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14th February 2015

Albert Dock Liverpool

Two words…

“Research Project”

And that is my life right now.

Even the picture above was taken for dissertation purposes. I was a bit annoyed because the weather was terrible for photo taking this morning, and then when I was walking back from town it brightened up[1. And on a side note, Firefox likes to make all my pictures darker than they actually are which is damn frustrating as a blogger.]

Friday was the deadline for a draft copy of our research project/dissertation. My draft was nowhere near complete because I still have a lot of work to do. The real deadline is in two weeks. I’m refusing to take a deadline extension despite being offered one because of my hip issues. I know I can get it done on time. A little every day for the next couple of weeks and then it’s done.

I missed a field trip this week because I didn’t want to risk more damage to my hip. I’m glad I didn’t go because apparently there was snow on the ground. Instead I stayed at the flat I worked on my project while finishing off series two of Orange Is The New Black (which I LOVE!).

I went to meet with the lecturer who gave me a low mark. I went in there feeling so prepared, ready to argue, and I left trying to fight the tears. I’m s**t at being the tough guy. He didn’t change my mark despite my very valid points but he has said that it will be remarked by the person who just happens to be my tutor and dissertation supervisor. Here’s hoping the marks go up.

So, today’s Valentine’s Day, but we don’t celebrate it any more because we can see right through it. We’d rather save money not buying cards and gifts, and spend money on spending some time together doing something fun, like going out for a meal…not on Valentine’s Day when you get ripped off.

If you love someone you should celebrate all throughout the year, not just one day.

Tomorrow Tyrone and I are off to the Echo Arena to see Top Gear Live, which will be a nice break from doing coursework. I hear it’s a great show so I’m feeling excited.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Top Gear live is amazing. I nearly broke Matt’s finger because I was terrified watching one of the acts!
    I’m sorry your mark wasn;t changed this time around, but hopefully it will be on the re-mark! Good luck with the rest of your dissertation! It seems you’ve done so much hard work on it already with the interviews and such, I’m sure you’ll get a great mark =]

    • Holly

      It really was amazing!

      Thank you! I’ve got my fingers crossed. I just hate the way they’ve been marking stuff this year.

  2. I’m not envious of you at all currently. My dissertation was the bane of my life, but it doesn’t last forever, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    I hope you enjoy Top Gear, I was away with work recently and we got to see some of the Top Gear cars in real life, I was very excited.
    Ps. Bring back James May for me, I think he needs a cuddle!

  3. I can understand what you must be feeling right now… My assignments and especially my projects never seem to get over!

    I hope you will enjoy Top Gear Live!

    • Holly

      It’s terrible, isn’t it?! Before I’ve handed in a piece of coursework another one is set. It’s never ending.

  4. I hope you’ve enjoyed Top Gear xo

  5. Agent Q

    Gotta set the priorities straight. You do what must be done and meet the deadlines. Fortunately, you and your SO established a good foundation for the relationship so that you didn’t have buy cards JUST TO PROVE something. Hope you had a productive weekend too! πŸ™‚

    • Holly

      Not buying cards saves money, and every penny saved means more money for a holiday which is 100% more romantic than a bit of card. πŸ˜›

  6. Cat

    Good luck on your research project! I hope you’ll make the deadline!

    I’m sorry the meeting with your lecturer didn’t go well though πŸ™ Hopefully your marks will go up after your tutor takes a look at it.

    I used to have the same view about Valentine’s Day, but in the end, people have fun with it, so whatever makes people happy πŸ™‚ My husband and I usually have a laid back Valentine’s Day. We use it as an excuse to make a nice dinner at home with huge steaks, haha.