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25th January 2015

Double chocolate chip cookies

I’m just taking a deep breath before the new week begins. I have a doctors appointment, a coursework deadline, a trip to Birmingham, more lectures than usual, and then on Friday I am going back to Shropshire for a bridesmaid dress fitting session on Saturday.[1. My cousin is getting married in the summer.]

Phew. But I like to be busy. It stops my brain from wondering off and worrying.

On Wednesday my boss came over to visit and took me out for hot chocolate while we filmed for the ‘Day in the Life of a Student’ project we are working on. We went to Central Perk, which really is just like Central Perk in Friends. They show episode after episode of Friends, and after a couple of hours I rushed back home to start watching the series again from the very beginning.

On Thursday I posted a personal/reflection type post, and I really enjoyed both writing it and reading your responses. I just felt like doing something like that because people always tell me they like personal posts, and personally my favourite posts to read are about people’s lives and experiences.

If you enjoyed it, please let me know. I’d love to write posts like that in the future.

On Friday I conducted another interview at Albert Dock for my research project, which was a great success. It’s just such a shame that to get home I have to walk through the shopping centre. πŸ˜› I bought a new shirt and a dress.

Today I was suppose to be finishing off a piece of coursework but instead I’ve been making cookies (see above). Life’s too short not to enjoy chocolatey baked goodness.

Hope you’ve had a great week.

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  1. Susanne

    I definitely liked that post earlier this week, and I also always enjoy reading about people’s lives. For products I go to Google and for inspiration or DIY stuff I’d go to Pinterest and not to blogs.
    In the past, I liked to be busy for the same reasons as you, that it stops from worrying about things. Also, I was often depressed when I was younger and keeping busy made me feel better. Now I just want more time off to just relax.

    • Holly

      I like to keep my blog full of variety so that there is something for everyone. However, having a personal aspect has always been so important for me. I’m so glad you liked it. πŸ™‚

      I think that when I’m busy I appreciate the having free time a lot more.

      • Susanne

        I think it’s nice with variety, and especially for you since you have readers with all sorts of interests and preferences when it comes to blogs.

  2. i loved that personal post of yours. I do lke to read about personal experiences as well!

    Those cookies look awesome, Holly!

  3. The cookies look amazing! I’m hungry now =p
    Which Central Perk did you go to? The one near Marybone or the one on Bold Street? Was it good?
    My brother did interviews for research on the docks once, and met Tony Robinson as they were filming time team! It sounds like you’re so busy at the moment, but at least you got a chance to make the yummy cookies =p

    I really enjoyed the post, it was a great read!

    • Holly

      We went to the one by Marybone. I live just behind Marybone so it’s really close.

      Oh man, I’ve never seen anyone famous in Liverpool. Or may be I have. I’m not very good with celebrities!

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