What I’m currently reading (July)

22nd July 2014

What I'm currently reading July

For me, the summer break from uni is always the best time to get some reading done. Throughout term time, I find myself feeling guilty about reading fiction when I know I should be reading material related to my course. Plus, I spend so much time reading academic journals that when I do have time to take a break, I just don’t feel like reading for fun.

I am currently reading Four Blind Mice by James Patterson, and according to my Kindle I’m just 13% of the way through. I should note here, I am a very slow reader with a very short attention span.

Four Blind Mice is the 8th novel in the Alex Cross series. The books centre around a homicide detective who lives and works in Washington D.C. Actually, the first book I read in the series was The Big Bad Wolf which is the 9th book in the series. The reason for this is that I found The Big Bad Wolf in the villa we were staying at in Portugal a couple of years a go, and I thought I’d give it a read. Once I’d finished, I went back to the start of the series to catch up with the rest of the story.

You may have heard of the films Along Came A Spider and Kiss The Girls, staring Morgan Freeman, which are based on the 1st and 2nd books respectively [1. However, in terms of the films, the Kiss The Girls came out before Along Came A Spider.]. Unfortunately the films were not (very) true to the books, and not even Morgan Freeman could save them. They were pretty poor overall.

What I love most about the Alex Cross series, and about James Patterson’s writing in general, is that it is fast paced with action from the outset. The chapters are really short and each ends on a cliffhanger of some description. As I mentioned before, I have a short attention span, and so I find it difficult to get into books that take a long time to develop characters and to set the scene. In the Alex Cross series there is no time wasted with this sort of detail, yet I still feel like I know an incredible amount of detail about the characters and their lives, as well as the places visited in the books. The way in which James Patterson does this is very clever, and is why I admire him as a writer.

While these books will not be for everyone (some are pretty graphic and dark) I would highly recommend giving them a read. Like many book series, the first (Along Came A Spider) still remains my favourite, but I will continue to read the rest of the series because I am hooked on the story and I am desperate to know what will happen in the future.

What are you reading at the moment?

P.S. My Kindle case is from Cath Kidston.

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  1. The only reading I do these days are usually for academic reasons.. Like text books. Hopefully you’re enjoying Four Blind Mice :). I understand that short attention span *o*. It’s mostly why I’m really picky with the books I read.

    As for what I’m reading at the moment, I got so caught up with work that I don’t have time for other things *o*. I was supposed to finish reading the java textbook buuut where’s the time?

    Take care πŸ™‚

    • Holly

      I hate reading text books. No matter how hard I try my short attention span always gets the better of me.

  2. Jamie

    At the moment, I’m currently reading Pre-Algebra Demystified. Why? I need to brush up on my math, before I take the math assessment test again. I was trying to read “Mr. Mercedes” by Stephen King. However, that ended up being a flop/fail. The last book I did read though was “Final Stand” by Rose Garcia. Very nice woman. Final Stand is almost like the Terminator. But it’s still a good series.

    To be honest, we were at Barnes And Noble, and I happened to pick up a small book called “Four Blind Mice.” What a coincidence. :). I think I’m in a semi-reading slump. I’ve read Fiction for so long that my brain needs a challenge. Plus, I think I need a break anyways. The next book may just be an e-book by author Elisa Dane called Ex-Factor. But don’t be ashamed for being a slow reader. It just means that you’re savoring and enjoying everything you read. That’s what I do.

  3. Chynna

    My reading list is as long as my arm, and I haven’t even finished the first book on my pile. Damn being so busy.

    I haven’t read any James Patterson books, but I’m definitely planning to. The Alex Cross series sounds really interesting. Also the films must have been really poor if even Morgan Freeman couldn’t save them D:

    I always find myself in Waterstones, though, looking at MORE books when I haven’t even started the others. Such is life.

    • Holly

      I’m the same. I’m terrible for starting books and ending up with about 5 on the go all at the same time!

  4. postmoderngirls;

    I’ve got a reading list that goes from now to infinity- I keep adding {and buying} books even as I finish one. I suppose I’ll never run out of options for things to read πŸ™‚

    I’ve got a fair bit of academic/work-related reading to get through (William Easterly’s Tyranny of Experts, and Nina Munk’s The Idealist for the next month and a bit) but I’m reading Kierkegaard’s The Seducer’s Diary, and Joan Didion’s The White Album for ‘me’ reading.

    I’ve never read the Alex Cross series, but if you like fast-paced crime fiction; I’d highly recommend the Harry Hole series (Jo Nesbo). I find that Scandinavian crime fiction is really good and handles a lot of different issues. I also really liked the two Robert Galbraith (AKA J.K. Rowling) books- nicely done and the plot was pretty interesting.

    Happy reading!

    • Holly

      I’ve always considered reading some Jo Nesbo books but I’ve never known where to start. I’d certainly give this series a go. πŸ™‚

  5. Cat

    This sounds like something I might like! One of my favorite book series is the 87th Precinct, which is about homicide detectives and their cases. I’ve been trying to read the ones I’ve been missing in that series. I’ve also been reading the Sherlock Holmes series on and off.

    • Holly

      I’ve always fancied reading the Sherlock Holmes books. I think they’d be right up my street. πŸ™‚

  6. I’m read mostly historical nonfiction books. So far, I’m reading/ or started a book on Kaiser Wilhelm II’s mother, which is fascinating. Wilhelm II was the ruler of Prussia aka Germany during WWI.

    He’s actually related to everyone through his mother, who was the first child of Queen Victoria of England. I’m pretty much in the early years before her marriage. Still, it’s great. I know very little about Victoria, the grandmother, but it does give some backstory. I’m enjoying the book very well.

    Plus: I’m still reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. It is written in a very different way than most books. I recommend it highly.

    It’s very well detailed and enjoyable. Too bad the film wasn’t.

    But I have heard of those movies and Alex Cross.

    • Holly

      Sounds interesting. Historical books aren’t really my thing. I just find the language really difficult to understand.

  7. I’m intently reading Programmer I Java! Because I need to get an Oracle certification as an OCA by the end of this year! (hopefully by October)

    Apart from that, I’finished reading Remember me? by Sophie Kinsella and now The kite runner by Khaled Hosseini is lying on my bed side table!

    I bought about 20 books of James Patterson in a book sale (book by weight sale!) but I haven’t got around to reading them yet!

    I loved this section of yours (you know my crazy love for books!) and I’m actually thinking of making those section graphics like u…. it’s nice to have some graphics on each post, makes it more lively in my opinion!

    Too long a comment?

    Take care, Holly!

    • Holly

      Thank you. πŸ™‚ I’ve not really wrote about books or what I’ve been reading before. I’d like to make it more of a feature. Well, that’s if I can speed up my reading.

      I think using photographs in posts like these makes them look a bit more attractive to read. They also provide an image for the post when I share it on Pinterest, Google+ and BlogLovin’. I just take photographs and add text. πŸ™‚

  8. I love James Patterson! I only read a couple of the Alex Cross books but I really love the way James Patterson writes. He writes such great pageturners. I honestly wouldn’t really be into the thriller genre if it weren’t for his books… but all the same, I think he’s one the best out there.

    • Holly

      I’m the same. I’d never read a thriller before reading The Big Bad Wolf but now it’s all I read. πŸ™‚