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17th August 2014

Italy photo album

So, summer just kind of disappeared. All of a sudden the weather changed and now there is a cool breeze in the city. But it’s still August, and I really don’t want to have to pull my jumpers out from storage just yet.

Here’s a summary of what I’ve been up to this week:

  • Tyrone and I finally made it to Chester, and on Wednesday I shared some pictures from the day. I think we chose the best day of the week weather wise.
  • I made my first sale on Etsy for my comic book shoes, which is super exciting. I’m waiting for the specific comic to be delivered so I can start making them.
  • I finally got enough confidence back to go clothes shopping and actually purchased some clothes! Hooray! This included my very first purchase from Forever21 (I’m late to the party). I couldn’t resist this cute skater dress for just £10.50.
  • I went swimming on Friday, and I have decided to make it a weekly thing. It seems to take such effort for me to get up and go, but once I’ve been I always feel good about it. I’m still continuing with my ice therapy and physiotherapy, and my hip just looks fantastic. I’ve got some muscle around the bone at long last.
  • I was feeling creative this week and started to add my photos from Italy into a scrapbook (see picture). However, I had more pictures than I anticipated so I need to buy another album.
  • Today marks a year since Tyrone and I moved into our little flat in Liverpool. I’m sat here questioning when on earth the time has gone. It only feels like yesterday that we’re getting a locksmith out to break into our flat for us because the letting agency gave us the wrong keys. Ah, memories. I’m planning on sharing a post this week about all the things I’ve learnt from privately renting and living away from my parents. Looking back, I surprise even myself with how I managed to deal with all the rubbish we’ve had to deal with over the past year.

Tomorrow I’m going home for a week or so. My mum has booked us in for a spa day with afternoon tea on Wednesday. Last year I paid for the both of us to go to the spa for her birthday, and we both loved it so much that we were desperate to go again. I also have plans to catch up with my friends and the rest of my family.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

P.S. I hate using my laminated floor as a background for photos. It’s ugly, but it’s not like I have any other options at the moment.

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  1. I think your laminated floor looks alright! I have a shiny corkboard floor which makes for an interesting background, but at the same time, it’s too bright-yellowy in tone, and can distract from the subject of my photograph. Why don’t you try using grass or something outside for a different feel? I hate when there are other random objects in the backgrounds of my photographs, sometimes they can add to the picture, other times they don’t.

    Well done on the swimming! That was something I tried to do earlier this year, but winter hit us. Then I got lazy. Maybe I can go swimming once a week when summer rolls around here. I know you’re transitioning into colder months but personally I am happy to jump into spring pretty soon!

    Congratulations on the Etsy sale, too! 😀 I am surprised you didn’t get a sale sooner… I hope the customer is happy with it. I think your creations are radical and very unique. I am thinking about buying a pair, actually (I need some cool flats!), but I will have to get back to you on that because I’m not quite sure what I want. XD

    I have been on the lookout for a skater dress. I love the style of skater dresses! I spotted a few on ASOS but none that I am completely in love with. The heart print one you bought isn’t really my style; I think plain coloured ones suit me better. It’s very nice though!

    On a random note, I cleaned up my wardrobe this weekend – since you featured Unfancy as your blog in the spotlight I have been thinking about minimising all the stuff in my wardrobe. It was harder than I thought, and I definitely have a lot of clothes, but I got rid of a few and was able to make some room… it’s a start. Hahaha.

    • Holly

      I wish I had grass to use. I don’t have a garden in Liverpool. 🙁 For smaller items I usually use my white desk as a background.

      Hehe, thank you! Just let me know if you decide. 😀

      I’ve found it hard to minimise my wardrobe too. I’m going to have to change it all around now winter is on its way. I’m glad you found my Blog in the Spotlight useful. 🙂

  2. I would trade weathers with you if I could! We’re stuck in the heat right now &_&. Chester looks really nice with the weather being dry :). Congratulations on getting the first sale on Etsy!

    The dress looks cutesy from Forever 21! It’s okay, you don’t need to be 21 to shop at Forever 21 :P. I’m glas to hear that your hip is getting a lot better and muscle is growing around it!

    Hope you will have a great week~

    Ps. I feel you about the floor pics. I usually try to use large sheets of wrinkled paper as background instead. It helps with the whole image quality when you’re snapping from an iPhone 5s :p.

    • Holly

      I prefer the heat to the cold, so I’m up for a swap!

      Haha, what I mean about Forever21 is that we’ve only just started to get stores in the UK.

  3. I don’t think the laminated floor is ugly, I don’t like living with them but they can make a good background for photos, it means that attention is drawn to the subject.

    I don’t even know what forever21 is, so you’re one ahead of me there!
    And a soa day? Ga, you better tell as about it, I’ve never been to one!

    • Holly

      Forever21 is just a clothing store. It’s kind of cheap but not as cheap in the UK as in America.

      I will certainly share some details from the spa day!

  4. Alice B

    how i wish i live in england for the sake of cold weather…

    your comicbook shoes are really nice. very creative and talented *o* i wish i can do something out of my skill and make a sale for it too. but heh, i have no idea what that’s gonna be. anyway, the harley quinn shoes are amazing.

    adorable skater dress <3 i haven't gone back to forever21 for months now. for some reason i feel like f21's collection isn't as interesting….that or i just love h&m more.

    that's a good habit there, the swimming i mean. i'm so lazy i barely go to the gym to run on treadmill…sigh. i keep telling myself it should be a habit but i'm just so lazy like a rock that i only breathe in front of my pc playing games and browsing stuff.

    that's a nice scrapbook you got there. i've never thought about printing my photographs and then placing them as a book. wow. maybe i should (since i'm not allowed to paste them on the wall)

    i think your floor makes a decent background. at least it's better than what i have; my room uses blue grainy carpet so it's really ugly for background 🙁
    it's hard to find a good place for photos in my house.

    • Holly

      The weather here is the one reason why I would move abroad! I hate the cold and the rain.

      I’m a big H&M fan too. It’s only rare occasions that I shop elsewhere.

  5. Chynna

    Okay, I seriously need to order a pair of custom shoes from you. Going to check out the page in a bit 😀

    Nice laminated floor, btw. I have my own scrapbook too for all my memories, but I want to have different books for different things.

    Cute dress. I spent a whole bunch of money on clothes last week, but I want to buy more clothes now. Doesn’t help that my work is 5 minutes from Oxford Street…

    • Holly

      Thank you! Feel free to get in touch for more information. 🙂

      I live a 10 minute walk away from the Liverpool One shopping centre, so I understand your problem, haha!