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23rd December 2018

The Christmas shopping is done and the presents are wrapped. My “Out of Office is on and I’m back in Shropshire.

I’m ready for Christmas!

December has been a good month for me. I’d been warned that it could be a slow month in terms of business as everyone is more focused on slowing down for Christmas. But actually, to my surprise, it was my busiest and most profitable month this year.

I got to work on some exciting projects and I’ve even secured myself some more work for the new year. But right now I am looking forward to over a week off to rest and recharge. I’m so excited for what’s to come in 2019.

Unfortunately, I have had some issues with my health this month. For well over a month now, the fingers on my right hand have been swollen and stiff. I just put it down to the cold weather; I assumed I had chilblains. But Tyrone encouraged me to go to the doctors when the swelling started to get worse.

My doctor suggested that I have a blood test to rule out rheumatoid arthritis. Although I must have had a blood test before at some point in my life, I couldn’t remember what it was like so I was a little apprehensive. But fortunately, I had a lovely nurse who calmed me down and managed to get the blood she required in one go.

I’ll get my results back after Christmas, so keep your fingers crossed for me. 🤞🏻 Because in their current swollen state, I can’t cross mine. 😂

Both Tyrone and I finished work on Friday and yesterday we decided to have a relaxing day away from the madness of the shops. We grabbed a hot chocolate to go and went for a walk along the beach. We played on the slot machines and had lunch out. It was so chilled and for a moment I completely forgot that Christmas was just around the corner.

This morning, we packed up the car with all of our presents and drove back to Shropshire, ready for a few days at home with our families. I mentioned this on Twitter but it is so convenient that Tyrone and I are both from the same town so we don’t have to spend Christmas apart or make the awkward decision of where to spend Christmas.

In the near future, I would love to spend Christmas at our house and have all of our families over to stay. But not until we’ve finished renovating the house!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. Fingers crossed it’s not, but if you ever want to chat RA just give me a shout. I’m really glad December was a prosperous month for you. I hope 2019 is even better x

  2. Cat

    Wow, that’s awesome that December has been your most profitable month this year! I would have thought the same thing that things would slow down for the holidays. I’m glad that wasn’t the case for you!

    Sorry to hear about the health issues though. I really hope it’s not rheumatoid arthritis and am wishing the best for you! My mom has had rheumatoid arthritis for years, and I know that it’s made some things hard for her to do.

    I hope you had a great Christmas! That really is convenient that your families are in the same town. My parents live 15 minutes from me while my in-laws are 2 hours away. It’s nice that we don’t have to fly for the holidays, but it does mean splitting our time between the two families, which can be a hassle!

    • Holly Pryce

      Yeah, it was a lovely surprise and it made the Christmas break even more welcome!

      Thank you. 😊 I should get my test results back in the New Year.