Thick as Thieves

1st June 2013

I had a lovely lazy start to last week with three days off from work in a row. Now I’m in to a routine with work I’m not really enjoying it as much as I was when I first started. Like with most things in life, the novelty wears off quite quickly. At the end of the day I just have to think that at least I won’t be doing that job for the rest of my life, and that the money I am making means that I can move back to Liverpool as soon as possible. I am so excited about moving back to the city and moving in with Tyrone. It’s like the start of a whole new adventure. Bring it on!

With a few spare days on my hands I decided to that myself and I purchased Minecraft. Tyrone has been trying to talk me into buying it for months, probably years. I’ve played on his account before but I really wanted my own. I’m a bit boring though as I have only played it in Creative mode. I just like to build pretty things!

On Thursday my brother came home for a wedding and he bought his partner home to stay. It was the first time both my parents and I had met him and I was pretty excited. It turns out he’s a really lovely guy and it made me happy to see my brother happy. πŸ˜€ We all went out on Thursday night for a lovely meal at a local pub.

I mentioned at the end of my previous post that I had been having problems with WordPress and I couldn’t work out where the ‘Reply’ buttons in the comment section had disappeared to. I apologise if you were getting emails saying that there was replies to your comments but it was just me trying to get it fixed. I did manage to fix it in the end. Looking around the internet for tutorials normally solves the problem. I had to use several massive piece of code but I finally sorted it all out, so now you can reply to comments once again. πŸ™‚

And, having fixed the reply function on my site, I have decided that I will now reply to your comments that you leave on each post on my website and then comment on your website afterwards. It makes more sense as then we can keep comments more relevant to the post and not get so confused!

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  1. Chynna

    I’m actually so jealous that you have a job right now. The fact that I am no longer officially a student is hitting hard – my student discounts, etc. are soon to run out πŸ™

    I’ve played Minecraft like once, a while ago at my ex’s, but it’s not really my thing. Building pretty things is fun, though, haha. Family outing are so cute. I’m glad you guys like your brother’s partner πŸ™‚

    • In my first year of uni I never really made the most of student discounts. I used it to buy a pair of Converse and that’s about it. I got a free NUS card from my university that I had to pick up from the student union but the union was on the other side of the city, up a big hill, and I’m too lazy, haha!

      It’s a bit of a weird game to be honest. When my boyfriend first showed it to me I asked him how old it was because I thought the graphics were like something you’d find 30 years ago. Clearly I didn’t understand. πŸ˜›

  2. Cat

    I don’t like the routine of work, but it has its on and off moments for me at least. Some days are frustrating, and some are more enjoyable πŸ™‚

    I used to play Minecraft, and I got really into it! I like the normal mode because I feel a sense of accomplishment when I find enough materials to build what I want. I ended up building multiple houses, starting a farm, and mining deep underground, haha. I stopped a while ago though (which is probably a good thing).

    Aah, you mentioned emails on replies, but I actually didn’t get any when you replied to mine previously =/

    • I hope that when a graduate that I will get a more interesting job that I actually enjoy doing. But then I suppose everything gets repetitive after a while.

      I really need to play Minecraft on survival mode!

      Ah right. I automatically expected it to send out an email when there was a reply on a comment but I need a plugin for that (I think). I’ll have to see if I can find one.