Uni Preparations and Worrying

20th August 2012

I’ve been preparing for university and it’s pretty exciting. My uni have sent me an enrolment pack and so I have been busy setting up my computer account and my email address. I’ve also had chance to look at the virtual learning environment and I have found out that during my enrolment week I will be going on a trip with the rest of the geographers to the seaside. Ah, the advantages of studying geography. πŸ˜› I think it will be a good chance to get to know people and have a bit of fun before we start our course.

Yesterday I went to IKEA to get some stuff for my accommodation. We had a look around the show rooms first (a bit pointless considering I wasn’t buying any furniture) and then we had lunch in the restaurant. I had the meatballs, of course, and they were so tasty! Occasionally I make meatballs at home but they aren’t quite as nice as the IKEA ones.

After lunch we went around with a trolley and started filling it with essentials. My brother came along too and he just kept tempting me to buy more things than I really needed. I got two glasses, 2 large plates, 2 small plates, a cutlery set, 2 duvet covers (one of which was Β£1.99. I’m not even joking!), a frying pan, storage boxes for food, a toilet brush, a throw for my bed and a lamp. I still have quite a few essentials to buy but it’s difficult to know what to bring when I’m going to be sharing a kitchen with up to 5 other people. I suppose we will all just have to decide what extra things to buy when we get there.

Going to university is an emotional roller-coaster. Some days I am really excited and can’t wait to get started. Other days I’m terrified and I worry about everything. I’m worried about who I’ll be living with. I’m worried about starting my course and finding my way around the campus. I’m worried about freshers week and whether or not to buy a wristband that lets you into certain clubs.

At the moment I think I’m not going to buy a wristband. I probably won’t take advantage of most of the events going on and I will just go to the ones I want to go to. I honestly don’t know how this all works. It’s so scary! I don’t want to miss out on making friends and I certainly don’t want to end up as the weirdo who never leaves her room. I’m hoping that with the geography trip at the end of the first week I can get to know people on my course and maybe we can spend more time getting to know each other. Because at the end of the day, those are people I will be spending the next three years with and going on all my geography trips with. πŸ™‚

In case you hadn’t already realised, I over think things and worry all of the time!

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  1. Things like social outing plans can be made with friends- you shouldn’t worry about buying those wristbands and such yet. If your new group of friends decide that might be a fun thing to do, then you can go buy it, but otherwise, you’d be going alone!

    I hope you have fun.
    The first semester is apparently the important time to make friends.
    Most of my friends were made through my social butterfly roommate because I hated going out of my room for anything (who then burned out after a year, and decided hermiting is a better way to live… so don’t try too hard!).

  2. This is quite true. Given, my university is a state university, so a lot of people there are from my county (we started when the economy was starting to get a little shaky, so starting our year, a lot of people opted to come to that university, which is a “Public Ivy League,” but also half the price of Ivy Leagues, with a lot of different programs, though of course not as prestigious). So we went in knowing people (through others, maybe… “I think I saw you at the tennis match 2 years ago…”).

    But sometimes, a “new start” is something very desirable. You’ll build your future connections in a university, that will bleed into your future career. What a better opportunity to make a whole new group and set of new friends and acquaintances, without what you may have done in the past or what things that have happened in the past not dragging you down!

    And sometimes, having a lot of “friends” isn’t any better than having just a few close, important ones. πŸ™‚ College is a good place to find those, too, because you guys are all living so close to each other, and can hang out at ease (and now without your parents or dorm masters breathing down your neck…).

    I am a very close friend with one of my freshman year roommate’s friend’s crush (convoluted much? but it worked!), because we are in the same major, and happened to take a lot of classes together in the past few years. We’ve only really started getting to know each other and be friends maybe 2 years ago (this is my 5th year of university, so given that, she’s a much “newer” friend than others), but “Oh, you’re ___’s friend, aren’t you?” in class was all that was necessary to sit next to each other and become friends. She was VERY supportive of me during the past year and a half when my brain was acting up. And I wouldn’t have met her if it weren’t for college (and some convoluted connections…)!

    People in your own major is the best place to find friends (seems like you guys even have bonding trips and stuff planned out for you), because you can study together, talk about classes, and complain about the same things (what’s a better catalyst for friendship than hating on the same professors? :P). The due dates will be the same, so you guys can do all-nighters together too….

    Thanks for your comment about my brain surgery. I’m sure I’ll be fine. I got a CT scan taken, it it does seem like one of the clips holding my skull together is jutting out…. XD Woops? I’ll need to talk to my neurologist about it.

  3. Cat

    IKEA is like a trap to me, haha. It leads you around in a maze, making you look at everything. I always leave with more things than I was originally planning to buy!

    I met most of my friends in college through my classes or through a student organization I joined. Most of the members in the organization were in my major, so that worked out really well. That’s awesome that you guys start out with a trip. I think it’s a good idea to make friends there πŸ™‚ It’s always nice to have people to study with!

  4. arlene

    Starting a new chapter is always nerve wracking but it will all be OK. Sounds like you got some awesome stuff πŸ™‚

  5. Ooh Hostel Life! I’ve also been a bit afraid of the whole thing but as i have to go some where for my PG course, i finding this blog of yours really interesting… Have you got to know who your room mates are? 5? that’ll be so much fun! And you have to cook your food? I mean u won’t have mess and stuff? I mean i’ve got few friends who live on hostels here in India, but they don’t have kitchens in their dorms or rooms, they have messes and canteens!
    I hope you have a lot of fun for next years and also in all those trips for your geog course!
    Your term begins in sept? and when does it get over? I mean when will your 1st semester get over?

  6. Michael

    If your site had a re-blog button I would push it. I’m obviously in the exact same position as you! πŸ˜›

    I totally understand you about the emotional roller-coaster, some days I was up like YEAH I feel like going to York NOW <3 <3 <3 Then the next I can be feeling like What if they don't get me X( X( :_( :S

    I haven't been to IKEA yet, I probably wonder if I ever will because I never get round to doing things! 😐