The Weekend Blog (Vol.48)

22nd March 2015

Mailbox by Nancy Freund book review

I was looking at my Timehop this week and noticed that it was exactly a year ago since I started having major problems with my hip. I even found the tweet that related to the day I unexpectedly ended up back home in Shropshire for a weekend to recover. You can read that post here.

I thought that was pretty interesting considering that this week, on Wednesday, I had my second steroid injection. Tyrone was on hand-holding duty this time and said that the injection went in four times without leaving the skin. So, it went in at four different angles. Yep, owch.

It was a lot more tender than the first time of having the steroids and I couldn’t put much weight on my leg for the first 24 hours. I climbed into bed and stayed there all day.

By Friday I was feeling a lot better. In fact, I walked into town and back, and I was completely pain free. It felt so damn good! Here’s hoping it stays that way. It’s just two weeks now until I go to New York!

Earlier in the week I was suffering quite badly with stress. I’d left a piece of coursework until the last minute and I was unsure as to whether I’d get it done on time or now. Thankfully I did, and it didn’t even require staying up all night. However, I’ve learnt my lesson not to leave coursework until the day before. It was the first time I’d done that in nearly three years, so I’m hoping I can be forgiven for this one off occasion.

Did any of you managed to catch the eclipse on Friday? Exciting stuff. Unfortunately all the pictures, including my own, make it look like the moon. The cloud covered the sun shortly after this but I think it brings a nice effect to the photos.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Kya

    I hope that the pain will stay away! That would be so painful with the needle like that, eek.

    I was always terrible at leaving things to the last minute when I was studying and it’s not good and causes way more stress and anxiety. Sometimes you can’t help it, but if you can find the time, it’s better to avoid this. ((I will probably have to remind myself of this again))

    • Holly

      Thank you. πŸ™‚

      I’m normally so organised, but the week before I had been lacking in motivation and so busy with my job that it slipped my mind.

  2. I’m so glad you are pain free x

  3. Hurruh for pain free!
    I saw none of the eclipse. Heavy cloud cover all day Friday!

    • Holly

      Some people were really unlucky with the eclipse. My parents said it was really clear in Shropshire.

  4. Elena

    Lovely picture, I only had the chance to take some with my cellphone. The lecturer moved the break so that it would be right around the time when eclipse was at the most. He even brought some foil-stuff that we could watch though, haha.

    I hope your hip stays good, so that you can walk around and enjoy New York!

    • Holly

      That was kind of him. I was lucky to catch the eclipse just before I had to head out to a lecture.

      Thank you!

  5. I’m so happy your hip is pain free now! Hopefully it stays that way. Will you need top ups or will the steroids last a long time?
    Well done on getting it done without having to do an all-nighter. I left so many pieces to the last minute, and even now I regret it!
    I’d never seen an eclipse before, so I was really happy! All of my pictures look like the moon too, but I’ve still kept them just for fun!

    • Holly

      I think the steroids will last a couple of months and then I will need a top up. The way it has made me feel these past couple of days makes me regret not getting it done sooner.

  6. Cat

    Ouch, the injections sound painful πŸ™ I’m glad you’re feeling a lot better. I hope you remain pain free too!

    That’s good that you didn’t have to stay up all night on the coursework! I remember the stress of leaving things until the last minute. I actually still have nightmares about that, even though I haven’t been in school for 7+ years, haha.

    I didn’t know there was an eclipse! Your photo of it still looks cool. I agree the clouds add a nice effect to it πŸ™‚

    • Holly

      Thank you. It’s a pretty great feeling. πŸ™‚

      I think the eclipse might have only been visible in certain parts of the world. I guess it would have been night time when in the US when it occurred in England.

  7. Oh the joy of steroid injections, I had a steroid infusion as part of my meds last week (as my whole body is buggered at the mo) and it’s worked well. Although I have to be careful not to push it too much!
    I hope that it continues to work and NYC is great (I love NYC so much) x

    • Holly

      I saw on Twitter that you were having an infusion. It sounds horrible but I’m so glad it’s worked!

  8. Joy

    So sorry about your pain! Hopefully it keeps away for you during your visit! My husband has to get injections in his collar once a year because of an injury he received when was an active gymnast.

    It’s really exciting that you’re going to New York. I grew up there so now I split my time between Philadelphia and New York. I hope you have fun and get to do lots of fun things!

    • Holly

      Injections are the worst, but if they work it’s easy to get over the pain.

      Oh wow! If you have any tips/recommendations, please share! Hehe!