Travel Diary | Lanzarote | Wine, Aloe Vera & César Manrique

12th July 2016

Travel Diary | Lanzarote | Wine, Aloe Vera & César Manrique

This post follows on from the post I shared last week about Timanfaya National Park on Lanzarote. We went on a full-day excursion which covered the vast majority of the island, and in this post I’m going to talk about what we got up to in the afternoon.


Later in the day, after our visit to the National Park, we stopped off at Bodegas Rubicón (a winery) to sample some of their award wining wines produced in Lanzarote. Tyrone opted for the white and I went for rosé, but we tried each others and they were both delicious.

Travel Diary | Lanzarote | Wine, Aloe Vera & César Manrique

Because of the strong winds on Lanzarote, the grape vines are protected by these crescent shaped walls. They look pretty odd on the landscape of the island.

Travel Diary | Lanzarote | Wine, Aloe Vera & César Manrique

After lunch we travelled to an aloe vera plantation. As you are probably aware, aloe vera has many benefits for the skin and also your digestive system if you eat it. Although I wouldn’t eat too much if I were you!

At the plantation, a guide demonstrated how to cut up a aloe vera leaf to reveal the gel inside. We were given chunks of fresh aloe vera to either rub into our skin or to eat. There were lots of people rubbing it into their sun burn!

Travel Diary | Lanzarote | Wine, Aloe Vera & César Manrique

There was a little shop on the site where we were given aloe vera liqueur and cake to try. The guide then made an aloe vera cocktail with raspberries. Tyrone seemed to enjoy it but I’m just not a fan of the taste.

Our final stop of the day was the César Manrique Foundation.

César Manrique was an artist and architect who was lived on Lanzarote and had a great influence of the development of the island. For example, he is the reason why there are no high rise buildings on the island (apart from the Arrecife Gran Hotel in the capital, Arrecife, which sticks out like a sore thumb) and why all the buildings are either cream or white.

Travel Diary | Lanzarote | Wine, Aloe Vera & César Manrique

The Foundation used to be César Manrique’s home, and let’s just say, it’s interior goals. The ground floor of his home is made up of 5 volcanic bubbles, each with a different colour scheme, and one bubble being home to a gorgeous swimming pool. As someone who loves their volcanoes this really is my dream home.

Travel Diary | Lanzarote | Wine, Aloe Vera & César Manrique

His home also houses his art work and architecture designs, and is surrounded by some pretty cool windmills that he designed as well.

Travel Diary | Lanzarote | Wine, Aloe Vera & César Manrique

Manrique was killed in a car accident in 1992 right outside the Foundation. According to our guide, just months after he died they started work on changing the junction to a roundabout to make it safer, and now there is a giant windmill in the centre.

I had no idea who this guy was before I visited Lanzarote, but it seems like a pretty influential guy. He even designed that restaurant on top of the volcano.


If you’d like to catch up with my last post on Lanzarote, you can find it here.

My next and final post on Lanzarote is all about what I wore, and it’s my first ever attempt at an outfit post. So hopefully you’ll enjoy that too.

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  1. You tried aloe. I saw chunks of aloe for sale at an oriental shop, but didn’t get any. How does is taste like? Is it similar to Aloe gel?
    It’s a shame he died in a car accident, I saw the table on Instagram and loved it. The swimming pool looks amazing.

    • Holly

      I didn’t try the pure aloe vera as the texture put me off (I’m not a fan of slimy foods!) but when added to a cake it’s quite nice! Some other people who tried it in the pure form said it didn’t really have much taste to it.

  2. I think the walls that protect the grapes look awesome 🙂 It looks like something I’d make on Minecraft, it’s so cute!! I love Aloe Vera, I wasn’t aware you could eat them?! That’s actually new to me lol I’ve tried Aloe for burns I’ve had on my skin and for acne scars and it’s so soothing 😀 The interior looks so beautiful, definitely interior goals. My dad is an architect himself, I’ll show him César Manrique’s work to hopefully turn my future home looking like that haha!

    I’m excited to see your outfit post!!

    • Holly

      I’ve seen aloe vera drinks but I thought that was just a flavoring. But it turns out it’s edible!

      I just want to move into that house there and then. It’s a shame it’s being used as a museum! How selfish, haha!

  3. Hmm. I’ve always known aloe was edible, but I don’t know if I would actually try it. I’d be like eh… I don’t know. I know it won’t kill me, but still. I probably shouldn’t be eating this.

    • Holly

      The texture put me off eating it. Apparently it’s good for the stomach, but if you eat to much you can get bad guts!

  4. Wow, what a pretty place! My best friend’s been nagging at me to go to Napa with her because she’s big on wine, but I’m just not into it. I’ve started drinking wine, but I’m very picky, and so far will only drink Sauvignon Blancs. I hate the taste of red wines too. ;-;

    I know of the benefits of aloe vera on skin, but I don’t think I’ve ever eaten it?! It seems like it would have a strange texture and taste, all slimy and stuff.

    That place is DEFINITELY house goals. So cool! :O

    • Holly

      I’ll drink anything! I’m really not fussy. But I do prefer rose wine to red or white.

      I don’t think it has a lot of taste but the texture is horrible!

  5. The grape vine plantation looks interesting; I’m used to seeing grass and brown dirt everywhere so this is something new! Aloe vera is good for your skin an soul. Its natural properties does a lot of good healing!

    The César Manrique Foundation looks beautiful! I love the clean design where nature is captured and mix with some modernness.

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