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17th December 2019

So you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World?

Before we visited Vegas we watched a lot of tips and tricks videos on Youtube and I’m so glad we did because, wow, there’s a lot you need to know about it! There are so many ways in which we could have wasted money had we not researched Vegas and its oddities beforehand.

That’s why I have created this top tips posts to help you out if you’re planning your own holiday to Vegas, including some tips that weren’t covered in any videos we watched!

The Strip *is* walkable

So many people told us before we went to Las Vegas that the Strip wasn’t walkable and that we would be best off using Uber to get around.

Well, we walked from the Venetian all the way down to Luxor and back again in about half a day, and it was easy. Even with my mobility issues!

I know that the Venetian to Luxor is not the entire Strip, but it’s certainly the best of it and where the majority of the decent hotels and attractions are.

But if you don’t want to walk, there is a monorail that connects many of the hotels together, and there are frequent buses that run along the Strip. And of course, you can use Uber.

Get free drinks in the casinos

I really don’t want to encourage or advocate gambling. It can be very dangerous and I know people who have had their lives turned upside down by a gambling addiction. However, Vegas is famous for its casinos so I will share this one tip with you.

If you are gambling in the casinos, you can get free drinks. If you are sitting at a slot machine or one of the gaming tables then a waitress may approach you and ask if you want a drink.

You can have beer, wine, cocktails, water, soft drinks, whatever you like really. All you have to do is tip the waitress $1 or $2. But the more you tip them the more they’ll come back to you!

Even if there are two of you sitting at one machine they will still get drinks for both of you.

Use the free shuttles between hotels

Some of the hotels have free shuttle trams and monorails between them, and it can be a great way to save your legs if you are walking the Strip.

For example, there is a tram between the Mirage and Treasure Island, there’s one between the Bellagio, CityCentre and Park MGM, and there’s another one between Mandalay Bay, Luxor and Excalibur.

Be aware of the resort fees

Many of the hotels along the Las Vegas charge resort fees. These fees aren’t included in the price of your stay and must be paid on arrival.

We stayed at the Venetian Resort and at the time of visiting the resort fee was $40 per night (per room, not per person, thank god!). As you can imagine, this starts to get very expensive very quickly, so make sure you factor this in when booking your trip.

Visit the Grand Canyon in one way or another

If you’re visiting Las Vegas and you’ve not been to the Grand Cayon before then I highly recommend making it a part of your trip. It’s just something you need to see at some point in your life!

We decided to fly to the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, but you could hire a car and drive there yourself, or book a coach trip. I’ve written a whole blog post about our helicopter flight, so make sure you check that out for more details including how much we paid.

Be prepared for the smoke in casinos

Smoking is allowed inside the casinos in Las Vegas, so be aware that the casinos stink of smoke.

We’ve had a smoking ban inside public places in the UK since 2007 so it’s very weird going into buildings that smell of smoke. There’s not really anything you can do about it other than avoid the casinos.

Tyrone has asthma and he did struggle with the smoke a bit, so if you are a fellow asthmatic, make sure you have your inhaler or medication on hand.

Don’t use the cash machines (ATMs) in the hotels on the Strip!

Vegas knows what they doing. You want to gamble and in order to do that you need cash. So they very kindly put cash machines (ATMs) inside the casinos for your convenience. However, some of the cash machines charge up to $9.99 for withdrawing cash! That’s crazy!

So, if you want to avoid paying these ridiculous withdrawal fees, make sure you get your dollars before you go to Vegas, or at least get them off the Strip.

Don’t take photos with the showgirls or the half-naked cowboys on the Strip

Well, you can if you want. I’m not going to stop you! But be aware that they will expect you to pay them for their time.

Be prepared for the static!

As I said, I watched a lot of videos about Vegas before I went, but one thing nobody mentioned is how bad the static electricity is there and how often you’ll get shocked.

Oh my god, I was not prepared! Every time Tyrone and I touched each other, or we touched something metal we got a shock. Like honestly, every single time.

Apparently it’s quite common, and we did see other people getting shocks which made us feel a little better. It’s all to do with the dry air, or something like that.

So yeah, I just wanted to give you a heads up about that because it’s really weird and I wish someone had told me about it before we went!

Have you been to Las Vegas? Do you have any other tips or tricks? Leave them in the comments!

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