The Weekend Blog | The dentist from hell

16th July 2016

The Weekend Blog | The dentist from hell

This week was another rubbish one.

In my last Weekend Blog post I mentioned that I’d been feeling very low, and to be honest, my mood hasn’t really pick up all week.

I had a dentist appointment on Thursday and it was honestly the most horrific dentist appointment of my life; and that is saying something considering I’ve had braces.

It was only the second time I had visited this dental practice. The first time was fine, but on this occasion I saw a different dentist, and I can only think to describe her as brutal.

I only went for a checkup but she poked at my gums so hard until they bled and I cried from the pain. I’ve never had any problems with my gums before, so it made no sense. She was obviously being overly rough.

I could feel panic setting in. I was crying, I was holding my breathe and I was digging my nails into my arms in an attempt to counteract the pain.

I couldn’t look her in the eye when I left, nor the receptionist. I left in floods of tears and had to call my mum to get her to talk me down from a panic attack. All while strangers in the street gave me dirty looks, and one guy even laughed at me.

Needless to say I won’t be going there ever again. I’ve decided to look for another dentist in my area, and I will probably opt for a private one this time around. I used to have a private dentist back home in Shropshire (because I was under 16 and didn’t have to pay anyway!) and I honestly can’t believe there is such a significant difference between a NHS dentist and a private dentist.

I guess you get what you pay for.

Now let’s look on the bright side…

In terms of work, the project I’m working on seems to be picking up now and I feel less stressed about it. There have been a few moments this week when I’ve thought to myself “This is why I love this job.”. Also, I bought my travel insurance for my trip with work to Norway next month and honestly, I’m so bloody excited!

I had a driving lesson yesterday and it was significantly better than the one I had last week. It’s less than 2 months until my test so I’m determined to cram in as many lessons as possible over the next few weeks.

My flatmate from my first year of uni, Sharon, is having a bit of birthday do tonight so Tyrone and I will be heading into the city a little later. It’s at one of my favourite pubs in the city that sells the best beers, so I’m looking forward to trying some more bizarre flavoured beers (I’ll give the chocolate one a miss this time!).

Have a great weekend!

P.S. I baked those cookies in the photo above today. Aren’t they the funniest looking cookies you’ve ever seen?!

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  1. !!! Shocking. I am not sure about the difference between public and private dentists but I am seeing a private one. I haven’t seen him for some time because he’s been ill (eek), though. He was always friendly and was never mean or rough. If you have never had problems before and this time was so traumatising, I would agree with you that the dentist was not doing her job right.

    I actually, considering I wanted to be a dentist at some point in my life, can’t understand why people are so terrified of going to the dentist. Especially when I actually enjoy going and my dentist is nice. But now I see there are some shitty dentists out there who don’t care very much about their patients and make people afraid. It’s a shame. 🙁 I hope you find a better one, and I hope you’re feeling better now too. *hug*

    • Holly

      My old dentist (who was private) was so always so gentle and I never had any issues with going to see him. It’s like my mum said, this dentist must have been a terrible mood that particular day and I was just on the receiving end of it!

      I used to really hate the dentist, but as I say, my old one was so great, and I even had a fantastic orthodontist when I had braces, but this experience has made me really wary about who I let touch my teeth in the future.

      Thanks Georgie. 🙂

  2. I don’t think it matters if it’s NHS or not, the doctor is more important. I think there are good doctors in the NHS, but you have to look for them. I hope you find one you are happy with. xx

  3. Cat

    Oh no, sorry to hear about the dentist visit 🙁 I can’t believe she was so rough and kept doing it even when you were in so much pain. That’s awful! I hope you find a much better one!

    That’s exciting that you’re going to Norway for work though. I’d like to visit there some time, especially to visit a friend! I’m glad your project is less stressful now too.

    Cookies are still cookies, no matter the shape! I think they look tasty!

    • Holly

      Thanks. 🙂 I hope so too.

      Norway has been somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit so I feel incredibly lucky to have been given this opportunity by my employer.

  4. Susanne

    Yes, do get a private dentist!! That is the very best thing you can do if you have fears of whatever kind around dentists. One of the BIG disadvantages with public dentist places is that you may have to go to different dentists all the time. Not good if you have fears. I have a fantastic dentist, and he has fantastic staff, however I would never go to a different dentist there even if my dentist hired them. I know my dentist and trust him to 200% but I don’t know the others. And he knows me and my fears and all is well. Actually, when you call my dentist office for an appointment, you will first have to dial this and that to select dentist before you come through. I think that is brilliant, I’ll always be sure that I’ll come to the right dentist.

    • Holly

      Yes, when I went to a private dentist when I was younger I always saw the same dentist, but as I say, at this practice I see different people each time. There’s no consistency, and for me trust is a huge issue.