Travel Diary | NYC 2017 | Day 6 and 7 – High Line & Chelsea Market

2nd February 2018

This is the final post of my New York Travel Diary series. I have decided to combine our final two days into one post because we took these days a lot slower.

Here is day 6 AND 7. The High Line, Chelsea Market and a place that sells nothing but Mac and Cheese.

Day 6

By the time the weekend arrived we were absolutely broken. We were tired and our legs hurt so much. But fortunately we had managed to tick off all the major items on our to do list earlier in the week.

Never the less, we were determined to continue with our adventures, and after a lie in on Saturday morning we walked over to the High Line, calling in a Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast on the way. We also stumbled across this amazing street market where people were selling all sorts of antiques. Of course, I managed to find some vinyl records to browser through!

The High Line is an elevated park that was created on what use to be to be a railway line. It’s a really tranquil place away from the madness of the city.

The High Line, New York

As you can probably tell from these photos, the weather was a little overcast on this day, but it was still warm.

The High Line, New York

The High Line, New York

The High Line, New York

The High Line, New York

We walked along the High Line until we reached Chelsea Market, which is a huge indoor market and food hall.

The High Line, New York

I absolutely loved this place, and could have easily spend a day in there browsing. I bought a couple of Police vinyl records that I hadn’t seen before and they were relatively inexpensive.

We arrived at the market about lunch time, so the food hall was packed. There looked like so many amazing places to eat, but we just grabbed some dollar pizza after we left the market.

Chelsea Market, New York

We took a very slow walk back to the hotel with lots of breaks along the way. Back at the hotel we ended up having an afternoon nap, and then sat on the side of the bath with our feet soaking in the water to try and relieve some of the pain. I still can’t get over how much walking we did that week, and how my hip managed to hold up so well!

In the evening we just fancied something light for dinner, so we went to Panera. I love watching Shelly Coco’s videos on YouTube (she’s a Brit living in New York) and she often goes to Panera, so I really wanted to try it out. We ordered our food to come in bread bowls but they had run out, so they gave us loads of free bread that was delicious!

One of my absolutely highlights from our trip to New York was when we left Panera and it pouring with rain. It’s was the tail end of Hurricane Harvey. I hadn’t packed an umbrella because it wasn’t raining when we left the hotel, but I did have two plastic ponchos in my bag that we picked up for free on the tour bus earlier in the week.

So we put them on and ran back to the hotel in the pouring rain. We looked like two giant condoms but I remember smiling the whole way back because I thought it was hilarious. By the time we arrived back at the hotel, we both looked a complete state, and the hotel lobby was full of really smartly dressed people because there was a wedding party at the hotel. It was so funny!

Day 7

Our last full day in New York began with another lie in. I think it had rained all night, and was still raining by the time we came to leave the hotel.

I believe most New Yorkers go out for brunch at the weekend. We went out for Mac and Cheese!

We’d been watching a TV show the night before all about the best places to eat in the US if you love cheese, and one of those places was a Mac and Cheese restaurant in New York. So obviously, being the cheese lovers that we are, we went out to find it!

It’s called S’MAC, and luckily for us it was within walking distance from our hotel.

S'MAC, New York

I can confirm it was delicious! Tyrone went for the original Mac and Cheese, while I had one called the Cheeseburger which had bits of beef in it.

After lunch we ended up back in Times Square. I feel like we ended up in Times Square every day one way or another! The novelty of walking through that place does start to wear off after a while. It kind of zaps all your energy.

We popped into a few shops including Hersey’s World (again!) to stock up on chocolate. We can get get the majority of the Hersey’s range in the UK, and it’s not actually that expensive, but we wanted to get some to take back to work with us and share with our colleagues.

For our last night in New York, we decided to go back to the Counter in Times Square for a meal as it was one of our favourite places to eat. Again, the food was amazing, and it was the perfect end to our incredible holiday.

Going home

And so Monday arrived and it was time to go home. The airport transfer was booked to pick us up around lunch time, so we spent the morning sitting in Bryant Park, eating pretzels and reminiscing about the holiday.

I have to admit, I got quite emotional. It had been the most amazing holiday, and nothing went wrong! That week was by far the best week of 2017, and it was exactly what I needed after the stress of settling my legal case, losing my nan and buying a house in the months before.

I really hope you have enjoyed this New York Travel Diary series. I’m sorry if it seemed like I dragged it out for a long time (like 6 months!). 

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  1. Joy

    Chelsea Market is some place I’ve always wanted to visit. Seeing all of your photos and adventures in NYC makes me want to experience NYC like a tourist. I can’t bring myself to love NYC because I have too many bad memories but when you, Chynna + Mutay and Pauline talk about it with such heart eyes, it makes me reconsider =)

    You two running through the rain in ponchos sounds like something out of a romantic comedy, lol. I can only imagine how funny it was in person.

    • Holly

      The way you feel about New York is probably similar to how I feel about my home town.

      Haha, I normally hate the rain but I was too busy laughing at us to care!

  2. I’ve been following your NYC 2017 posts for a while (and keep forgetting to comment, sorry about that! I always run off to tell Matt how much I miss it and when we can go back LOL) I loved reading this post, it reminded me of the day Matt and I explored The High Line and Chelsea Market but found it interesting looking at the photos because that day for us was SO HOT with super blue skies to the point it was unbearable for Matt. He had a really long rest by the pier nearby because it was so hot and he was getting a headache from it! We arrived at the market later on as well, it got super unbearable because it was so hot inside and outside LOL. It’s so pretty there though! I wish we could actually move and look around more without being crushed by people though.

    LOVED reading through your adventures in NY, thank you for letting me live through them again 😉

    • Holly

      No worries! I remember reading your blog post about Chelsea Market and I’m pretty sure that’s how I found out about it! So thanks, haha!

  3. Amy

    Glad you enjoyed your last two days in New York! It genuinely doesn’t feel like two minutes since you were telling Pauline and me about your plans to go (in that Italian in Manchester) – I can’t believe how quickly time has gone. It must be a relief to get all the posts done. I know how happy I was when I managed to get my last London one up.

    I’d love to visit Chelsea Market. It sounds amazing, and I love anything a bit different to the usual high street shops. And I NEED dollar pizza.

    I laughed so much at the giant condoms description. That must have been hilarious! Hope the wedding party weren’t too judgemental when you walked in.

    That mac and cheese looks amazing! Glad you had fun!

    • Holly

      The last 6 months have flown by! But yes, I’m happy to have finished writing these posts, and I’m ready for another holiday now.

      I think you’d really like Chelsea Market!

      Haha, they were probably thinking “Typical Brits”!! 😂

  4. I’m so glad you had a great trip! I kinda forgot that your posts were late until I read the end of your post. LOL. I have to say, big thumbs up to your hip for keeping up for the whole trip. 😄

    I really want to walk the entire High Line though I’ve heard it’s very long and takes a lot of time. We have something in Sydney called the Goods Line which used to be partially railway as well, and I am not entirely sure of where the inspiration came from but something tells me it probably came from the High Line. It’s not cool and elevated but it has the same “away from the city noise” vibe.

    I laughed I read that you looked like two condoms. 😆 Usually the rain would tick me off but I always imagine in some situations, being in the rain with a poncho can feel SO good. The feeling of rain falling on your skin and being wet (without actually really being wet), I feel like it would feel really liberating.

    I swear I might have watched the same video as you on mac and cheese haha!!! Nick and I have been watching anything that pops up that is New York related. We’re super excited for our trip 🙂

    I don’t think you can get a lot of Hersheys in Australia, I think just the normal flavour. But when they opened a Costco here, they stocked the white choc chip flavour and because Nick had been to the States several times, he told me about them and raved about them. They are definitely good!

    • Holly

      We didn’t walk the entire High Line, but I think we did do most of it. It’s full of benches so we had lots of opportunities to sit and rest our legs!

      Haha, we were the same, watching everything about New York before we went! I binged watched Sex and the City and Friends to get me in the mood!