The Weekend Blog | Spring is here!

22nd April 2018

After what felt like the longest winter I’ve ever experienced, I was happy to see the sun this week.

It’s been so warm outside that I’ve been able to take my laptop outside and work from my garden. This is what working for yourself is all about! Plus I’m getting that all important Vitamin D which always seems to help lift my mood.

I actually think I’m more productive working from the garden. I feel like there’s less distractions. Well, apart from the squirrels performing acrobatics in my trees…

This week on a whole has been great. I’ve had a few enquiries from potential new clients, I started swimming again after the Easter holidays (I don’t enjoy it when the pool is full of kids!) and I had a really great counselling session. If you’ve read my last blog post then you’ll know how much counselling is helping me, and how I’m feeling a lot better in myself because of it.

On Friday night, we ordered pizza and sat in the garden to eat it, with a glass of sangria to wash it down. I can’t tell you how happy I felt.

Yesterday we decided to tackle the garden and our overgrown shrubs that were taking up half the road outside our house. It was a big job, and it was hard work. My thighs are aching today after constantly bending down to pick up all the leaves and branches! But now it’s done, it will be a lot easier to maintain this summer, and I’m sure my neighbours will appreciate getting their road back again!

I know I’ve been a bit quiet on this blog recently, but if you follow me on social media you may have seen that I’ve been investing the majority of my time into my little business venture. Even though it’s been like 4 months since I left my full-time job I’m still getting use to working for myself and managing my time. I don’t think I’ve got my hear around this whole work-life balance yet!

But as I start to find more of a balance, I hope to get back into writing more personal posts, even if they’re just short and sweet like this one.

I hope you’ve had a great week and weekend!

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  1. Cat

    Being able to work from your garden sounds so nice! And aahh yardwork. I know that aching pain after some hard yardwork. I never like doing it, but it is quite satisfying to see how it looks afterwards!

    I’m also really glad to hear that things have been going well lately. That’s really great about the potential new clients and the counselling sessions. Even if you’re still getting the hang of working for yourself, it sounds like it’s working out!

  2. Yard work is the worst. It’s the job I always put off doing the longest, but i do love to sit in my garden, so I dont have much choice but to spruce it up from time to time! Glad to hear that things are going well with you – long may it continue!x

    • Holly

      Yeah, we’ve been waiting for the nice weather so at least we can enjoy the sun while we work!

  3. It sounds like everything is working out so well for you, Holly! I’m very pleased to see yoou’re feeling much more content – and getting to work outdoors in your garden must be so much fun! Fingers crossed the weather stays good!

    I don’t think people appreciate how painful gardening is! Hope you got to spend some time with your feet up after all your hard work!

    • Holly

      Thanks Katy. 😊

      Gardening is a full body work out! It’s particularly painful when you’re chopping down a bush that is full of prickly spines!

  4. I’m so glad you hear that you are in happy spirits! ❤️ Not gonna lie, good weather can really help haha. It’s getting colder in Sydney and I’m annoyed that I didn’t sit outside and enjoy more of the sun in summer. I think we had a really windy summer though, so taking my laptop outside would have been a bit annoying. We have a balcony but it doesn’t see much of the sun, so I would have to go to my apartment’s sky park (on the sixth level). Oh well! I’ve been enjoying the weather while going on walks in the park during my lunch breaks at work ☺️ I have to admit, sitting down in nature while enjoying a meal has got to be once of the nicest and most relaxing experiences. I’m glad you got to do that! 🙌

    Work out those thighs!! Haha. 😄

    • Holly

      Thanks Georgie. 😊

      That’s exactly how I felt last summer. But I feel like I’ve more than made up for it this year, and it’s only May! 😂

      I wish that I had lived in an apartment block with a roof terrace. When we lived in a flat we didn’t even have a balcony. Summer was hell!

  5. Chynna

    I was ecstatic when the sun come out to play. It is exactly what I needed because my mood immediately lifted and I just felt a lot more lighter in general. It was great!

    I’m glad to see that you’ve got some potential clients in the pipeline, all sounds very promising and exciting! Hope it all works out 😊

    Best of luck with your business!

  6. I would absolutely love to be able to work from home in my garden. I don’t have a house or a garden just an apartment but I would still love it anyways lol. I am glad you are enjoying the sun and being able to work outside.

    • Holly

      I lived in an apartment for over three years, so I completely understand! We didn’t even have a balcony so we’d just sit inside and roast all summer. 😭