The Weekend Blog (Vol.80)

28th November 2015

The Weekend Blog Vol.80

So, this is my third attempt at writing The Weekend Blog (Vol.80). I didn’t publish my previous efforts because I’ve not been in a good place recently.

I’ve been feeling very unsettled with home life pretty much since I started work. It’s not the job or my relationship though; both of those I am loving still. I’m talking about my life when I get home from work. My evenings. My weekends. My pain in the arse neighbour.

He has been ruining my weekends since I started my new job thanks to his loud music late at night and in the early hours of the morning. We have approached him and tried to be civil, asking him to keep the noise to a minimum, but he’s sly and turns the music straight back up after we leave.

Last weekend, things came to a head and his behaviour was threatening and abusive. He clearly didn’t think he was in the wrong playing music at 5am, and he thought it was wrong of us to report him to his letting agency. But what else could we do if talking to him directly wasn’t working?

He has lied to his letting agency, saying he doesn’t have parties or play loud music, yet we have video evidence and the support of the council’s night noise team to prove our case. Even when I told him I was suffering with hip pain, and that I was having panic attacks from being woken up in the night, he lied to me, promising me he’d turn the music down, only for it to be returned to normal volume.

I haven’t slept properly in weeks because I’m expecting to be woken by noise at any moment. I end up having to sleep in at the weekend which is a complete waste of my days off. My routine is so messed up because one guy chooses to be selfish.

I’d been wanting to cry ever since last Friday, because I always feel better after a good cry, but I’d been too angry even to bring myself to tears. It was Wednesday when I finally broke down.

As I say, I’ve been in touch with his letting agency, the council and even the police over his behaviour, but getting things sorted out has been just as annoying and draining as being kept a wake my his music.

I will keep you update with any progress I have with the letting agency, council and police, and this WILL be resolved one way or the other. I won’t let anyone push me around.

In other (slightly better) news…

It’s almost December which means my least favourite month of the year is coming to an end. Hooray! Tyrone surprised me by buying a poinsettia (pretty plant in the photo above) this week. We will be putting the Christmas tree up on Tuesday.

I’ve eaten out a lot recently. I went out for paella and sangria with Sharon on Tuesday, and last weekend my parents came over to visit and we had a meal down at the docks.

This week I bought my tickets for Liverpool Comic Con. We’ve decided to go for weekend priority tickets as it’s our very first Comic Con and we want to get the most out of it. Now we just need to decided whether or not to cosplay, and if so, who to go as.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Kya

    How completely awful that someone so selfish can be so disrespectful. I mean, you tried to talk to him about it and that obviously did not penetrate! So what other option do you have but to report him. I hope that other people have reported him as well so that something will happen because that is just not right. I am sorry to hear that it has caused you so much distress. πŸ™ I hope it will be over soon and he will stop or leave.

    I hope you have an awesome time at Comic Con! Oh, you have to cosplay, that would be so so so so so good. πŸ˜€

    • Holly

      I think he must something wrong with him if he doesn’t think playing loud music at 5am is wrong.

      Nobody in my building speaks to each so I wouldn’t know if anyone else has complained. I think we have it worst as the speaker that makes the noise is right up against our bedroom wall.

  2. Noisy neighbours are such a pain, I hope the letting agency will step up and sort this out. The poinsettia looks so pretty. I think you should cosplay at Comic Con, I imagine it’s more fun if you dress up. xx

    • Holly

      The letting agency are a bit useless when it comes to keeping me updated, but the fact we had a quieter weekend this weekend that’s just passed makes me think he’s been told by someone.

  3. Tess

    Neighbours can either make or break your experience and it’s unfortunate you’re with a irrespectible neighbour. Going through those experiences are always draining… but please forgive my ignorance but what is a letting agency?? An upcoming Comic Con, that will be exciting and cosplay for sure if you are able to!

    • Holly

      Honestly, it’s put me off living in a flat for life. We are determined to buy a detached house in the future, even if it takes us longer to be able to save to afford one.

      A letting agency is a company that you rent from. They’re kind of like the middle man between the tenants and the landlord.

  4. Cat

    Wow, what an inconsiderate jerk. I had a similar issue when I used to live in the dorms. The first year, I was next to someone who blasted music late at night. The second year, I was next to a group of girls who talked and laughed soooo loud, also very late at night. This guy doesn’t have common sense if he thinks 5am is an okay time to play music loudly!

    I hope this will be resolved soon. It’s frustrating to lose sleep because of someone else waking you up πŸ™

    That’s exciting that you’ll be going to the Comic Con though! It’d be cool if you guys cosplayed!

    • Holly

      Student accommodation was the worst! My room was right next to entrance to the building so I had to put up with the door banging every couple of minutes and people standing outside chatting and smoking. It’s why I was so desperate to move to private accommodation, but now it’s just as bad. I just need to get out of living in a flat for good.

  5. Elena

    I hate how people can be so selfish, I really hope you figure it out! I have had the same problem with someone that lives in the same flat as me. As the walls are really thin yet she decides to play music with speakers and have her boyfriend over talking until 4am. It is driving me crazy so I have actually decided to move because of it.

    Ah I miss sangria and paella! And how fun that you are going to the Comic Con, if you do a cosplay you should make a post about it!

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