We’re off to Italy!

20th May 2014

I am excited to inform you that Tyrone and I have booked a holiday. We are off to Lido di Jesolo in Italy, which is a town just outside of Venice. I am so excited as it means we will be able to visit Venice. Although Tyrone has been to Venice before, it will be my first visit. I can’t wait to go!

The hotel we are going to stay at is pretty old school but it has its own pool and private section of beach, as well as being close to the shops and bars in the town. This is ideal for me considering my problems with walking long distances. However, I will just get drugged up on pain killers whenever we go to Venice as I refuse to miss out because of my leg.

I am going to see the Rialto Bridge and St Mark’s Square even if it kills me!

We are going next Friday (30th) and we’ve got to get a bus from Liverpool to Manchester at 2am to catch our flight to Marco Polo airport at around 6am. We are going to be very tired people.

Today Tyrone and I have been in to town to make a start on the holiday shopping. I’m feeling so pleased with myself right now because I managed to walk all around Liverpool and back to the flat without developing a bad limp or being in too much pain. Well, I had taking Cocodamol before, but it worked!

We bought sun cream and electrical adaptors ready for our trip. I also took a trip to H&M to try to complete my wish list from my previous post. I now own the two items in the top picture (the dress and the cover-up). The dress is even nicer than in the picture. The back section is lacy too, but I will show you a picture in another post. In addition I bought a cheap bikini from Primark because the elastic in one of my bikinis has worn out. I hope I get chance to wear them.

Godzilla was pretty cool by the way, although I felt the story lacked somewhat. We went to see it in 3D IMAX, which was a new experience for me.

*Picture stolen from my mum. Thanks mum!

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  1. I’m so jelly!!!! I’ve never been out of my own country let alone somewhere awesome like Italy! Make sure to take lots of pictures so I can live vicariously through you hahaha.

  2. Venice! wow! Even I wanna go out of my country! But then again, India is such a huge place that I have not fully seen all the tourist place in my state, let alone the country! haha
    Enjoy on your trip, Holly!

    I heard from my best friend that Godzilla was really boring. I wanna watch X Men now…

    Take Care, Holly! πŸ˜€

    • To be honest, I’ve not explored very much of the UK. I’ve never been to Scotland!

      Yeah, Godzilla was one of those films where you think it’s never going to end. Not really my thing.

  3. Chynna

    YAAAAAY! I’m so excited for you. I’m glad you booked a holiday, haha.

    I’ve been to Italy before, but we only stayed in Rome. I hope I get to visit other areas soon. Would be so nice. I hope you have an amazing time in Venice – I’ve heard it’s beautiful!

    I haven’t made a start on my holiday yet, but I will hopefully next week because that’s payday πŸ˜€

    • Hooray for holidays! I hope you have a great time in Barcelona. It’s such a beautiful city.

      I’ve been to Rome too, as well as Florence and Pisa, but I visited them while on a cruise so I haven’t really spent much time in Italy at all.

  4. […] Tyrone and I go to Italy next Friday. I’m busy sorting everything out and packing ready to go. Unfortunately the weather forecast isn’t looking so great but according to my mum the weather can change quite quickly in Italy. My parents are currently cruising around the Mediterranean and have been to Rome and Naples this week. I am completely jealous because they’ve been to Pompeii. I’ve been studying Vesuvius a lot this year so I’d love to visit and see it for myself some day. […]