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21st February 2015

empfire business cards from Vistaprint

Less than one week to go!

This time next week my dissertation will be submitted and I will be another step closer to leaving uni. Hooray!

My motivation is rock bottom and it’s pretty annoying. I mean, I’ve worked so hard to be here, I don’t want the reason for doing crap in final year to be my motivation and distractions like baking cakes (Yes, this has happened this week).

I don’t think my dissertation is good enough, but for someone who has tried their best while dealing with many external issues I think I’ve done damn well.

I could have quit. I’ve felt like quitting. I know people with the same condition as me who have quit. But there is something inside me that has told me to stay.

I reckon that ‘something’ is 10 year old me. She was a fighter.

This week I got another piece of coursework back with a mark of 72%, which I am very happy with. I’ve also submitted another piece of coursework meaning that there are just 4 piece of coursework standing between me and the finish line.

My friend Becky came over to visit on Wednesday and we attended another postgraduate fair. I’m still not convinced it’s something I want to spend my money on. Well, not just yet anyway.

We went to a lovely cafe for lunch called Nolita Cantina (Bold Street, Liverpool) for huge pulled pork sandwiches and bottomless fries. I’d highly recommend a visit. Afterwards we had tea and cake in John Lewis. We’re a sophisticated pair.

I ordered some business cards a couple of weeks back ready for a blogging event I’m going to next weekend. After over a week of no show, I checked out my tracking details and found that the cards had apparently been delivered by Yodel. Either Yodel lost them or someone stole them, but either way they didn’t turn up. When I contacted Yodel they promised to interview the driver to find out what happened, but nothing materialised.

Vistaprint kindly sent me a replacement box with UPS who failed to deliver the first time around, saying I wasn’t when in fact they hadn’t bothered to ring my flat. Eventually, after many angry phone calls and emails, I got my cards. What do you think?

I thought I’d point out that I am wayyy behind on returning and replying to comments. I’ll be back on track once my dissertation is done. Promise.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. You can do it Holly! I’m sure your dissertation will be fine! The last year is the worst, but you’ve done amazingly to get through it all – so many give up.
    Your business cards look fantastic, enjoy the event. It’s very kind of them to replace them after Yodel lost them, I like Vistaprint =p
    I went to Bold Street on Wednesday, having not looked around there for ages. Didn’t realise House had been done up! There are so many exciting restaurants to eat at there, but I quite like pulled pork, so I will try Nolita Cantina.

    Good luck with the last stretch of uni =]

    • Holly

      Thank you! I really appreciate the support. 🙂

      I love Vistaprint’s customer service. I was so grateful for them sending me someone new ones out.

      I noticed House had been refurbished too. I thought it was a new place at first.

  2. Agent Q

    Good luck on your dissertation! I understand that these obligations can take up our time and make us re-prioritize our times.

    Love the design of your business card by the way. :O Have fun at the bloggers event! I should check some upcoming ones here in Texas, preferably in Houston. xD Let us know your experiences there. 😀

    • Holly

      Thank you! It’s tough but I’m making sure I still have time to be a human. 😛

      Glad you like them. I didn’t want to be too professional with my phone number and stuff. I’m hoping to pop them in parcels when I sell stuff through my Etsy store too.

  3. Cat

    Good luck on your dissertation! Baking is something my previous roommate and I used to do whenever we weren’t motivated to work on school work, haha. Less than one week to go though! You can do it!

    Yum, I love pulled pork. I would have a hard time controlling myself with bottomless fries though 🙂

    The business cards look great! I love the background. I’ve been meaning to print some myself too, though I’ve been lazy about it. That’s good to know that Vistaprint sent you a replacement box when the first one didn’t come around. I’ll have to look into them!

    • Holly

      Thank you!

      The fries were great. Some were potato and some were sweet potato which made a very tasty mix.

      The picture is of the skyline of Liverpool. I’m actually considering tracing it on Photoshop and maybe using it my next layout.

  4. Good luck with your dissertation- I know things have been rough but you have worked really hard (although you could try for mitigating circumstances if you are really worried- I think you have goo enough reason). I wish my PhD took into account my health issues 🙁

    Love the business cards, really glad they sent you some new ones! Hopefully see you at a blogging event soon and we can do a swap 😉

    x x x

    • Holly

      Thank you so much! I decided in the end not to get an extended deadline because I have even more coursework deadlines shortly after my dissertation and I didn’t want it all to get on top of me. I also managed to finish it two days before the deadline, which was a complete shock!

  5. Chynna

    How exciting! You’ve probably finished your dissertation by the time you see this comment… Congratulations! I remember when I finished my dissertation – I was so relieved.

    Congrats on the 72%; that’s a first, isn’t it?

    Yeah, I was definitely against postgraduate when I was just finishing university. I’m definitely on it now, though, and I know what I want to do – it’s just the money and which university. Besides, you can do it any time you want, which is the great thing.

    Love the business cards! Is it your first blogger event?