The stars are falling

29th October 2013

I’ve had a pretty busy week which unfortunately hasn’t been great for my hip. The pain has been so bad at times that not even my strongest prescription pain killers have helped to ease it. On Saturday night I didn’t get to sleep until around 4am, It probably didn’t help that I was back at home in my old bed. Here in Liverpool I share a double memory foam mattress with Ty and so far I haven’t had any problems pain when trying to sleep.

Going home for the weekend was great. It was so lovely to see my parents and to have a good catch up. They spoilt me rotten, as usual. They took me shopping on Saturday and I bought a dress, which my mum insisted on paying for. They then took me out for a meal at my favourite pub on Saturday night. πŸ˜€

On Thursday I went on a huge trek all over the city; another factor that probably contributed to my hip pain. First of all I went to register with a doctor. There is doctor’s surgery literally right outside my flat but after looking at the poor reviews on the NHS website I decided to look elsewhere. I found a nice little surgery about a 15 minute walk away from where I live. Joining was simple and I have a new patient appointment with the nurse next week. I’m hoping to get some more advice in regards to my hip pain, and also get my hand checked out. I have been having issues with my hands, fingers and wrists for a long time but every time I see a doctor about it they don’t seem to concerned. I’m hoping that the doctors here in Liverpool have a better idea because there is a strong chance, given mine and my family’s medical history, that I might have arthritis.

After the doctors I went to join the fitness centre. As I think I’ve mentioned before, my university give free memberships to certain fitness centres in the city for free. I didn’t take the opportunity last year and instead went swimming at a local hotel, which wasn’t cheap. I mainly want to use the swimming pool at the fitness centre but I am thinking about using the gym too. I’m not suppose to do too much heavy exercise but my surgeon does encourage cycling, so the exercise bikes might be good for me to use.

Finally I returned to town to buy Tyrone’s birthday present. It was his birthday yesterday and to celebrate we went out for a meal at Ask Italian. I had mussels to start followed by pasta for my main while Tyrone had bruschetta followed by pizza. We didn’t have dessert because I had made Ty and chocolate cake for this birthday, so we headed back to the flat after the meal for pudding. πŸ˜›

Today I’ve been on a field trip with uni. I was worried that my hip was going to cause me problems again, but fortunately there wasn’t too much walking involved. We were working in a river, measuring the usual river characteristics. We were incredibly lucky that there was only a spot of rain while we were working because on the way to and from the study site the rain was horrendous. I was expecting the river to be flooded with all the storms the UK has been having, but it wasn’t. All the southerners were talking about the big storm and how it has affect them.

We northerners call that type of weather ‘normal’.

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  1. That cake looks amazing. My mouth is watering, I hope it was as good as it looks!
    Glad you managed to register with a practise, most GPs seem really reluctant to actually diagnose you with anything, I hope you get more luck with treatment here, and that your pain goes.
    The weather’s been okay – people are stressing a bit but it’s usually like this at this time of year! I do feel sorry for the people down south though. Did you see the random hail flashes the other day? It was hailing really heavily for about 30 seconds, then it would stop! It did it about seven times in an hour!

    • Why thank you. πŸ™‚ It was pretty damn tasty!

      I know! Ever since I wrote this blog post the weather has got worse. I swear I’ve jinxed it!

  2. Cat

    I hope your hip feels better! That’s pretty bad if the pain killers weren’t helping πŸ™ I hope things go well with the new doctor too!

    That’s nice that your school gives free memberships to some fitness centers. The gyms on our school campus were free while I was still a student, and I really should have taken advantage of that more.

    Yum, that cake looks good! Chocolate and orange sounds like an awesome combination. I should try that some time πŸ™‚

    That’s good that the rain wasn’t too bad while you were on the field trip. It would be pretty miserable to work in heavy rain. It’s been raining a lot here lately, and it’s something we’re not used to, haha.

    • Thank you. It’s been feeling much better the past few days. I’ve just been trying to rest it.

      Working in the rain makes me miserable. I’m really hoping that when we go on our field trip to Spain in January the weather is nice.

  3. I hope you get better in the next days.
    Btw, new reader here and I have a new blogpost. It’s called #BIRTHDAY2013. You might want to check it out? And leave a mark, maybe. πŸ˜‰

  4. Chynna

    Hope your hip gets better and fingers crossed with the new surgery. Thank goodness there’s things like NHS reviews that let you check out which ones are better.

    You actually reminded me that I need to fill out my Help With Costs form for my EpiPens, etc. Haha

    You guys are so lucky you get free membership in Liverpool! I would have so been all over that when I was in university. The gym in Coventry was Β£17.99 per month which to be fair was significantly cheaper than London which is Β£25 :/ Crazy.

    The cakes looked super yummy! πŸ˜›

    I had such difficultly getting to work because of that storm. Even though it had cleared up by the morning, all the trains had stopped because of fallen trees on the track, and stuff. Loads of people were complaining about that but I was like well what if a tree fell on your train? They’re just trying to save your life. Quite a few people died because of the storm as well, which is absolutely crazy.

  5. Joy

    I hope your hip feels better!

    Searching for a good Doctor is always hard so I’m glad you found somewhere!