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4th February 2018

In my Little Victories blog post that I published this week I mentioned how the last couple of days of January were pretty stressful. I thought I would elaborate on this.

The ceiling…

So, last weekend I decided to paint the ceiling in my office. I have already painted the walls white, and I wanted to paint the ceiling before I started on painting the “feature” wall.

I thought it was going to be as straight forward as it was to paint the walls, but sadly it wasn’t. As the paint dried it started cracking, and when I brush my hand over the ceiling all of the paint started flaking off like confetti.

We think that the paint that the previous owners of the house put on the ceiling wasn’t very good quality, hence why it’s all falling off. I spent all of Monday morning trying to scrape off the old paint, which was so tedious.

I’ve since spoken to my dad and he’s suggested loads of ideas of how we can try and fit it, so we’re going to try those out. Worse comes to worse we might have to pay for someone to plaster it.

But until it is fixed, I can’t work in my office, so I’ve moved my desktop computer into another spare room as a temporary solution.

The garage door…

Then on Tuesday night, the garage door broke, and we couldn’t get it to close. Tyrone keeps his bike in the garage, so he had opened the garage door to put his bike away after work, and because the door was stuck open he couldn’t even get his keys out out of it!

Of course, this really stressed us out and I spent Wednesday ringing around garage door companies trying to get someone to come out and take a look. I was convinced the whole door would need replacing, but I was reassured by both guys who came out to quote for the job that it was repairable. I felt incredibly relieved as new garage doors aren’t cheap!

Best of all, the guy I picked to do the job was available on Friday, so the garage door has been fixed and it wasn’t as expensive as I thought it was going to be. And I feel really proud of myself for sorting it all out because calling up tradesmen to get quotes is my idea of hell, and I get so incredibly anxious.

But it got better…

So my week started off pretty badly, but it did pick up towards the end.

I went for my first counselling session on Thursday. After I completed my course of CBT back in October my therapist suggested that I try counselling as it might help with things that happened in the past.

Fortunately I didn’t have to wait too long for an appointment, and my first session went really well. My therapist is lovely, and I think I’m really going to benefit from these sessions.

I also got a phone call while I was in counselling from the doctors to reschedule my steroid injection after my last one was cancelled. I’ll be having it on Valentine’s Day!

Then on Friday, after the garage doors got fixed, I received a phone call from a company who would like to have a meeting with me about potentially doing some freelance work for them. I’m so nervous about the meeting, but I’m sure it will be an interesting experience, and hopefully I might bag myself some work!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a less stressful week next week!

I hope you had a wonderful week!

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  1. Amy

    Sorry to hear about all the house problems you’ve been having, Holly! I saw your Instagram stories this week and can’t believe how ridiculous the old owners were. It’s such a shame that they couldn’t do things properly. Hope you get the ceiling sorted and don’t have to spend too much money office. You’ll have your office soon!

    It’s great that counselling is going well. Hope you find it helpful, and you get something out of the sessions.

    YAY for the freelance meeting! Hope it goes well and hope you find something you love doing. Good luck!

    • Holly

      They were just terrible at DIY! I mean, it’s only when I got someone to come and fix the garage door that we discovered that the handle wasn’t the original one, and they’d just replaced it with a normal door handle!! You couldn’t make it up. 😭

  2. I can imagine how annoying these things were. It happened to us too, we’ve started to do something and then we saw that another problem arises. It’s great you managed to sort out the garage door. Also, great news about the counselling. Have a lovely week. x

  3. Gosh, that must have been so frustrating for you! I’m glad your Dad was able to suggest some things for you. Fingers crossed that they work and you don’t have to replaster! That’s great news about the garage door, though. I’m glad it could get fixed so quickly.

    I’m so glad your counselling went well – and that’s great news about another steroid injection. I’m glad it’s so soon!

    Good luck with your freelance meeting! Fingers are crossed for you!

    • Holly

      Thanks Katy! The meeting went well but unfortunately I couldn’t take on the work as it was far too much for one person.

  4. Cat

    Ah! That sucks about your office ceiling! Scraping paint off of a ceiling sounds really annoying and tiring. I hope you’ll figure out a good way to get a new coat of paint on.

    The annoying thing about home ownership is figuring out what to do when something breaks. Every time something breaks that we haven’t experienced before, we’re like… wait, what do we do? What type of person do we call…? I’m glad the garage door wasn’t an expensive fix!

    I’m also glad that your week got better! That’s great that your first counselling session went well, and that you might have some more freelance work lined up. I hope that meeting went well!

    • Holly

      Thanks, Cat!

      Yes, there’s so much to learn when you own a house!

      The meeting went well but unfortunately I couldn’t take on the work. It was just too much for me on my own.

  5. I hope the steroid injection went well! Considering it’s probably just happened as I’m writing this 💖 I’m also glad to hear that therapy is working for you ☺️

    It’s a shame to hear about the ceiling. In my parents’ house they have issues with the paint cracking and just coming off the walls even with the slight amount of blu-tack (I think you have blu-tack in the UK? haha anyway it’s like those sticky 3M dots). BUT they have a really old house, so, I think that’s what the problem is. Still it does sound really annoying that you have to deal with a mess like that. In Australia a lot of paint issues are caused by the weather too, but of course you don’t have 40ºC summers like we do 😂

    Best of luck with the meeting and I hope you land some work! 🤑

    • Holly

      Thanks Georgie! The injection went really well. It didn’t hurt too much but I can already tell it’s worked. 😊

      Haha, yes we have blu-tack in the UK! I’m not sure why our ceilings are so bad. The walls are fantastic and were a breeze to pain, so I thought that the ceiling was going to be straight forward too. I definitely don’t think we have to worry about it getting too hot. 😂