The Weekend Blog (Vol.79)

7th November 2015

The Weekend Blog (Vol.79)

Woah! What a week!

I’ve barely had any time to switch on my computer this week, so while I had a few blog posts I wanted to share, I had no opportunity to finish them off.

The week started off badly when I ended up being late for work on Monday thanks to a power surge at the station. After power walking from one station to another, in hope that the trains would be running from there, I ended up taking a taxi to work. As a person who hates being late, this put me in a bad mood.

Following work on Tuesday I went to the cinema with my friend Rebecca from uni (I have a lot of friends called Rebecca) to see Suffragette. This isn’t the type of movie I’d usually be interested in watching but I’m so glad I did. I feel like I learnt a lot from it about women’s rights and I left the cinema feeling pretty empowered.

On Thursday Tyrone and I headed down to Birmingham as I had appointment to see a surgeon for my legal case. I had to use a day of my annual leave which I wasn’t happy about, and the train cost a fortune because we had to travel at peak times. However, we tried to make the most of the day, having lunch out and exploring the city. I discovered Muji, so no doubt you will hear more about my love for that store at some point on the blog in the future.

As I say, the appointment was for my legal case, but I see these appointments as great opportunities to hear opinions from some of the best surgeons in the world. Sadly, this one believes that I will need to have a hip replacement much earlier than I anticipated. He thinks surgery may be required within the next 10 years. I was pretty upset to hear this because I thought I had more time, but who can really tell what will happen in the future? There’s no point worrying about it until the time comes.

By the time Friday arrived I was exhausted and ready for the weekend. Luckily the guys at work invited me along to lunch with them (at Host for a katsu curry, of course!) which broke up the day nicely. Tyrone and I ended the day with Gogglebox and beers, and I had a lie in until almost 10am this morning. It was very much needed.

I hope you are having a great weekend!

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  1. Sounds like you had a busy week. I’m so sorry about a hip replacement happening sooner than you thought. Hopefully it will happen more later than sooner.

    • Holly

      Hopefully. He said that because I have a job where I can sit down all day that this will help to postpone surgery a little longer.

  2. I’m so sorry you might need the operation sooner. x