The Weekend Blog | Disappointment

30th July 2016

The Weekend Blog | Disappointment

Something happened this week that felt like a massive kick in the teeth.

On Wednesday I discovered that The Who concert I had purchased tickets for back in May has been rescheduled from September to April (2017!!!!) for no apparent reason, and that they are completely changing the set from greatest hits to an acoustic performance of the album of Tommy.

I was furious.

Of course, I could wait until April but I don’t want to. Why should I have to wait another 7 months to see them? Especially for no good reason? Why should I have to go and see a show I didn’t pay to see? I paid for greatest hits, not Tommy. I don’t even like Tommy that much! And I paid to see The Who doing what they do best; playing loud rock music, not acoustic.

And I feel like the way the fans have been treated is disgusting. There was just over a month to go until the tour so many fans had already arranged time off work, transportation (some were flying to the UK specifically for the shows) and hotels. There wasn’t even an apology because I think they believed that they were doing the fans a favour.

So yeah, my dad and I have decided to get refund and just be happy in the knowledge that at least we’ve seen them live twice.

I know this probably sounds like a stupid thing to get so down about but after a stream of bad luck it was the last thing I needed.

The Weekend Blog | Disappointment

For the rest of the week I felt pretty low, and I knew that I desperately needed a pick-me-up.

So today Tyrone and I headed into Liverpool and took a walk around the docks. I don’t think we’ve been there since we moved house back in February so it made a nice change. Plus, there is some sort of festival going on down at Pier Head for the summer with fair ground rides, stall selling food and gifts, as well as an artificial beach.

After our walk we popped into Miller & Carter Steakhouse for a spot of lunch. I thought we needed to celebrate the fact that Tyrone has officially finished his year in industry placement which was a part of his degree. So now he’s got a couple of months off before he starts back at uni again.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. I totally agree with you about the concert I would be furious too. I hope you get to do something else with your Dad instead.

    • Holly

      Thanks Lorraine. It’s just a pain when all our favourite bands have either given up touring or are dead!

  2. I would have been furious about the concert too. Walking around the docks in Liverpool makes things better, isn’t it? xx

  3. Man that totally sucks. I think an apology was in order, especially for people who made plans to travel to the UK. It’s pretty annoying when concerts get postponed or there is a change, because usually these things are decided far, far in advance. Tickets for concerts go on sale up to nine months before it happens!

    I remember going to the Big Day Our festival in Sydney a couple of years back, super keen to see Blur live. Then some shit happened and they just replaced them with three other bands (Deftones, Beady Eye and some other band that I don’t think I cared much about at all) whom they thought would satisfy the festival goers. I was just angry because for me it became an ‘all or nothing’ thing. I had really wanted to see Blur (I ended up seeing them a year or so later when they came to Sydney), but also wanted to see the other bands at the festival. I ended up not getting a refund. I totally understand your disappointment.

    • Holly

      Exactly! If I had waited for April 2017 then it would have been 11 months since I purchased my tickets! The Who have a pretty bad habit of postponing shows due to illness (Pete was ill the last time I went to see them last, he did the next show then postponed the rest) so really they should know how annoyed the fans get when they mess them about.

      I would love to see Blur live so I totally get why you got a refund. It’s so frustrating! We fans spend a fortune supporting bands (buying concert tickets, CDs, other merchandise) so it’s a disgrace when they mess us around. I think bands forget that they would be nothing without the fans