The Weekend Blog | Driving to Ikea

9th October 2016

The Weekend Blog | Driving adventures

This week has been a little less hectic than last week.

If you read my monthly review which went up on Tuesday, or if you follow me on social media, you’ll know what I bought a car last weekend.

It was kind of a crazy couple of days. My mum was away on a cruise with my nan and my aunty, and my dad called me on the Thursday night to say he’d found a car.

So, because the car was all the way over in Stoke (close to Shropshire, not to Liverpool) my dad and my brother went to check it out and test drive it on the Friday night.

They loved it, so I went over to Stoke to buy it (yes, my money, not the bank of mum and dad) on the Saturday morning, then I stayed in Shropshire on the Saturday before driving it back to the Wirral on Sunday morning.

I feel tired just writing this quick recap!

Anyway, I’ve been pottering around in my little Suzuki Splash for a week now and it feels so strange to have a car in my life.

For example, on Monday night we just drove to a couple of supermarkets near to us that would probably take an hour to walk to (and walking that far with shopping bags isn’t fun!). We giggled like children because we felt so “adult”.

Yesterday I decided to do a test drive to work just to see how the road systems around their worked and how long it would take.

I’m so glad I did because I cocked up so many times it’s unreal. But I know what mistakes I made (mainly being in the wrong lane on the bloody 4 lane road!) and I’m ready to give it another go.

It’s just all down to confidence with driving, isn’t it?

I was determined not to let my mistakes ruin the day and from work I drove to Ikea over in Warrington, which involves going on the motorway. I feel quite confident with motorway driving to be honest. It’s much easier than driving round the city centre, and I think that’s because there’s better signage on the motorway.

I got us there safely and we spent a few hours wasting money on cacti, tupperware and bed sheets that turned out to be too big for our bed, but I enjoyed it so much because going to Ikea is something so simple that we were unable to do for YEARS.

And today I drove on my own for the very first time. I only popped to the local retail park but I’m so happy I finally got out there on my own. It wasn’t scary as I thought it would be.

I promise to stop talking about driving, and the novelty of driving to places, very soon. I’m just like a kid at Christmas with this car!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Chynna

    Ah, glad to hear your car is treating you well. It does make life a tad easier. I’ve yet to pass my driving test, but *fingers cross* maybe by the end of this year? Working in car insurance put me off for a little bit, just because I see how much young people have to pay for insurance especially in London! But, I definitely do want to know how to driver sooner rather than later 🙂 I’m sure with a couple more runs, you’ll have driving down to a T!

    I love, love, love IKEA. There’s one in the area I work and I have to restrain myself from visiting all the time, because I know I’ll just waste money on sh*t I don’t need. Pahaha.

    • Holly

      I’ve got my fingers crossed for you! I’m sure you will nail it.

      The insurance is CRAZY. I paid the extra not to have a telematics box installed as well. I’m desperately hoping it goes down next year.

      It’s worth getting your license even if you don’t plan on driving. Tyrone has had a license for 4 years but hasn’t drove since he passed his test, yet having him on the insurance still brings it down in price.

      I feel like I will be making more trips to Ikea now it’s so easy to get to. God help my bank balance.

  2. It sounds amazing, I’m so happy for you. Now you can go where you want and visit lots of new places. It’s so exciting. x

  3. Having a car makes life so much easier. I couldn’t imagine grocery shopping without a car. I’m not a super fan of online grocery shopping, I quiet enjoy walking around the supermarket.

    When I first got my car, I drove it around a lot before I was brave enough to drive to work alone. I test drove to work a few times till I was completely familiar with the road and knew exactly which lane I need to be in and when. During that year, I got pretty confident in driving and even drove on the motorway for over 1hr. It’s been a while since I’ve driven properly (maybe 4 years now) since I commute by train to work now so I’ve completely lost the touch. Whenever we go anywhere my boyfriend always drives because I’m lazy and it’s cheaper to have one car and one insurance between us.

    I didn’t enjoy driving to work much though as I couldn’t nap, rest or even read a book during the journey. As it was a main road, traffic was pretty common during the rush hours.