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15th June 2014

Firstly, happy father’s day to my dad! I bought him Quadrophenia Live in London on DVD. Basically it’s the DVD of the Who concert that we went to see last summer, except we saw them in Liverpool the week before. I’m sure I will eventually get myself a copy so I can relive one of the greatest nights of my life.

Overall I’ve had a pretty relaxed week. Tyrone and I just wanted to rest after our holiday, but we managed to venture into town a couple of times to buy food and Star Wars mugs.

My Kasabian CD finally arrived on Wednesday. I pre-order their new album, 48:13, and the first 1000 to order from MyPlay Direct would receive copies signed by the band. Yep, I was one of those lucky people. πŸ˜€

I had an appointment with the disability support team at uni on Thursday. I finally contacted them because I’m worried about the field trips on my course in the third year. I’ve already decided not to go on the residential trip to Greece (cries!) but there will still be lots of day trips which will probably involve lots of walking.

I have to be assessed so that the disability team can understand what is “wrong” with me (I hate using that term) and then they can provide me with the support that I need. My assessor was really understanding and suggested some great ideas for improving my studies. She mainly focused on my pain, and how being in pain affects my ability to learn. She’s ordered me some software that may help to speed up the rate at which I work at, as I regularly find myself taking breaks when I’m in pain.

After my meeting, I caught the train back home to spend the week with my parents. I wanted to be home for father’s day as well as my mum’s birthday (on Tuesday). I’m going back to Liverpool on Thursday as I have a hospital appointment, but my parents are taking me back and are coming with me to the hospital. It’s always good to have some support. πŸ™‚

Today we have celebrated father’s day by taking a trip to Ironbridge; the home of the world famous Iron Bridge. I haven’t been there for years which is surprising considering how close I live to there. We had a nice look around the shops and enjoyed afternoon tea at a cafe along the river. I took some pictures on my phone. Sorry for the quality. I really need to start taking my camera out more.


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. πŸ˜€

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  1. Christa

    I’m sorry about the disability thing and you having to miss out on your trip because of it. It is nice to see that the university is working with you, and it’s nice to feel like you have someone in your corner πŸ™‚ I have a learning disability and it’s nice to see they provide generous accommodations for students.


    • Holly

      I have to say my university are really great at supporting disabled students, especially those with learning difficulties. They’ll give you free computers, printers, etc. if you need it.

  2. Natasha Solae

    Aww I am sorry you had to cancel your Greece trip.

    I’m glad, however, they are working diligently to accommodate.

    Love the photos! Ironbridge is beautiful!

    xo, N

    • Holly

      It certainly is a beautiful place. Sometimes I don’t appreciate how lucky I was to grow up in such a beautiful county.

  3. Sorry you had to cancel your trip πŸ™ But we gotta do what we gotta do, you know? But like you said, I’m sure there will be more trips in the future. But I’m glad you had a good father’s day.

    The pictures are really lovely. I may not have a disability but I certainly do have problems. I’m mentally ill, so that doesn’t help a lot of things. Trying to get on disability for it is difficult. But alas, I’m going to keep on trying.

    • Holly

      I don’t feel too down about not going to Greece because I got to go to Italy this summer, and I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford to have done both.

      I’ve had a lot of problems getting disability support. It’s almost like people don’t believe that there is something wrong, particularly if it isn’t completely obvious. Keep trying though. πŸ™‚ I had to literally fight for it.

  4. Cat

    haha, I love those Star Wars mugs!

    Aw, that’s too bad you won’t be going on the Greece trip πŸ™ I’m glad the assessor was really understanding. I hope everything turns out well with the disability team!

    That’s nice that you went home for Father’s Day and that your parents are also going to the hospital with you. They sound so supportive! The Iron Bridge looks cool, and it’s in such a pretty spot. Looks like a great place to see for Father’s Day!

    • Holly

      Haha, they’re amazing. I couldn’t leave them in the shop.

      Yeah, it’s a really nice place to visit. Shropshire isn’t totally rubbish!