The Weekend Blog | We moved in!

23rd July 2017

We’re officially in the new house!

The last few weeks have been completely crazy. The day after we picked up the keys (i.e. the day after I shared my last blog post) we started decorating the new house, and we spent the next two weeks working our arses off.

I’ve never been so tired in my life. I was working 7 and a half hours a day at my job, and then going home just to work even harder, painting the new house and packing up the old one. My entire body ached, and as I didn’t have time to work out, my hip pain became unbearable. This resulted in a trip to the doctors to get some stronger painkillers.

We did have a break for one weekend when we travelled back to Shropshire for a wedding. Tyrone’s uncle got married and we did the photographers for them. That reminds me, I need to set up my desktop so I can edit them.

But after the break it was back to the grind and the stress of moving house.

In the post where I announced that we’d bought a house, I mentioned that we’d had some problems with the seller, who wanted to move out after the completion date. Well, I’m pretty sure we p*ssed them off over this, even though really, it was their fault.

Basically, they took the bins with them. In the UK the council provided large wheelie bins for you to put your waste and recycling in. Anyway, the sellers took the bins with them meaning I had to pay for new ones. It cost me almost £60! £60! For bins! Back in Shropshire you get replacement ones for free.

They’ve caused us lots of problems in many other ways since we bought the house, and it’s become obvious that they lied about a lot of things, but I won’t go on about it too much. I want to forget about it.

The move itself was, as you might expect, very stressful too. We started moving stuff into the new house a few days before the official moving day. God bless having a car!

Last Saturday was moving day, so we got up early to do a few more trips to the new house with my car loaded up. My parents and our friend Darren arrived around 11am, and then we waited for the van to arrive at 1pm.

1pm came and went. I called the company but they didn’t answer. I kept on calling them, but still no answer. Panic started to set in and we began looking into alternative options. Eventually I got through to the van company and found out that the previous job had massively overrun, so they had to find someone else to do the job for us.

Two hours later than expected, we finally moved.

We were exhausted. But we had to put out bed back together before we could go to sleep!

On Sunday, we had our first lie in in weeks. I felt amazing, and was very much needed.

We both took the following Monday off work so we could sort out all the boring admin work that comes with moving house. Fortunately our internet was transferred on this day, which made life easier, and we also got our Sky TV installed. I’ve never had Sky before, so it’s all very new and exciting to me. I’m sure the novelty of watching 6 episodes of Only Fools and Horses in a row will wear off soon.

Then on Tuesday it was back to work for us. We’ve continued to work hard this week cleaning the old house, getting it ready to hand the keys back to the landlord, and also doing more unpacking and organising at the new house. But this week I’ve also been prioritising my health again and dedicating time to working out. It’s just over 5 weeks until we go to New York and I’m determined to get my hip back to full strength again.

Yesterday was all about resting, and today we went to Ikea to get some bits and bobs that we need for the house. I have to say it was a struggle dragging myself out of bed.

Then next weekend I’m off to Manchester to meet up with Pauline and Amy, and I am so incredibly excited!

I hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. Jessica

    First of all congratulations on the purchase of a house! That is such an epic achievement – take a night off and go celebrate. Because the next thing you know you’re going to be knee-deep in decor and DIY projects, and asking yourself ‘What were we thinking?!’ I cannot wait to read all about everything, and of course, see dozens of pictures.

    • Holly

      Thank you, Jessica!

      We actually haven’t been out to celebrate it yet! I think we need to go out for a nice meal or something.

  2. What a mess with the bins. I didn’t have to pay for mine and there weren’t any here. I really can’t understand why anybody would take the time to move the bins from a house to another. Anyway, at least you moved and you like the new home. I’m so happy for you. xx
    Have fun in Manchester.

    • Holly

      Yeah, it’s crazy! I think Liverpool council have different policies to the Wirral, which is frustrating. We’re only separated by a river!

      I don’t understand either. They were moving to a new build so they should have had new bins there waiting for them.

  3. Congratulations Holly! It must be so exciting for you! I’m sorry that the previous owner took the bins…..and it’s hugely fustrating that you had to pay for new ones, too. I would have thought the council would be more understanding!
    The van situation sounds stressful but I’m glad it was sorted in the end! Are you completely finished in your old house then? How exciting!
    I’m sorry to hear about the stress the move caused to your hip though – will you be able to get another injection to help?

    • Holly

      Thank you, Katy!

      Yeah, I reported the bins as missing to the council yet they still charged me. It wasn’t my fault!

      Yes, I handed the keys to our old house back to the landlord so I’m just waiting to get my deposit back now.

      I’ll have to wait a little while for my next injection. My doctors don’t want to give me them more often than every 6 months. Fortunately, I’ve found working out again is helping with the pain, so I’ve just got to stick with it.

  4. That is so exciting!! Congratulations! Seems like bad taste in the mouth were involved, but I’m glad you’re more into putting it past you to enjoy the lovely new house than worry over people being people. Hope you settle down soon, and make your home the perfect nest 😆 (My first home is definitely eons away….lol)

    • Holly

      Thank you!

      Yes, we’re still finding problems with the house that the previous owners weren’t honest about, which is so, so annoying (and costly!).

  5. Cat

    Congrats on getting moved in! Sorry to hear you’ve had so many problems with the previous owners. That’s just so petty and silly of them to take the bins with them, especially since that adds these large things for them to move out with. Extra effort for no good reason!

    Aahh, that sounds stressful that your movers didn’t show up on time. If they were going to be late, they should have told you! I’m glad they eventually showed up and you guys got moved over though.

    Sounds like things have been very tiring for you lately! I hope you get a break to relax soon. That’s also exciting that you’re meeting up with Pauline and Amy. I love seeing bloggers meet up!

    • Holly

      Thank you, Cat!

      You’re right, the bins are very large to move, and they’ve moved into a new build property so surely their new house would have come with new bins.

      Yes, I wish they had just bothered to ring me, but they seemed very disorganised. The guy I spoke to said someone else had taken the booking so he didn’t even know anything about it!

      I am so, so tired. I’ve booked myself a day off work this week just so I can rest a bit.

  6. Congrats on your new home! I’m unsure how the process is different compared to the US but in my experience, home buying was really stressful, so it’s awesome that period is over and now you have one to call yours! Also that’s really crazy the seller took the bins with them??

    Good luck on the rest of the unpacking & organizing!

    • Holly

      Thank you!

      Yes, it’s very stressful in the UK! I’m still shocked they took the bins, and everyone I’ve spoke to about it, including my solicitor, has no idea why they would do such a thing.

  7. Congrats again on your new home, Holly! I’m not yet familiar with the exact process of buying a house, but I do have a lot of experience on shifting houses. So I really hope you have smooth transition from your old house to the new one withe all the unpacking setting up of the house!

    • Holly

      Thank you, Bhairavee!

      I’m not sure how different the process of buying a house in India is but if you ever need any advice I feel like I’ve got plenty to give!

  8. Moving is so stressful! The last time I moved was 7 years ago, but it made me so anxious that I was physically ill every night for a week. I’m in no hurry to do it again anytime soon.

    • Holly

      It certainly is stressful. Yes, I suffer really badly with anxiety so I had a lot of panic attacks during the purchasing and moving process.

  9. Chynna

    Congratulations on moving in! That so amazing and ugh, I feel so proud when I see young people becoming homeowners because I know it is becoming increasing difficult!

    Also, WTF?! How petty of them to take the bins. And who the hell wants to move out after the completion date?! That’s when YOU are meant to move in, I swear?

    Hope you had an amazing weekend, Holly! So jealous you got to see Pauline and Amy, but I know there will always be a next time 😀

    • Holly

      Thank you, Chynna!

      I know right?! So petty.

      I think they thought because they were moving into a new build, so they didn’t have to wait on anyone moving out, and because we were renting, so we didn’t have to move out of our house straight away, they thought they’d be able to get away with it. And the worst thing is their solicitor miss informed them, and told them it was okay to do it!

      Top tip for buying a house: get a good solicitor!!

  10. Congratulations on your new house! I can imagine the hassle of moving in and all that, so take some time off to relax and celebrate! 🙂

    I can’t believe they would be making a big deal out of the bins. And it’s so annoying that you still had to pay that sum of money just for new bins. Oh well, at least that’s over now and I hope everything goes smoothly from here on. Enjoy your new home 🙂

    • Holly

      Thank you, Claudine!

      I’m going on holiday in 4 weeks time, so I’m looking forward to a bit of relaxation.

  11. I hope the worst of the stressing is over and you’re able to settle in and make the place your own. £60 for replacement bins sounds insane… and who takes wheelie bins when they move anyway?!

  12. Over the past year, I’ve had colleagues at work talk about moving houses actually! Although I have yet to experience the whole process, it’s been interesting hearing everyone’s stories. At least you got all the hard work out of the way – I know some other people who take months to start emptying boxes haha! I’ve enjoyed seeing the progress on Instagram too!!

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had some pain because of all the work, I’m glad that you managed to get a lie in though! I feel like that right now, I haven’t been able to in the past couple of weeks myself xD

    £60 for bins?! OMg, that’s absolutely insane. I would be complaining until I get something sorted out, ugh.

    Ahh, it was so lovely to meet you. Thank you for being awesome 💖 Only a few weeks left until NYC! ALMOST THERE!!

  13. Amy

    I still can’t believe they took your bins! That’s so ridiculous. Surely it would have been more annoying for them to take the bins away? At least they’re out of your life now, and you don’t have to deal with them ever again. They sound awful!

    I want Sky TV. I miss watching actual TV channels. We don’t even pay a TV license, because we wanted to save money, so it’s just Netflix and DVDs for us. I always feel like I’m out of the loop when someone talks about new shows/adverts at work. I want live TV back! Hope you enjoy watching all the re-runs!

    Hope you’re liking the new house and hope your hip’s a bit better now. So jealous that you get to put things on the wall! I need my own house!