The Weekend Blog | 12 days of Christmas

31st December 2016

The Weekend Blog | 12 days of Christmas

Christmas is done and dusted for another year, and now we’re well into the 12 days of Christmas; the 12th day being my birthday next Friday.

Tyrone and I drove home to Shropshire on the Thursday before Christmas, calling at McDonalds on the way. It’s much easier driving home for Christmas than having to get the train with a suitcase and several bags of presents. Since then I’ve just been relaxing at home.

My mum had booked me in at the hairdressers on the morning of the 23rd so I decided to go for a bit of a different style. It’s a little bit shorter with more shape and a side fringe so my forehead looks a little bit smaller. I love it!

On Christmas Eve, as per tradition, we went to church and then to the pub later in the evening. Christmas Day itself was quiet for us, with lots of food and drink and terrible, terrible Christmas TV.

I received lots of lovely gift from my family and friends. I’ve decided not to do one of those “What I got for Christmas” posts this year like I usually do because I feel they’re getting quite repetitive as I often receive similar gifts every year (bath products, pyjamas, etc.), but I’m always super grateful for everyone’s generosity. I mean, I won’t have to buy shower gel until 2018 at this rate!

Following Christmas Day we have this weird period between Christmas and New Year where you have no idea what day it is, where you’re just continuously eating leftover food from Christmas. I actually normally hate this period as it’s such a come down after the build up to Christmas but this year I’ve managed to keep myself busy and my spirits up.

On Boxing Day I went for a lovely long walk in the countryside with Tyrone, his mum and their dog (spot the dog in the photo!). There was a cool breeze but the sun was shining, and I felt very happy. The following day my brother and his partner came over to Shropshire and we all went out for a family meal. I volunteered to be the designated driver for the first time, and I actually quite enjoyed not drinking. Especially considering how much alcohol I’ve consumed over the Christmas break.

On Wednesday my mum and I took ourselves off for a day at the spa. We’d booked a package that included afternoon tea and one treatment; we both chose a back massage. I have a tendency to sit quite hunched over my desk at work so I get a lot of shoulder pain, but the therapist really worked on those tough spots and it felt amazing.

Tomorrow we say hello to 2017, and I don’t know about you but I’m grateful to welcome in a new year.

Tyrone and I travelled back up north today so that we can bring in the new year together for the first time in our little house on the Wirral. We’ve got lots of amazing food to snack on (thanks to both mine and Tyrone’s mum for sending us back with a car full of food) and booze to drink while we stay at home and watch The Grand Tour.

I hope you all have a lovely evening, no matter how you choose to spend it. And I wish you all the best for 2017!

See you in the new year!

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  1. Nice! I like the new hairstyle you got done. I never get to do the side fringe with my hair cuz I don’t really have proper hair of the front side for a fringe 🙁

    Happy new year Holly! Hope it is a great one!

    • Holly

      Thank you!

      I used to have a side fringe years ago but I let it grow out and it just became easier not to have one. But I’m determined to maintain it this time!

      Happy New Year to you too Bhairavee!

  2. You should get your company to invest in standing desks! I have one at work, and it’s funny that I was so obsessed with it when I started working there, but now I basically forget that it can be moved to become a standing desk. But it would be good for your back. 😆

    This made me laugh:

    where you’re just continuously eating leftover food from Christmas

    Because it is so true! I’m not a big fan of that time either, because Christmas and New Year are so close.

    I saw your hair on Twitter! It looks lovely, and I think the fringe really suits you. I haven’t had one for a while because every time I have one, I hate it and growing it out is a pain. I think I’ve chosen to permanently go without one, because I look really young with a fringe and it doesn’t help because I already look young as it is. 😛

    I totally laughed about the bath products and shower gel (and when you left the comment on my blog too). I’m just drowning in body lotion right now. 😆 I am so sure this is all going to last me a year, because I still have shower gel from 2015’s Christmas and only just finished body lotion from that year’s Christmas too.

    Happy new year!!!! 💖

    • Holly

      We’re getting monitor stands at work this year (hopefully) which should help a little with my back. I think more supportive chairs would definitely help too.

      Haha both Tyrone’s mum and my mum have sent us back to Liverpool with so much food it’s unreal!

      Thank you. 🙂 My fringe always grows out so quickly so I’ll have to keep on top of it and get it trimmed regularly.

      Happy New Year to you too Georgie!

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas! I’m laughing because, same as your bath gel, I always get a bunch of hand soap for Christmas, so I love not having to buy any through the next year!

    That week between Christmas and New Year’s is always so weird! I had to work a few days of it, so it was weird to still feel like I was on holiday while still going in and working – I felt a bit lazy and also plump at work, haha. I’m glad you were able to make such a good time of it this year! That walk sounds wonderful and relaxing – we haven’t been able to take many walks because it’s been so cold out here! It looks so beautiful too out in all that space!

    I hope you have a great 2017, Holly! I look forward to reading your posts 🙂

    • Holly

      Haha it sounds like everyone can relate to this!

      Oh no! I don’t think I’d be able to function if I had to work on any of those days between Christmas and New Year. My brain is still mush now!

  4. You had a lovely Christmas, walks, family, lovely gifts and Christmas food, fab. I missed the dog in the picture, he is so well camouflaged on the path. 🙂
    It’s so nice you are enjoying your new car and new liberty that comes with it. I remember how it was when we got our first car, all the joy. xx