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7th May 2016

The Who albums

Guess who is going to see The Who for a 3rd time?

*points at self and grins like the Cheshire Cat*

Oh yeah!

Back in 2012 when The Who performed at the closing ceremony of the summer Olympics I made a comment about the fact I would probably never get to see The Who live.

But then I did in 2013.

And again in 2014.

And now 2016.

When I found out this week that The Who were coming back to Liverpool in September I decided I was going to buy tickets no matter what. No matter how much, and no matter if I would have to go on my own. Luckily my dad is my concert partner in crime and he was just as up for it as I was.

I have to say a massive thank you to Amy who directed me to the pre-sale on Amazon. It meant I avoided all the stress of buying them on the main sale day and it meant I didn’t have to give my money to the enemy that is Ticketmaster.

As you may be aware if you follow me on Twitter, I headed down to Oxford on Monday to see my doctor. Now, Oxford and Liverpool aren’t exactly close. Altogether I took 6 trains which added up to about 8 hours of traveling. I left the house just after 6am and didn’t get back until after 9pm.

Never again.

I mean, I had a lovely day exploring Oxford, but if I ever do it again I won’t try to do it all in one day.

I was so run down that the cold I had the other week, and thought I had got over, decided to hit back again so I’ve been feeling really ill this week. Luckily I was scheduled to work from home Thursday morning and Friday due to various appointments which means I could chill out a little bit.

On Wednesday evening Tyrone and I went out for dinner and drinks with my brother and his new partner as they were staying in the city for a few days. It was lovely to have a catch up and I felt like I really deserved those beers after such a busy/tiring/stressful day on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Aww, going to Oxford from Liverpool sounds stressful. Going with the car takes 3+ hours, not that easy, but not as bad as with the trains. I hope you had good news in Oxford. x

  2. Yay! How exciting that you’ll get to see them again!
    Hope everything went well at the Doctor’s. That’s a huge journey – sorry that it took it’s toll on you, hope you’re feeling better now! At least you were working for home and could chill that little bit more. And you got a lovely family catch up too! That’s always nice =]

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