The Weekend Blog | House Hunting

31st January 2016

The Weekend Blog | House Hunting

The imminent move and the continued hunt for a house has meant that I’ve been quiet online this week. It will probably be the same again next week.

Tyrone and I went to view a house on Tuesday after work. Well, we tried to view a house, but the current tenant didn’t turn up. The landlord did turn up but said we couldn’t go in without the tenant. We were really quite peed off but we had a good chat to the landlord who genuinely seemed lovely and was totally honest about any issue the house had. She also told us that adjoining neighbours were concerned about who was moving in to the house because they wanted someone quiet, which is excellent news for us.

Annoyingly we now have to wait until this coming Tuesday to actually see inside and there is someone viewing it 15 minutes before us. I mean surely we should get first refusal seeing at we were suppose to view it a week before these other people.

I am just keeping everything crossed that the inside is as good as we are expecting and that someone doesn’t snap it up before us. It really could be the answer to all of our problems.

We did go to another house viewing yesterday, and the house in question was absolutely gorgeous. So much so we decided to go to the estate agents to discuss putting in an application (two other people had already applied).

We took a taxi because the estate agency because it was miles away, and on the way we got talking to the driver. He was really nosy as to what we were doing and the minute we said we were looking at a house in a certain street he started telling us how rough that particular street was. A quick look on the crime website showed that what he was saying was true.

By the time we had arrive at the agency our minds were pretty much made up and we decided not to go for that particular house.

Honestly, it was somewhat disheartening and it has made us more wary of where we choose to live, but we know that the house we are going to see again on Tuesday is in a much better area than the one we saw yesterday.

As desperate as we are to move, this week I’ve learned that we should not rush to make a decision. We need to do our research and make sure that our new home is the perfect one for us.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

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  1. I like reading about your experience so far, it makes me think of what I will have to look out for when I am looking for my own house. It’s probably still a while yet. I definitely get fishy about areas that have high rates of crime, it is a good thing that the taxi driver brought it up though he should not have been so nosy as to where you were going.

    A shame that you did not get to look inside the house you were supposed to see. πŸ™ Hopefully you get a chance next week, and good luck πŸ™‚

    • Holly

      I’m so glad he was honest because we could have gotten into a right mess. I should have been more wary, especially because of how cheap it was for such a beautiful house.

      Fingers crossed the tenant actually turns up this time!

  2. I remember this feeling so well. We had our heart set on moving to a particular part of town when we first started looking and went to several viewings in the same building…well we tried to anyway, all but one viewing was either cancelled, no show, or the property had gone as we where on our way to the viewing. The one time we did get to look inside (again, a property that had already gone but the guy took pity on us) we realised how small the place was and how it was mostly weekend rentals not live-in residents.

    Just perceiver, the right place will come up. The place we ended up with was somewhere we actually viewed more for something to do than because we where actually interested and it turned out to be perfect!

    Sarah πŸ™‚
    Saloca in Wonderland

    • Holly

      We had the exact same issue when we were trying to find a flat. We would arrange viewings the day before and then get to Liverpool (because we were living in Shropshire at the time) and the flat wouldn’t be available any more. Houses don’t seem to move so quickly.

      I would hate to live in a building with weekend rentals . Different neighbours every week? No thanks!

  3. sorry about the house, although it’s a good thing you found out before too late! in my experience unfortunately a lot of the nicest looking places are in the ‘wrong’ area- perhaps because the landlord has to work harder to get a tenant? compared to the most sought after areas where landlords probably know they can rely on location… I do hope you find somewhere soon but as you say, there’s no rushing these things. you wouldn’t want a repeat of your current situation after all. good luck!

    • Holly

      Definitely! I should have noticed something was wrong when I saw the price of the rent for such a beautiful house.

      Thank you. πŸ™‚

  4. Sorry to hear you couldn’t view the house due to the tenant, but at least the landlord did! It’s good that she was so helpful and honest. You should get first refusal, and I hope you do. It would be so frustrating if you missed out on a dream house by 15 minutes – but I’m sure that won’t happen. When me and a friend were looking for a flat, we literally had to run from the property to the letting agents because they implied the woman viewing after us would want it. I think it was a trick because the man who took us round ended up back in the agents before us…
    At least the nosy driver turned out to be useful! Sorry to hear that it was disheartening, but I suppose in the long run it’s for the best. Hopefully you’ll get your dream house soon.

  5. Don’t rush, take your time and be sure it’s somewhere were you want to live. I would suggest to go back in the mornings and in the afternoon to see how the neighborhood is. Moving is stressful and with lots of furniture and white goods, it’s even more complicated. I hope you’ll find your perfect home soon. x