food. She had put an entire loaf of bread in there! No wonder it was over full. We removed all food that was out of date or that didn’t need to be stored in the fridge. We left it for about 2 hours and when we returned the fridge was still warm. I called maintenance again but I ended up speaking to someone from security to laughed at me and told me that maintenance had gone home.

“So I’m just suppose to leave my food to go off?!” I asked. He laughed at me again. Got to love student accommodation.

We will have to bin all the food we purchased as it is now warm and disgusting. It’s inedible! I am going to complain to reception first thing in the morning and explain that we have wasted food due to nobody helping us. In the handbook it says that maintenance are available 24/7. Lies! I’ve already had to complain several times this week due to people playing their music stupidly loud at 2am. My mum ever contacted my accommodation as they didn’t seem to listen to me. I’m fed up of living here.

My laptop is broke. My fridge is broke. My brand new necklace from Etsy.com is broke. My guts are broke. My faith is broke.

I want to curl up in a ball, stay in bed all day and pretend that the world is a better place.

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  1. Cat

    I’m glad there was some positive recently! That sounded like a good show, and I’m glad you managed to catch a train back without spending the night.

    Sorry about all of your other troubles though πŸ™ I hope you’ll be able to repair your laptop without a high price. Seems like replacing a keyboard shouldn’t be too expensive. I don’t want to upgrade to Windows 8 either. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be, but some things about it still worry me.

    I feel like that maintenance guy should have checked your fridge just incase, instead of assuming there were too many things in it. It’s such a waste that your food went bad because of it. I’ve had to share my fridge with roommates before, and it’s always annoying when there’s one that just hogs all the space, especially without needing to.

    I hope things will get better for you though!

  2. “I want to curl up in a ball, stay in bed all day and pretend that the world is a better place.”
    I’d say just curl up in a ball, and enjoy the bed. Forget the world. It’s probably just busy with other people at the moment πŸ˜‰
    Sounds like you’re having a bit of a bruising time. I hope things get less annoying in the future.
    But Kaiser Chiefs… AWESOME. From what I’ve seen of recordings of them on stage, they’re really good with the crowd. That’s so cool you got to see them! jealous now :_(
    Ahah. Anyways, hope life brightens up… SOON. πŸ˜€

  3. Bhairavi

    As I had told you once before… I hadn’t heard of Kaiser Chiefs… but after you suggested a couple of songs… I actually have started liking them!
    I’m really happy you could go to the concert!

    It’s really horrible when there is a problem in the public transport after a certain time… I live in Mumbai where the Local trains is the life of the city… but the last train from a suburb to the main Mumbai station runs at 11 something…. and if you happen to miss that train… you are practically stranded somewhere very late in the night!

    It really sucks when something goes wrong with the computer…. last week I had to write my java Programming journal when my computer crashed as there was some problems with my C: drive! It was soooo horrible… I was totally in tears! Luckily, the techician came the next day and formatted the pc…

    When too many things start going wrong… something good always happens… so don’t worry… something good will happen to you too… quite soon!

  4. Jea

    I hope you get your laptop fixed soon (or get a new laptop that is as good as your current one). I think Windows 8 sucks.

    Something really good will happen soon. Think positive! ^^

    Password to my latest post: 72#<RKPU4m3*i!o

  5. Sasha

    I feel for you. u.u
    I studied abroad (I’m from Italy and stayed in Preston, Lancashire) for 10 months, but I was so lucky to stay in a private house who belonged to our exchange-referral teacher, and she made sure maintenance was rarely needed; each of us – me, another girl and one guy – had a private bedroom…unluckily, we had one bathroom. The girl was fixated with hair, make-up and strong-scented perfumes, and the bathroom reeked of those for hours every time she used it; the guy left a mess wherever he went, so no good there either. X( At least, they were nice people and we got along fine; it would have been he** otherwise.

  6. I hope you aren’t still feeling ill. That doesn’t sound to pleasant.

    It’s great that you had a good time at the concert.

    I recently went through an ordeal with my laptop. I got one of my keys wet. Ack! I hope your laptop issues get resolved quickly.

    I’ve never heard of a refrigerator being overloaded. That sounds weird and I hope it all gets fixed soon.

  7. Windows 8 looks SO bad. 😑 I don’t like it at all. I’m sorry about the troubles that you have been having lately, as one bad luckiness after another is never fun — only extremely exhausting. πŸ™

    I also hope that your keyboard stuff gets worked out soon. 😑

    I really hope that light shines through soon; having so many bad things happen that you want to curl into a ball in your bed and stay there all day isn’t helpful at all. πŸ™ Ty seems like a great guy, though.

  8. Your security guard sounds an IDIOT. Who runs your accommodation? Is it Unite? I hope you get that sorted, your landlord has to provide a working fridge, that’s shockingly bad =[

    Glad you got back to Liverpool! I’ve been stranded and it’s not great! You did well to get back, train skills!

    The alcohol and illness thing is a problem my friend had, she also started getting back pain from it. The doctor put it down to stress and she stopped drinking for a year. Its not ideal for some people but you can still have a good night in Liverpool without drinking a lot.

    That’s a proper shame about your laptop. I sold mine a few days ago because its processor wasn’t powerful enough for what I needed to do anymore and I’ve ended up buying Windows 8. It takes a long time to get used to, and I can’t find the recycle bin anywhere but it’s not as bad as you might expect, but keep it as a last resort.

    Hope everything starts getting better for you. At least the sun stays out past 4pm now!