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4th May 2014

At the start of this last week I was pretty stressed. I had an exam on geomorphology on Monday afternoon at Aintree racecourse; the home of the world-famous Grand National. I presume you are wondering why we had to sit our exam there. Well, I think it was due to a lack of space for us all to sit the exam on campus, which doesn’t make much sense because we all managed to fit in a room in the library last year.

I felt the exam went pretty well. Unfortunately there was no time to rest for me as I had an exam on Tuesday as well, so as soon as Monday’s exam was done I was back to revising and learning a ‘seen’ question [1. We are given an exam question a few months before the exam so we can prepare an answer, with references, and learn it for the exam. Personally, I think it’s pretty pointless.].

I wasn’t expecting Tuesday’s exam to go well for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I didn’t like the module and I had no interest in it at all. I had to take it because the module I had initially picked was cancelled.Β  Secondly, with the more important exam being on Monday, I had poured my revision time into the geomorphology module. I wasn’t really well prepared for Tuesday’s exam at all.

I’ve spent the rest of the week producing work for my new job. I have to write a few posts a week about student life and brands that students like. Really, I have a lot of freedom to write what ever I like, which is a lot of fun. I also have to provide a photo to go with each post, and so I borrowed Tyrone’s DSLR to take some pictures. For example, this week I wrote about Converse as a brand and how students love Converse. So I took this picture of my collection (featuring my new black pair) with his camera. It was interesting to play around with the photos in RAW format in Photoshop.

Playing around with all the settings on Tyrone’s Canon made me realise that I had never really touched the settings on my own bridge camera. And so, to waste even more time not revising, I have spent the weekend playing about with my camera, taking pictures of the work that I should have been doing!

I’d like to start using photographs a lot more in my blog posts, because nobody likes reading huge chunks of text.

Yesterday I made cupcakes. My last couple of attempts to make them had been disastrous. First time I used plain flour instead of self-raising flour, and used the wrong type of cake cases for cupcakes. Then the next time I made them I over cooked them, and I didn’t use a muffin tin so they can out a funny shape.

This time, however, I used the right cake cases (muffin ones work best), a muffin tin, self-raising flour and I didn’t over cook them. I also used a different recipe. It’s from the good old BBC and you can find it here. I made a few substitutions when it came to the icing though. Tyrone is a fan of my chocolate butter icing and so I decided to use that instead.

The new, improve cupcakes turned out tasting great. However, I don’t have a piping bag so my attempt at icing them was incredibly poor. I’m not ready to share a picture of them with anyone, haha!

My last exam is on Tuesday, so it’s just a few more days of hard work then I have like 4 months off for summer. I want to be a student forever!

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  1. Hey Holly,
    The first thing that captured my attention when your website finished loading, was that picture of your collection of Converse. It’s really great (esp your new black pair :P). You are right, photos are required in blogs that is what makes the blogs more interesting to look at and makes people visit it again. I’m trying to include it in my blog as well, but so far no luck!
    It’s great that your cupcakes turned out prefect! I’m trying to learn the Indian breakfast recipes these days from my mom! hehe

    Take care, Holly!

    • Thank you! Actually, the collection is missing a pair that I left at home. I have an addiction!

      You should share your recipes for Indian breakfast. I’d love to learn how to make Indian food. πŸ™‚

  2. Cat

    That’s an interesting place to take an exam! I hope all of your exams went well, even if you weren’t fully prepared for Tuesday’s. That sounds stressful to have two exams so close together.

    I like that you have a collection of Converses! I have the same red pair, but I don’t own any others, haha. I don’t wear sneakers as much or else I’d buy more because I’ve always liked the look of Converse shoes.

    I’m glad your cupcakes came out well this time! Good luck on your last exam!

    • Thank you. πŸ˜€

      Red Converse are amazing. I actually got mine second hand for free off a friend who did wear them any more. They’d only worn them a couple of times previously.