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30th April 2016

Converse on the beach

Monday was a super stressful day regarding my legal case and work, so I was feeling super low, but I had planned to meet up with Katy and Anca for coffee and I was damn well determined to go.

And I’m so glad I did because chatting to these two lovely bloggers took my mind off things and completely cheered me up. I definitely need to do this more to keep my spirits up.

I mentioned the other week that I had booked my driving theory test for June, but after a relativity successful driving lesson on Tuesday my instructor suggested I bring it forward to so I can book my practical test. He thinks that it won’t be long before I’m ready to take my test, and I’m so happy because it means I should be driving my own car by the end of the year. Eeek!

So yes, my theory test is in three weeks not six. Let’s do this!

I had a steroid injection on Friday. Without sounding psychotic, it was the most glorious pain ever. When I feel that needle poking around I know that within a few days I will be feeling incredible.

I’m feeling a little tender today but I’m walking around the house okay so I’m hoping that when my parents pop over to visit tomorrow we won’t have to stay inside all day.

I also spoke to my doctor about my knee because it’s been really painful recently and it feels as if it’s grinding. He was so helpful and explained why I was having the problem and what I could do to make it better (basically, exercise).

I have to go to Oxford on Monday (yes…Bank Holiday Monday) to see a doctor for my legal case which is a complete pain in the arse. I last went two years ago and my parents drove me down there, but this time I going on my own. I’m a little bit apprehensive because I have to change trains twice. I’m also a bit worried about how my hip will hold up as I’m still recovering from the injection.

And I won’t even talk about how much the train tickets cost me. It makes me weep a little.

On a final note, I was interviewed by Daisy from Pretty Green Tea for her Career Inspiration series on her blog, so if you would like to read about my job and what I get up to, you can read that right here.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!

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  1. I just read your interview, it is awesome. Women in tech represent! *high five*

    It must be really relieving to have a steroid injection and know it’ll improve things for you and that’s something to look forward to after feeling so much pain. *big hug* I hope you’re feeling well enough to hang out with your parents without just staying around the house.

    Best of luck with your trip to Oxford. I hope that the doctor gives you a positive outcome and can help out. It would make the long trip worth it. I have my fingers crossed for you <3

  2. Awww I’m sorry it’s been so stressful, but I’m glad you went out and met up with some other bloggers- it’s good to talk 🙂 Sorry about your mega journey today, I hope it went well though and that this week is much better x

  3. Amy

    Sorry to hear about all the issues with your hip. And hope today went well, too. It must be awful having to deal with that all the time – I hope everything gets sorted out for you.

    Good luck with all the driving stuff! It took me years before any instructor would consider putting me in for my test, so you’re way better than I was. Hope the theory test goes well!

    The Career Inspiration interview you did is great. It’s so cool that you get to go to a job you love every day. Definitely well-deserved getting that position!

  4. The train tickets are so expensive, aren’t they? It’s not long and you’ll have your driving license, it will be fab! xx