The Weekend Blog (Vol.75)

3rd October 2015

The Weekend Blog - Candle

I’m not sure if I feel 100% comfortable about admitting this, but today I started my Christmas shopping.

I know it’s only October 3rd but you’ve got to start sometime, so why not start early.

For the last three years Christmas shopping has been relatively easy because I was a student and had time to shop on weekdays. Now I’m working Monday to Friday I only have the weekends free for going into town. It’s only going to get busier at the weekends so I decided to make a start.

Also, I always find it so problematic getting Christmas presents home to Shropshire as I have to take the train. This year my plan is to take a few presents home each time I go back and visit for the weekend, so when it comes time to go home on December 23rd (I’m going to try to book the 24th off so I can go home for church) I will have a lot less to carry.

Smart, huh?

The reason why I’m talking about Christmas is that not a lot else happened this week. But, it’s kind of nice to not have much going on in my life at the moment, so I’m not complaining.

Tell me what you’ve been up to this week!

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  1. Christmas shopping so early? I’m thinking of Halloween right now, still trying to convince hubby to make our own coffin or at least a tomb stone :))

  2. Kya

    That is a really good idea to do that with the gifts. Alternatively if you liked to do online shopping you could ship the items there (as long as no one decided to open the packages haha).

    It can be great to get things out of the way early!

  3. There is nothing wrong with doing Christmas shopping in advance. In fact, its smart to beat the holiday rush and manic frenzy. I feel sorry for last-minute shoppers, really.

  4. Definitely nothing wrong with being super organised! x

  5. Shopping early is better than shopping late. xD I need to get some Christmas cards done! And it totally makes sense to get all the gifts moved gradually, and early, so they will all be there in time for Christmas without a massive hassle. 😀

    • Holly

      Yep, I need to buy some Christmas cards. Last year I got on the train with two giant bags full of presents plus my suitcase. I was grateful my parents were with me to help (we’d been to see The Who the night before) but this year it will just be me and Tyrone. Plus it will be an evening train on the 23rd of December. I’m not sure how I’m going to cope.

  6. Michelle

    I’m like you, ready to start Christmas shopping early. Easier that well, honestly.

    • Holly

      Glad I’m not alone! It’s definitely much easier when it’s not so busy. Christmas shopping in Liverpool is hell!