Things I will miss about being a student

30th April 2015

Things I will miss about being a student -

In two weeks time I will have finished my degree. That’s a pretty scary thought.

While I’m not going to miss field trips in the snow, countless deadlines, and the stereotypical student comments, there are many things that I will truly miss about being a student.

Student discount

It’s only now that I’m coming to the end of my student life that I realise just how little use I made of my student discount card. Perhaps I can do a bit more shopping before it runs out.

On the other hand my university student card, which can be used to gain student discount on certain things such as cinema tickets, doesn’t have a start or finish date. I could probably get a few more years out of that. πŸ˜‰

Free time in the day

When you are a student, your day has little structure to it. Apart from when you have lectures, you can get up when you like, sleep when you like and give yourself free time in the day, if you like. I’m going to miss early afternoon visits to town and spontaneous days out. And when on earth am I going to find time to take great blog pictures when I’ll be out working for the best part of the day?!

Free prescriptions and dental treatment

As someone who very much relies on prescription medication (mainly for pain relief), I’m going to find this a tough one. It’s why I’m trying to stock up before my HC2 certificate[1. A certificate for people immune from having to pay for prescriptions, eye tests, dental treatment, etc.] runs out. Having to pay for dental treatment will be a pain too. Especially with my dental practice being a private one, you can guarantee he will find all sorts of work that needs doing the day I stop being a student.

Not having to pay council tax

Council tax is so expensive, and so I’m grateful that students don’t have to pay it. Tyrone will still be a student so we will receive a 25% discount for him, but that still leaves me with a huge sum of money to pay out. Sigh.

Being able to go home when ever I want

I think the thought of having to work over the school holidays is going to be a tough experience for me. Not having three weeks off for Christmas, but instead travelling home perhaps the day before Christmas is not something I am looking forward to. I enjoy the freedom of being able to catch a train and be home in just over an hour. I’m just not going to be able to come home as much as I’d like.

3 months off for summer

This kind of relates to the point above. Over the last few years, having 3 months off for summer has been great, if not a little boring at times. These long summer breaks have given me the changes to go on adventures and explore new places, as well as time to discover new hobbies and rediscover old ones. I will really miss having this huge amount of free time to myself.

Student loans

Although I will not miss the process of applying for a load every year, I will miss have a couple of thousand pound deposited in my account every few months for doing nothing what so ever.

What will you/do you miss about being a student?

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  1. Student discount . . . πŸ™ That was the one thing I missed out on because my uni didn’t have ID cards and other fancy stuff for us to help us apply for student discounts in Korea (then again, I may not have qualified because I wasn’t a Korean citizen). The only student discount I was ever to take advantage of was subscribing to Amazon Student Prime as a postgrad student.

    One thing I really miss about being a uni student was that I was still my dad’s dependent, so that allowed me to get family member preference at the base we’re affiliated with, which also meant I could work at my secondary school and help my favourite band teacher and substitute as well. Once I was approaching the age limit and the cut off because I was finished with school, I was no longer considered his dependent, and that sucked.

    What I miss the most about being a student is to just sit and learn. Now, I didn’t like the projects and exams, but I liked the actual learning process, and I enjoyed it even more when the professor was good.

    • Holly

      That’s a shame. I love Amazon Student Prime, but again I don’t make the most of it.

      I think learning is the one thing I won’t miss. I mean, in terms of formal education. I love learning but in my own way at my own pace.

  2. Elena

    I wish we could get more student discounts here in Norway. The bus is almost one of the only things we get a discount of, and that is probably just about 5% or 10% of from paying full price. Free prescriptions and dental treatment sounds amazing, so I see how you will miss that. I should get a dentist appointment, but I just cannot afford it. πŸ™

    I imagine it will be weird not being able to have the same freedom, but on the bright side you will get a paycheck each month!

    • Holly

      We can buy a student rail card for like Β£25 which lasts a year and gives you 1/3 off the rain fair, which is probably the best student discount.

      I’m dreading having to pay for dental treatment. πŸ™ I hate the NHS but it does have some benefits.

      The money is definitely going to be awesome! It will feel so much more rewarding because I’ll be doing something to earn it.

  3. Callie Rose

    Did you know that you can buy a 3 year NUS card even though you’re about to finish. It means that you can still get student discount even though you won’t be a student anymore πŸ˜‰ – it’s what I’ve done as I rely on it so much!

  4. Cat

    For a few years after I graduated college, I still used my old college ID to get some student discounts πŸ™‚ I definitely agree with the free time during the day though. I pretty much save day-time errands for the weekends now. The nice thing is having more free time overall since you don’t have to do school work!

    I kind of miss those long summer breaks and also the random holidays here and there. Though, I also like being able to choose which part of the year to take vacation. Now I can take trips during less crowded seasons πŸ˜€

    Overall, I don’t miss the work from being a student, but I miss the social scene. I felt like I went out more and saw my friends more often back then. I guess I could still have that life if I tried a little more, but it was more natural back then πŸ™‚

    • Holly

      I’m really looking forward to the idea of coming home from work and leaving it all at work. I think a job will make me appreciate my weekends more. I just need to find a job now!

      I’m also looking forward to the freedom of choice when it comes to holidays. I like going away in October time when it’s still quite warm abroad but it’s a lot quieter and cheaper.

  5. Life as a student is the best part of life in a person’s life, according to me. How much ever I complain about the hectic schedule, I know it’s much much better than spending 8-10 hours in an office!

    • Holly

      I honestly don’t know which I will prefer more: being in education or being in a job. I suppose there are benefits to both.

  6. As a LIPA student, we all got JMU cards, so occasionally I’ll use mine to get a discount. I think I’ve used it once in the past 8 months though, I never made use of student discounts.

    I miss the loan, of course! But you’ll find you adjust to rest really quickly, as it’s quite like being back in normal school. Seeing less of your family is a struggle, hopefully you’ll be able to see them still!
    Council tax is a bugger. There’s no denying that. Hope you adjust to normal life soon!

    • Holly

      I was only recently thinking about how I got through school doing that many hours a day! I think it’s going to be exhausting but I will value my free time more.

  7. I am going to miss the long, lazy summer period but I think I’m looking forward to having more structure to my day. I would like some help in taking responsibility- when you’re a student its so easy to sleep in and procrastinate without that structure! I’m sure once I’m working I’ll eat my words though πŸ˜‰ I also won’t miss free dentist or medicine, because I’m not eligible, and student loans, because I’m going to start receiving the bills to pay it back soon πŸ™ I’m nervous about my 16-25 railcard running out in a couple of years, plus not getting student bus tickets anymore, and not having access to the library (I know, how sad) and no student discounts. I also feel like being a student gives you a certain ‘excuse’ for still being immature and a bit lazy but once you graduate that excuse isn’t there and its time to be responsible! Which is a bit scary…

    • Holly

      I completely agree. I have no structure to my life at the moment, and even though I try to have set hours for coursework/revision I don’t stick to them because, well, I don’t have to at the moment!

      My rail card is a life saver! I made my money back in like the first two trips.

  8. AnneMarie

    I love this blog post idea! Do you mind if I do something similar for my “Senior Secrets” blog series?

    I’m definitely going to miss the free time and the 3-month long breaks. I can’t imagine a life otherwise. But soon, I’ll be living that kind of life in a month too. Wow, graduation’s coming up!