The Weekend Blog (Vol.82)

19th December 2015

Cast Life

This week I started with a cold so right now I feel like death. Thank goodness it’s the weekend and I don’t have to go into work because I’d probably just be asleep on my desk all day.

I now only have three more working days to get through before I can go home for Christmas which I am ridiculously excited for. I’m just hoping that I will have gotten over my cold by Christmas Eve so I can drink and be merry with the rest of my family.

I was suppose to go for a check-up with the dentist on Tuesday but I didn’t make it because my train was cancelled. I tried to get a taxi but they were all fully booked, and even the next train was delayed so I ended up rearranging it until January. I’m pretty annoyed because I’d been getting stressed about going and it was all for nothing!

Honestly, part of me was relived because going to the dentist when you have a cold is not pleasant for the patient nor the dentist. Also, I my bank funds aren’t looking so healthy thanks to Christmas, a council tax bill and shuffling money into my house savings fund, and knowing my luck I would have had to fork out for treatment.

Also, big news! I’m not sure if I ever mentioned this, but if I did it was probably a long time ago and we’ve probably all forgot.

My hip dysplacia story has been featured in a book!

I found the author on the Steps (charity) forum and when I discovered she was writing a book to help parents of children with hip dysplacia I knew I had to be apart of it. A proportion of the royalties are going to the charity Spica Warrior.

I’m so passionate about raising the awareness of this condition, and helping anyone affected by the condition, so it feels incredible to know that there is now a really comprehensive guide out there to help, and, best of all, that I feature in it.

Have a a great weekend!

P.S. It’s incredibly dark in the UK at the moment which is why my photos at the moment look crap. Roll on summer/getting a house with better lighting.

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  1. Raising awareness is so important and it’s wonderful you got the chance to help others understand this condition. Merry Christmas xx

  2. Susanne

    I can totally relate to the darkness situation, although I haven’t seen any problem at all with your photos. You must have good lighting or a good lens. And by the way, if you think your photos are bad because of poor lighting, I can recommend getting a fixed lens with as low f-number as possible, I got one that goes as far down as f.1.7, and it has made an incredible difference!! Now photography is fun again because I can take pictures of anything, anywhere. Just need to work on the focus since that is more tricky with a larger aperture.

    Anyway, happy Christmas to you and enjoy having some time off!! And get well soon.

  3. Ella

    I hope you feel better soon! <3

    I'm trying to book an appointment with my dentist ASAP and let me tell you; it is almost impossible to get one during the holidays! He's leaving on holidays soon and I'm hoping someone will cancel so I can get in this calendar year.

    My funds aren't in good shape either because of the holidays. I'm hoping I don't have to dip into my line of credit just to pay for tuition next year. I picked up a few extra shifts, including Christmas Eve and Christmas day, just to make sure that I have enough come the New year.

    Congratulations on being featured! You're very passionate about your condition and it's great to see that your story is being spread through more mediums. Keep up the good work! =)

  4. Cat

    Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well! Get well soon!

    I always dislike visits to the dentist, and it’s definitely worse when you’re not feeling well. One of my appointments usually falls during an allergy season, and it’s pretty miserable!

    That’s awesome that your story has been featured in a book. I think that’s a great idea to have a parent’s guide for hip dysplacia. I’m glad you were able to be part of it!