The Weekend Blog – I’m back!

6th September 2014

Me at the beach

I’ve returned from my blogging holiday! While I may not have been posting, I have still been working hard behind the scenes. I can’t stop!

It’s only been a week that I’ve been away from the blog but it feels like so much longer. I actually really missed it. But thank you for all your kind and sweet comments while I was away. They made me smile and reminded me why I love blogging!

To celebrate the fact I’m back, I will give away free advertising in the sidebar for a month for the first 4 people to comment on this post! Hooray!

One of the reasons why I took a break for a little while was to create a new posting schedule. This summer I have been posting every other day here on the blog. While I do see this as a great achievement, I found it hard work and I know that it is a routine that I won’t be able to keep up when I return to university.

With my new posting schedule I will try to post three times a week. This will be Tuesdays, Thursday and one day at the weekend (for The Weekend Blog). When my work load becomes too much (which it will) I will cut down to two days a week. This will be Wednesdays and, once again, one day at the weekend.

I still haven’t got my finalised timetable but it still looks as if I am only going to be in university two days a week. I keep telling myself that I still have to study hard on my days off. I am determined to get a 1st overall in my degree.

Also, during my break away from the blog, I took a little time to do some self-reflection. The one thing I picked up on is that I am way too hard on myself.

I always criticise the way I write, the photos I take, and just who I am in general. I have terrible commitment issues, and when I look back at my life there are many things that I have given up on too easily because I didn’t feel like I was good enough, or because I can’t handle criticism.

But that has got to stop! I have to remember that I’m always learning and always improving. If I don’t try or practice something then I am never going to get better at it.

So yes, my blog may not be perfect yet and you may have to put up with bad spelling and dodgy lighting in photographs for a while, but one day I’ll get it right. Even now I feel like I can look back and be proud with what I have achieved with this blog already.

I’ve come a long way and I’ve still got a long way to go. I’m in it for the adventure. πŸ™‚

Side note: My customised comic book shoes are now back in stock on after my very first order (which was a complete success!). If you are interested in international shipping then give me a shout and I’ll look into it for you.

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  1. Cat

    Welcome back! That’s nice that you’ll only be at school two days a week πŸ™‚ I liked whenever I had schedules like that. Hopefully the days off will help with your new blogging schedule too!

    I’m very similar. I definitely criticize everything I do. Being too hard on yourself can be bad if it stops you from doing things, but on the bright side, it’s a motivator to get better. Just have to find the right balance! No one starts off perfect at what they do πŸ™‚ We all get better over time!

    • Holly

      I agree! It’s all about finding the right balance. I know that if I hadn’t been so hard on myself I probably wouldn’t have got where I am today. But too much can be bad.

  2. I’m always the worst with my standards for myself, I think it’s absolutely awful.
    I used to post 3 days a week, but then cut it down dramatically, it felt like far too much and far too much work too. I’m pretty good at flooding the internet with Erin Veness so I felt a step back was needed.

    I hope your new posting schedule works well for you, and I look forward to watching your progress. πŸ™‚

    • Holly

      I use to post just a couple of times a month. I feel like I’ve come on a long way since those days.

      Thank you. πŸ™‚

  3. To me, it almost feels like you weren’t gone at all! Feels like only a couple of days ago that I got your break post in my inbox. Sometimes time just seems to pass quickly online, or maybe because we all get so busy with real life that it doesn’t seem like long at all.

    I am a bit of a perfectionist myself, and today I was discussing with one of my best friends how I can also be pretty hard on myself. I don’t really get that vibe from you, but I do have to say that I am a fan of your blog and I enjoy reading it and looking through all your photos. I don’t see any flaws in your writing or photos – everyone has their own style and there is always room to improve, but just because there is room to improve does not mean that you’re not good to begin with. It’s taken some time for me to personally stay positive about all aspects of my life (I feel better about myself in some ways more than others), but I know you can do it too! πŸ™‚ We’ve got your back <3

    And of course, self reflection is a good thing to take part in, and get to know ourselves a bit better.

    • Holly

      Haha, I know what you mean. For me it feels like it’s been ages. Clearly I need to get something interesting to do in my life!

      Aww, thank you so much. Your comment really made me smile. πŸ˜€

  4. Welcome back from your little break! It really didn’t seem like you were gone at all :P. It’s nice to have a routine with blogging because it gives some consistency. My blogging schedule is just to blog once every 4~15 days depending on my schedule.

    I’d love to go to school twice a week. I’m here stuck with 4 times a week ;~;. Hopefully you’ll manage with all of your classes :). Regardless of anyone’s blog being perfect or not, it doesn’t hurt to find ways to improve it any way possible. Blogging is a hobby, so it shouldn’t be forced… Unless it’s a job XD. Blogging is meant to be fun ^__^

    • Holly

      I’ve always had to go in to school/college/university at least 4 days a week. I was always jealous of my friends as they all got at least one day off. I’m so glad it’s finally happened to me at last. Unfortunately it has happened in my last year of education!

  5. Melissa

    Welcome back! But really, have you taken a vacation yet? ;P It’s really nice that you got your own routine for blogging now, makes things so much easier in life. πŸ™‚


  6. Tim

    Hooray you’re back! I’m pretty sure my fiancee would buy those shoes. I’ll send the link her way…perhaps you’ll have a new customer.

  7. Sayli

    Hey Holly,
    My website is finally done B) Thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate it πŸ™‚
    Yeah, life is hectic and it’s good to maintain a schedule so you can keep a track
    of what all things need to be completed.
    I too maintain a diary for the same. But now I need to add “blogging” into the list as well πŸ™‚
    And, I believe that it’s good to have a little introspection so that you improve and move towards perfection but do not be so self critical that you become sad and lose self confidence 0:)

  8. Liz

    Welcome back to blogging!

    Blogging every other day really is hard to do… for a while, I could do it easily, but then I ran out of things to say, especially because I stopped doing interesting things, and everything just turned a bit blah-worthy. :/ πŸ™

    I criticize myself as well. I feel like I’m not good enough, no matter how hard I try, and I’m always so scared about whether I’m just wasting my time trying — with blogging, with everything. It wasn’t so bad before I took on the Better Blogger Network. :S nyeh.

    I’m loving the shoes! They’re quite nerdy, and I was more into superhero/non-manga comics, I’d totally be all over them. :p

    • Holly

      I always worry that I’m going to run out of ideas, but recently they’ve just been coming to me. I write a lot of posts in advance when I’m feeling motivated, which really helps. Blogging is more of a time issue for me.

  9. Welcome back! :)) I try to blog every once and awhile instead of everyday. It helps me focus on quality blogs instead of quantity, you know? But welcome back! Hope you stay for much longer! Woot!