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22nd June 2014

It’s been one of those weeks. In particular, Thursday was hectic and Friday was stressful.

On Thursday I had a dentist appointment in Shropshire and then a hospital appointment in Liverpool. My parents took me back to Liverpool on the train and came along to the hospital with me.

I had to go for a x-ray before I saw the consultant and I am sorry to say that I didn’t take a selfie when I was in my sexy hospital gown. I know you are all super gutted to hear this. My x-ray looked fine, which has reassured me about my hip joint. It means that my pain issue is linked to my muscles and that I’m going to need physiotherapy to help it.

I have to go back to the hospital soon to see another consultant to talk about surgical options, and whether or not there is anything they can do at present. The problem is that I need a hip replacement but they won’t do it until I’m at least 40. So, I’m stuck in this situation where nobody knows how to help me.

On Friday I fell out with my letting agency over this…

This is the burglar alarm in my flat. When I arrived back in Liverpool on Thursday it was bleeping every 60 seconds to inform me that it needed its battery replacing. By the time I had been to the hospital, and out for a meal afterwards with my parents, it was too late to call the letting agency to get it fixed, and so I spent the night with a pillow over my head trying to block out the noise.

On the Friday morning, I called my letting agency who told me that they would get an engineer to contact me. Many hours later I hadn’t heard anything, and I was getting more annoyed with the beeping. A similar thing happened when I called them a few months ago when my electricity was playing up. Feeling like they hadn’t taken me seriously, again, my mum decided to ring up to speak to them.

Basically they told my mum that I hadn’t called them that morning and that there wasn’t a burglar alarm in my flat. I was fuming. Basically they had called me a liar to my own mother! I have evidence on my phone of the phone call I made and I’m 100% sure that the object in the image above is a burglar alarm. In fact, the panel beneath (which is difficult to read in the picture) reads “Intruder Alarm”.

I ended up ringing the letting agency again and shouting down the phone at them asking why they thought I would make up the fact that I had rang them that very morning, and make up that I had a burglar alarm. Their response was to hang up on me. Very mature of them. I calmed down a little and rang them back.

They said “Can’t you change the battery yourself?” as if it was as easy as changing a smoke alarm battery. The battery is the black box in the alarm. Yeah, it’s not like you can buy them from the corner shop. Plus, if you could, it’s all wired in. I’m not an electrician and I am certainly not going to put my life at risk playing with the electrics.

Fortunately the alarm stopped beeping once I had opened the box up. The alarm is now sitting all exposed, like in the photograph, because my letting agency refuse to do anything about it.

In better news, I got my results back for my second year of uni. They are as follows:

  • Geomorphology and GIS (1st)
  • Overseas Field Project (including the field trip to Spain) (1st)
  • Globalisation and Development (1st)
  • Environmental Systems and Human Impacts (2:1)
  • Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Society (2:1)

I’m feeling pretty proud of myself as my average grade was 74% (1st). Although my goal was to achieve 5 1st grades this year I have to remember that this year has been difficult. Not in terms of the course but in terms of my deterioraing hip condition and dealing with extreme pain. It’s a wonder I passed anything at all, never mind getting a 1st overall.

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  1. Congrats on your results! (wish I would get mine soon!)

    Why won’t they do a hip replacement if you need it! I mean, you must be going through a lot of pain most of the time, and then you have to keep visiting the hospital for checkups, then if there is a solution, then why are they making you wait for almost 20 years?

    That burglar alarm thing was really annoying, the letting agency should have at least not lied like that! And when they told that an engineer would contact you, they should have kept their word! People in India are somewhat similar! It irritates when people behave like this!

    Take Care, Holly! πŸ˜€

    • Holly

      Thank you. πŸ™‚

      I think the reason why they won’t do it is because currently hip replacements only last for 15 years, so I will have to have many in my life time. I guess they want to prolong this for as long as they can using other methods of treatment. It’s not ideal, but I’m hoping physiotherapy will help.

      Well, my letting agency said the engineer would call me today. And guess what? He hasn’t. More evidence that they are complete idiots!

  2. Christa

    Congrats on your grades! The fact that you can achieve those grades with your health issues only means that you took the time to push through and focus. πŸ™‚

    As for your letting agency, I apologise. It’s frustrating dealing with housing issues. But I feel like it’s worth the wait to push through and deal with it (despite people’s incompetence.) It’s a give and take with independent housing, I’ve noticed.

    • Holly

      Thank you. πŸ™‚

      I’ve certainly found renting very stressful. It’s a lot to deal with when I’m only 20, but it’s been beneficial to learn things so early on in my adult life.

  3. Congrats on getting 3 firsts! It’s too bad you didn’t get all 5, but you had a difficult year so keep that in mind, always.

    Also, sorry to hear about your hip issue. It’s interesting to see you write about such a personal health issue online. I hope someone can tell you something about what your options are. Are you planning on consulting with any other doctors so you’re not in this strange limbo?

    Yikes with the whole alarm thing. Your building’s management handled things quite poorly. They really should be taking care of this & if you can, you should try to contact the manager to get this resolved. This is a problem that they need to address & fix, not you.

    • Holly

      Thank you. πŸ™‚

      Previously I was wary about my talking about my condition online, but then I realised that not talking was part of the problem. Because people don’t know about the condition, they don’t know how to spot in at birth and so it goes undiagnosed for years, which is exactly what happened to me. It’s so simple to diagnose yet the NHS won’t make the test for DDH/CDH mandatory. It’s just frustrating.

      I’ve previous spoken to the top orthopedic surgeon in the UK (through my medical negligence legal case) and he gave me some advice on the types of treatments available. But he said that I need to give physiotherapy a go before I look at any surgical options.

      I’m so annoyed with them. They still haven’t done anything to address the problem now!

  4. Cat

    That sucks that you’re stuck in a situation like that about your hip πŸ™ I hope the meeting with the consultant goes well.

    Wow, I would be so mad and annoyed at your letting agency. I can’t believe that they’d lie about your call and the alarm, and then for them to hang up on you?! That’s such bad service. We had the same problem with our alarm. It was really annoying because it actually had a “silence” option, but then it’d start up again hours later. We eventually Googled how to remove the battery completely to make it stop. I’m glad yours stopped beeping after you opened it!

    Congrats on your grades!

    • Holly

      Thank you. πŸ™‚

      I’m so glad that the alarm stopped once I opened it. If it hasn’t I honestly don’t know what I would have done. By the looks of things it would have been like defusing a bomb!

  5. Amy

    Congrats on getting such brilliant grades!! Clearly you’re just amazing if you can still get those grades with all the stuff you’ve been going through. Definitely something to be insanely proud of!!

    That sucks that they can’t do anything for your hip. Why do you have to be 40 to have a hip replacement? Surely if it would be beneficial to you they can just do it when you need it. Just leaving you to struggle with it is awful.

    And the letting agency sounds terrible. Just leave it open all the time. If they don’t like that they should come sort it. Lying to your mum is just pathetic and childish though. Hope they end up with no custom at all!!

    Duolingo teaches the most pointless phrases at times. Which means if we ever go somewhere where we need to speak another language we’ll just sound like crazy people.

    • Holly

      Thank you. πŸ˜€

      I think it’s because hip replacements only last for 15 years and they become less effective over time. I guess they want to try as many non-surgical techniques as surgery is only ever the last option. And I hate it! But yeah, it’s awful.

      I’ve just left it open and it finally looks like the battery has died as the lights have stopped flashing on it. The letting agency haven’t bothered to call me back to ask how it is so they clearly don’t care.

      I hope they do too! Once I move out of this flat I’m going to give them bad reviews everywhere I can!

  6. Liz

    Is there any kind of therapy they can direct you to? My cousin has back problems, but she can’t get surgery this young because of the risks, so she was forwarded to a chiropractor. I’ve knee problems, but surgery on them (yes, both) is too risky, especially at a young age, so they suggested yoga (yoga actually kind of hurts, to be honest; I did it at the Passport tour). Thus, perhaps there is something you can do to better it and/or ease the pain and issues until you can get the surgery?

    I don’t know. :S Good luck!

    The letting people sound ridiculous, especially over the alarm… Some places (in the US, at least) dislike others changing the alarm’s things and whatnot and prefer to do it themselves, anyway, because it risks something happening to it (so they include in the alarm contract that changing it results in voiding the warranty). Your letting people don’t sound very nice. >:(

    Congrats on the grades!

    • Holly

      I’ve got an appointment for physiotherapy but that’s about it at the moment. I’m hoping for some hydrotherapy as that really does make a difference.

      I love yoga but I stopped when I started getting serious problems with my hip. I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was helping or making things worse. I’d love to get back into it though.

      And thank you. πŸ™‚

  7. Congrats on doing good at uni!

    I’m sorry you have/had pain with your muscles. I know for awhile, I did too, and i knew family members that had pain, not necessarily in the hip joint, but in the arms and legs.

    Still, that must of been frustrating for them to do that and not do a thing about the alarm. I know I had a problem with my fire alarm, and nothing was done about it until I complained and even then, it took awhile. It was annoying. Luckily, I was able to confront them about it in person, in my nicest voice(scary to be honest lol) and they fixed it.

    • Holly

      Thank you. πŸ™‚

      I try to speak in a nice voice but I lose my temper easily. I wouldn’t have been so bothered but they’ve messed me about so much in the past that I just didn’t want to have to deal with them.