The Weekend Blog | Easter Weekend

27th March 2016

The Weekend Blog | Easter Weekend

Happy Easter Weekend!

I know Easter is early this year but it’s sure rolled around quickly. I’m not complaining though because I love eating ALL of the chocolate!

I decided to come back to Shropshire for a long weekend to catch up with my family and friends.

On Friday my parents and I took a trip to the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in North Wales, and rode across it on a canal boat. The weather was gorgeous so we sat out on the front of the boat and got an even better view of the valley.

It’s a little bit of a hair raising experience given that there is a sharp 126 foot drop over the side of the aqueduct, but completely worth it. My only regret is not having my DSLR with me to take some decent photos. My iPhone doesn’t do the view justice.

The trip out made me even more determined to learn to drive and to get a car so that Tyrone can go on adventures like these more often. Actually, I have been trying to book some driving lessons this week but I’ve had no luck. I need to learn in an automatic car, for medical reasons, which means my choice of driving instructors is very limited. And everyone I have tried ringing hasn’t bothered to pick up.

I’m going to try again next week because I just want to get it over and done with, as soon as possible. But it’s typical that after putting off learning for 5 years when I do want to finally book a lesson I can’t get one!

On Friday evening I went out for dinner at Chiquitos as a late birthday celebration for my friend Becky. Mexican food is my favourite so I devoured the BBQ chicken fajitas I ordered!

Yesterday I went to the cinema with my parents to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 as it was a wet day. I went to see the original one back in 2002 (when I was 8!) with my mum so we decided to go together to see the sequel. Despite the poor reviews it has received, we really enjoyed it and found it very funny. If you liked the original you will love this one.

Today I’m planning on having a lazy day, eating chocolate and catching up with reading some blogs.

How are you spending the bank holiday? Have a great weekend!

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  1. OMG Holly, I couldn’t even walk over the aqueduct when we went. My hub & a couple of friends are taking our boat across in April, I hope the weather is good for them. Fantastic photos even with your phone x

  2. Good luck trying to get your license. 🙂

  3. Susanne

    I can’t even imagine going to places like that without a camera!!!!!!

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter. The aqueduct is wonderful, I passed on it by foot and I can imagine with a narrow-boat it’s fab too xx

  5. Amy

    I’ve spent the bank holiday at home not doing very much really. I just find it nice to have a break from being so busy all the time!

    Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed your weekend off so far! The canal boat looks like fun. I’m off on one for an entire week in June and I’m absolutely terrified of water so that should be good. I’m hoping the weather’s as nice as it looks on your pictures!

    Good luck learning to drive! Hopefully someone picks up the phone soon. I think I had to ring a few before I found one, and then his car got written off within a few months (not my fault haha), so I had to switch to someone else, who ended up moving away. In the end my Dad taught me.

    I want to go to Chiquito’s now! Haven’t been in over ten years!