Welcome to my new home

30th March 2012

Hi, remember me? I use to run Imperfect Angel.

Well, I’ve got some news. I’ve moved to empfire from Imperfect Angel. This is now the home of my personal blog and all of my website content.

I expect you are wondering why I have decided to move, especially after being at Imperfect Angel for so long (about 2 years). Well, I’ve been having some issues over the last couple of months with the website.

I have never actually owned the domain. I adopted it because at the time I had no bank card to pay for a domain with. When you adopt a website, it never feels like your own. I didn’t choose the name Imperfect Angel and so the name was never personal to me, like empfire is. I didn’t pay for the domain registration and so when the real owner forgot to pay I was left without a website until I contacted her. This made me think to myself about the uncertainly of not owning the domain and having to rely upon someone else. I just didn’t like that idea anymore.

Another issue I had with Imperfect Angel was all of my images got deleted by TinyPic. I’m not sure why that happened but it was kind of the last straw. I decided that this would be a good opportunity to move my website.

It will take me a while to move everything from Imperfect Angel to here. Links have got to be changed, images have got to be uploaded here and other updates will need to be made to content. I will be working on this throughout the Easter holidays but I’m going on my cruise on Tuesday for a week so I will not be updating during this time. I will keep you posted on how I am getting on with the move.

Feel free to leave me a comment. As always, I will reply when ever I can.

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  1. Ben

    I’ve always found imgur.com to be better than tinypic. πŸ™‚ I love the new name for the site! I agree that it’s better to use your own name, cause’ deep down, it’s something you personally came up with. πŸ™‚

    You might remember my site, offbeatsoul.com? Well, I’ve set up a small blog to try and come back to the blogging world, so I’ll see how it goes. :p The egypt photos are great, btw! There must have been a lot of photo opportunities there! πŸ™‚

  2. Ben

    Thanks, Holly! It’s nice to speak to you again! πŸ™‚ I’ve put you up on the ‘links’ page, and you can feel free to link me, but remember, I might not be permanently coming back to blogging, though! πŸ˜›

    Wow, the Mediterranean? It sounds great! I’d love to go on a cruse somewhere like that, one day! I can’t wait to see the photos from there! I’ll hopefully upload some when I find something to take a picture of. :’)

    I guess it’s always safer to use your own space! Some hosts don’t allow it, though. :S

  3. Ben

    Actually, don’t add my link – I dont think I’ll have the time for a blog atm. I might try again next month. :S Hopefully, we can still talk on twitter, and I’ll update you on whether I’m going to return. πŸ™‚

  4. Ben

    Plus, if i do come back, the name froffi is reserved!! But next time, I might get a hosted blog πŸ˜‰

  5. Hi!

    Remember me? I used to run shriyagarg.net

    I am so sorry about you having to move domains. Something similar happened to me. Mine was a gift from Marina (teakandi.com), but suddenly she stopped paying. I didn’t even have a back up (Stupid, stupid me). Everything was lost. I had to go to Google and opened cached pages and copied most of the content. The site was small, so that helped.Thank God I had taken backups of my other website.

    Anyway, I am back now, so drop by and say hi. πŸ™‚