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24th June 2017

Let’s me take you back to last weekend, which I have to say was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time.

We woke up to beautiful weather on Saturday morning, so Tyrone and I decided to tackle the garden. The lawn needed mowing and the flower beds needed de-weeding. Just picture me in a playsuit, wellies and gardening gloves. Attractive.

But despite the heat and a few massive spiders hiding under the barbecue and in the shed, we survived.

Then in the afternoon we headed into Liverpool and had dinner at Yard & Coop. I’d seen lots of bloggers talk about the restaurant in Manchester, so when I discovered one had opened in Liverpool I knew I had to try it out.

Tyrone and I were both very impressed. I was absolutely obsessed with the interiors, and the food was equally amazing. They specialise in buttermilk fried chicken, which I ordered, but they also do buttermilk fried halloumi for the vegetarians. I highly recommend you visit if you’re looking for a casual dinning experience with great food in Liverpool.

After dinner we took a slow walk over to the Echo Arena as we had tickets to see Hans Zimmer. It was far too warm to go into the arena early so we sat outside in the sunshine for a while.

Hans Zimmer, his band, his orchestra and his choir, were absolutely incredible! It was even better than I expected, and I had high expectations. For those of you who don’t know who Hans Zimmer is, well, you probably actually do know who he is! He composed the music for films such as Pirates of the Carribean, The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, Interstellar, The Lion King and Gladiator, to name just a few.

I fell in love with Hans Zimmer’s music back in 2008 when I fell in love with The Dark Knight, so I was excited to hear score. It gave me goosebumps, even on what was one of the hottest days of the year here in the UK!

On the Sunday I went to Ikea with my friend from uni, Rebecca. You can call us crazy for going to Ikea on one of the hottest days of the year, but it was the quietest I’ve ever seen the shop! I kept my spending under control, although I did take note of quite a few items for future reference!

Tyrone had to go back to Shropshire towards the end of the week, so I’ve been home alone for the last few days. I’ve been spending my evenings watching Sex and the City while knitting and drinking wine. Wild.

Today I decided to go into Liverpool on the train because the trains are finally running between the Wirral and the city centre after 6 months of the line being closed. And I actually really like getting the train, especially now I don’t do it everyday for work!

I had no real plan of action, but I took my camera along with me and headed down to the docks to check out a couple of events that were taking place; Armed Forced Day and Mersey River Festival.

Albert Dock Liverpool

I then headed into the city for a spot of shopping (Victoria’s Secret had a sale on and the pants were cheaper than Primark!) and I found the really cool installation with umbrellas that you can see in the top photo. The look like they’re floating above the street. Apparently it’s to raise awareness of ADHD.

It’s kind of funny because normally when you see umbrellas in Liverpool they’re broken, abandoned on the street or shoved in a bin!


Just before I wrap up this post, I wanted to let you know that there’s a big announcement coming on the blog this coming week. I’ll be sharing some news with you that I’ve been keeping a big secret since March! So make sure you pop back for that.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Cat

    I’m glad you had such a good weekend! Ohh yum, I do love a good buttermilk fried chicken. Definitely a guilty pleasure of mine, haha. I didn’t recognize the name Hans Zimmer, but after looking him up, I recognize the songs he did! That must have been an amazing concert!

    I’m surprised Ikea was quiet when you went. I always assumed it’s crazy busy on weekends. I need to go soon, and I’m trying to time it for a less busy time! I really need some new furniture pieces.

    I love the umbrella art installation that you happened across! So pretty to see the colors lined up!

    Oohh, I’m curious about the big announcement. Can’t wait to hear it!

  2. Amy

    Sounds like a great couple of weekends! Even though it sounds like a work, I wish I had a garden. We literally just have a couple of flag stones and a bench at the front. It’s easy to maintain but we can’t really do anything with it unfortunately! Glad you managed to get the garden jobs done!

    Your shopping trip sounds great. I can’t believe Victoria’s Secret were cheaper than Primark. That’s so good! Love the photo you took of the umbrella installation by the way!

    Hope you had fun seeing Hans Zimmer. It’s always fun seeing great live music, I miss going to concerts!

  3. I rarely shop at Victoria’s Secret (or PINK) because I think their stuff is overpriced, but that umbrella installation is wicked cool! You got a terrific picture of it.

  4. I’m so envious you got to see Hans Zimmer! That must have been an amazing experience! It’s always very emotional seeing music hat means a lot to you live, so I’m glad it all went well for you!
    Thank you for reminding me, on Twitter, that is was Armed Forces Day! When I heard the jets going over, I had no idea what was happening. It sounds like the rest of your day was really enjoyable too, especially sale shopping! I’m skint, so I’ve been avoiding going into town, but I might go for a wander to see the umbrellas! It’s such an interesting display.
    Ooooooh – I’m very excited to hear the big announcement!

  5. (Hi hello I’m Pauline and I’m stalking your posts ;))

    I’m so glad to hear that you had a good weekend! I’ve heard about people talking about Yard & Coop too – I’m glad to hear that it didn’t disappoint! 😉 I’ll definitely be adding that as somewhere to experience! Buttermilk fried chicken sounds heavenly T_T

    Haha – the last time I went to IKEA I spent £350 so I haven’t been in a while xD It’s so easy to fall in love with everything though – glad to hear that you managed to keep your spending under control though!

    I love those umbrellas! <3 I haven't blogged about it yet but there's a place in New York near Madison Square Park called EATALY (of course I'm going to talk to you about italian food Holly xD) but they had similar interior! Look up if you visit! 😉