What to expect from a Victoria’s Secret bra fitting

25th August 2016

What to expect from a Victoria's Secret bra fitting

Okay, let’s talk about boobs!

For a lot of people, having a bra fitting is a daunting experience. If you’ve never had one before then you don’t know what to expect, right?

I’ve had a few bra fittings now and I can tell you that it’s not as scary as it might seem. And that’s coming from someone who has had a lot of body confidence issues in the past.

But getting a bra fitting is definitely worth it. I think you don’t realise just how badly a bra has been fitting until you find your perfect size and style.

A couple of weeks ago I had a bra fitting at Victoria’s Secret and I thought it would share my experience on the blog. I thought it might be useful to anyone who considering going for a bra fitting there, or it might be reassuring for anyone who has avoided having a bra fitting.

Just to make things clear, this is NOT a collaboration/sponsored post. I just thought you might find my experience beneficial.

Okay, so my first ever bra fitting was at Marks and Spencer, many years ago. Now don’t get me wrong, M&S lingerie is fantastic quality, and the bra fitting experience was fine, but it was nowhere near as thorough, or as enjoyable for that matter, as the one at Victoria’s Secret.

I had my fitting at the new store in Liverpool One. I didn’t have any intention of having a fitting that day; I just popped into the shop, found a bra I liked but couldn’t find it in my usual size. I asked one of the assistants and she suggested I have a bra fitting as my size my vary in VS sizes.

I agreed, so the assistant took me to the changing rooms and passed me over to one of the bra fitting specialists who instantly made me feel at home. I don’t suffer with nerves when it comes to a bra fitting anymore, but if you do I know this friendly attitude will put you at ease instantly.

What I loved is the fact she made a point of taking my name, which made it feel so much more personal. It was more like I was shopping with a friend than a complete stranger.

The specialist put me in a changing room and told me to take my top off and leave my bra on. She told me to press the bell on the wall when I was ready (it flashes to get her attention) and she left the room.

Once I was ready she measured me and told me I was a completely different size to what I was in M&S. She then popped out again and returned with one of their standard bras they use for fittings (I can’t remember the name).

It fit like a dream! I took a moment to just stare at myself in the mirror and to appreciate this bra before hitting the bell to tell her I was done.

When she came back she had three more bras for me to try on; all different styles. One by one I tried them on, and after putting each one on the specialist came into the room and adjusted the bra so it was the perfect fit.

Honestly, I loved them all!

What to expect from a Victoria's Secret bra fitting

To finish the specialist gave me a card on which she had noted which bra styles and shapes fitted me best as well as my size so that I could easily find what I was looking for on the shop floor.

I actually walked out empty handed that day. Remember that I mentioned I had seen a bra I wanted before I went into my fitting? Well, they still didn’t have it in my new size, and I had got my heart set on it. I told myself I didn’t want to spend that much money on a bra if it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

But then I got home and I couldn’t help but notice how badly my M&S bra fit me. It was clearly too big for me, or just the wrong shape, and really wasn’t supporting my boobs as well as it should have been.

And I couldn’t stop thinking about how good I felt and looked in those Victoria’s Secret bras.

So I went in for my bra fitting on the Saturday, and on the Monday I was back in the store making my first purchase!

What to expect from a Victoria's Secret bra fitting

I ended up buying the Body By Victoria Perfect Shape bra in black lace which is actually a push up bra. I normally avoid push ups because I normally find them uncomfortable and I’m generally not arsed about size. But this bra is so soft and comfortable that it doesn’t feel like a push up at all, but it makes my boobs look amazing. I’ve always joked about my boobs, calling myself Tiny Tits, but for the first time in my life I have a cleavage and it makes me feel good!

Sorry if that was at all TMI, but we’re all adults here!

Have you ever had a bra fitting?

Update (11th June 2017) – Since writing this post, my love for bras from Victoria’s Secret has grown massively. The only bras I wear now are from VS, and I’ve also discovered that they do incredibly comfortable strapless bras. You seriously need to try them out!

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  1. It sounds like you had a great experience with getting a bra fitting at VS. It’s definitely not TMI because it’s something natural to women out there. Getting a bra that fits is good because you won’t put yourself at any risk (back problems?) because of bad support.

    I haven’t been through the experience before. Though, the closest is at Gilly Hicks. I was trying some different sizes on and the staff purposely opened the door to check on me… That was awkward!

    • Holly

      I’ve never really thought about bras and how they affect your back but I guess it can be quite a problematic area, especially if you have larger boobs.

      Oh man, that sounds awkward! I like the bell system in Victoria’s Secret. I guess it’s to avoid incidences like that!

  2. Cat

    That’s great that you had such a good experience with the bra fitting at VS! I like that you also got a card with recommendations. That makes me want to give them a try.

    I’ve had a few bra fittings, and I just haven’t been happy with them. One time I even had to return the bra I got from the fitting because it really didn’t fit properly. Then someone else at the same store measured me and got a totally different measurement?? (That one didn’t quite work out either.) I’ve measured myself and figured out my bra size – well, I think at least – but I should consider giving another place a try like VS.

    The little lace details on the bra you got is cute by the way! I’m glad that one is comfortable!

    • Holly

      Yeah, the card was super handy because they have so many bra types it’s quite overwhelming. When I went back in a few days later to my bra I just handed the card to one of the assistants and she showed me where they all were.

      That sounds so frustrating! I’m glad I went back another day to buy my bra because it gave me time to try them again and really think about my investment.

  3. I have never had a bra fitting because I’m terrified of people seeing my tummy – but I know my bras are the wrong size for me. This post really has made me realise how much I need a bra fitting, and how it’s nothing to be scared of! It’s so nice of them to make the experience so much more comfortable and personal for you, and the little reference card looks handy!
    I think I might bite the bullet and go to VS for a fitting! Thanks Holly!

    • Holly

      I’ve always had confidence issues when it comes to my body so I know what you mean. But honestly they don’t care. They’re just happy to find you something that fits (because you’ll spend money in there, obviously haha!!

      Do it! 😀

  4. It sounds great. I searched a lot about bras before sticking to a size I feel comfortable with. I might try a bra fitting, but I’m scared she will tell me I need a different size, I just bought 3 new bras this month.

    • Holly

      I know what you mean! I recently bought some bras from M&S and now I don’t want to wear them because I’m too happy with my new Victoria’s Secret one!

  5. Throughout this whole post, I was just nodding and agreeing to everything as well as going, “AHHH, well I want to try that!!” 😛 I had my bra fitted at M&S a year or two ago and before then, I was always wearing the wrong bra. Once I finally had the right size, it made a whole a lot of difference from comfort to how it looks under my clothes! 😀

    I’ve been meaning to have my bra fitted at VS for a while now (since the VS opened in the shopping centre in Meadowhall) but I’ve always been nervous to because I always felt like the girls that go into VS could be actual VS models so I only snoop around and then leave. But this has actually encouraged me to go in and get my bra fitted! I have a few VS bras that I guessed on the sizings, but they felt a little uncomfortable especially push up ones so I hardly wore them. I bet that’d change after I get fitted! 😛

    Thanks for sharing Holly, really insightful!

    • Holly

      It’s amazing what a difference a good fitting bra makes. And yes, I totally get what you mean about what it looks like under your clothes. My old M&S one which doesn’t fit my properly stuck out really far at the top so it made me look a really weird shape.

      I know what you mean, those girls are beautiful. I felt dead anxious when I went to ask for help but I couldn’t believe how friendly and helpful they were.

  6. I love push-up bras. I used to hate them to all hell, and judge them without ever really trying one. But I feel like they actually support my breasts more than standard cups do.

    It’s so weird, but VS bras are not sold here in Australia, and in some countries in Asia. I think it has something to do with the licensing. But I also heard that VS bras don’t fit well, or that people struggle to find their size in VS. I go to VS since I can at least buy underpants hehe 🙂

    I love the bra you picked out! It’s a style I would go for myself. I have a similar looking Calvin Klein one, it’s a push-up and has some nice scalloping lace under the cups and on the band. 😀

    • Holly

      I went on a really bumpy boat trip in Norway and that bra kept my boobs in place and so comfortable, so it was worth it for that!

      I don’t think VS has been in the UK for that long. It’s only just come to Liverpool. I can imagine they wouldn’t fit well if you bought your normal bra size because their sizing is so different. It’s also not well advertised that they offer bra fittings so I guess you wouldn’t know unless you asked for help.

      Thanks! I wanted something simple yet versatile. I know when winter comes and I start wearing jumpers again this will get a lot of wear.

  7. Ah…. I have never really had a proper bra fitting session but I do feel I need one these days since none of the bras I currently own seem to fit properly but I am extremely shy of my tummy flab! Currently I feel I’m going through a body hating phase!

    We do have VS here but I prefer sticking to the local brands or extend to a max of those bras of Enamor (if I want to splurge on lingerie)
    I have never tried a push up bra though…. right I prefer the tee shirt bras.