The Sunday Blog: Feeling poorly

16th March 2014

I didn’t blog this Wednesday, and although I’m a little annoyed that I didn’t stick to my blogging schedule, I have a good excuse. On Monday I started with a sore throat, which has now turned into a cold. I don’t understand why I keep getting so ill all of the time, especially considering I am eating a lot more healthily this year.

Being ill does not mix well with deadlines. I managed to submit my a field report on Wednesday night despite not feeling so great. However, I’m not sure if I will have done particularly well in that piece of coursework. It doesn’t help that the lecturer in charge of the module is a very mean marker and I usually get like 10% less than usual. I’m currently working on another field report, and although it’s only 1000 words (max.) I’m really struggling to even think straight with this cold.

After this piece of work I have some GIS maps to finish and then a case study report to write. My case study is on international tourism in Liverpool, which is a pretty easy topic to write about. I visited Liverpool for many years as a tourist so I know of quite a few reasons why people would visit. International tourists usually come for the football or The Beatles.

Due to the fact I’ve been feeling so ill I haven’t been out very much all week. I missed my lecture on Wednesday but made it in for a short practical on Friday. We received out exam timetables this week. At least now I know when we finish for the year so we can start looking at holidays. πŸ˜› My exams are right at the beginning of the exam period, which doesn’t leave me much time to revise. I’m feeling quite stressed at the moment, and it doesn’t help that I have so much coursework on my hands. Roll on summer!

I’ve been looking for a job, again. I just want a few hours a week to keep my occupied over the summer holidays and to earn some extra cash. I’m in desperate need of some summer clothes. I left most of mine at home but I’ve out grown them. I applied online for a job in a jewellery shop and got rejected within an hour of applying. I really thought I stood a chance with that job as I have previous experience of working with jewellery but clearly I wasn’t what they were looking for. I have also applied for a job working in the retail department of one of the local museums. It’s only 5 hours a week which is perfect for me as I will be continuing with uni work through the summer. I have to get started on my dissertation! :S

I promise to get back into my blogging routine soon and return the comments I have received. I hate feeling so crappy.

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  1. Cat

    Sorry to hear that you’re sick πŸ™ I always have trouble concentrating when I’m sick, so I can see how it’d be difficult to do school work at the same time too. I hope you get well and feel better soon!

    Good luck on your job search! I hope you get the job at the museum!