The Sunday Blog: Assessing my life

9th March 2014

Last week I took some time out to assess my life. Believe me, it’s worth doing, and I will share with you my technique for doing so in the near future. Basically, I was feeling bored and over worked from uni. My evenings were wasted and I felt that I needed something to do to keep me occupied that wouldn’t be completely pointless.

I thought about what I liked to do but that I didn’t do enough. My prime examples here are yoga and reading. The first change I decided to make to my daily routine was to give uni work an allocated time. I decided that my week days would be dedicated 9 until 5 (or 6 if I feel I’ve been particularly lazy that day) for uni work. At 5 or 6pm I stop working and doing anything related to my degree. This gives me the rest of the evenings to do what I need to do or what I enjoy doing. And so now I have time to do yoga and working out, as well as reading before bed.

Thursdays are a little different as I have every Thursday off and I aim to make this my swimming day, whenever I can go. The rest of Thursdays can be used for cleaning the flat and maybe a little bit of uni work. I’d like to keep my weekends free from uni work but sometimes that just isn’t possible. What ever work I do I keep at a minimum so I don’t get stressed.

I’m feeling much happier now I have something to do and to focus on every night. I enjoy working out as I can (usually) feel the benefits for my muscles. And having this allocated time for reading has meant that this week I have managed to finish a book that I started reading in January (Cat and Mouse by James Patterson).

In terms of university, I have a field report to finish off ready for submission on Wednesday night. It’s slow progress as my results don’t show what was expected, but what can you do in those situations? It’s a difficult part of being a scientist. Sometimes it’s just unbelievably frustrating! I also spent most of today in the library doing some GIS work (making maps and such) for a couple of other pieces of coursework. I needed to get a head start as I am missing one of the GIS practical sessions in a couple of weeks when I go to see a surgeon in Oxford.

I received some marks back this week. Unbelievably I managed to score 86% on a literature review/report that I had submitted thinking I’d done absolutely crap on. I was so shocked! I’m really happy though as it will really help towards my overall mark, which I wasn’t feeling so comfortable about initially. It works out that I’ve passed the module already and I haven’t even submitted by final piece of work.

I’ve had a pretty positive week altogether. Our friends, Darren and Sharon, came over to our place on Friday night and we ordered in Chinese food. Yesterday, Tyrone and I went into town as it was the first Saturday in ages where the weather has been dry. We had a walk down by the Mersey and in town I purchased a water filter jug. I’ve been trying to drink more water everyday to help keep me healthy, but the water that comes out of our taps tastes like a swimming pool. The water filter is really helping to make our water taste better. Plus it’s cool and refreshing as we keep it in the fridge.

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  1. Cat

    That’s a good idea to allocate time for school work to make sure you have time to enjoy yourself the rest of the night πŸ™‚ It sounds like that would help with stress or feeling over worked.

    Congrats on doing well on your literature review! That’s too bad the other results aren’t what you expected though. Good luck on your other coursework!

    Yay for positive weeks πŸ™‚ We use a water filter too. I also have same the issue with our tap water where it tastes funny. Fortunately, it’s built into our refrigerator so we don’t have to keep filling one of those water filter pitchers.

    I hope you have a good week!

    • It’s a shame that I finally created this routine just as I’m about to finish uni for the year!

      I wish I had a fancy fridge, wah!