The pre-travel worries

21st June 2016

The pre-travel worries

No matter how much prior preparation, research and organisation I do before a trip I always worry. I call them the pre-travel worries.

They normally happen a few days before we are due to fly, and usually something sets me off. For instance, this time it was Tyrone texting me to ask what hotel we were staying in, because someone at work asked. I instantly assumed there was something wrong with the hotel and start researching it again (even though I’ve already done it before booking the holiday) on TripAdvisor.

And there was one slightly negative review (I’m talking one out of thousands where some has rated it 4 out 5 stars because they didn’t like the hand sanitiser in the restaurant) so I went into a complete melt down and instantly assumed I’d made a terrible mistake choosing that hotel.

So, that’s where it starts. Then it escalates to…

  • Will the airport transfers go smoothly?
  • Will we make it to the airport on time?
  • Will these boarding passes I’ve printed off myself scan properly?
  • Have I got my passport?
  • Will my luggage be overweight?
  • Will I get stopped at security?
  • Will my flight be delayed?
  • Will the flight be okay?
  • Will there be any turbulence?
  • Will there be any screaming kids of the flight?
  • Will my luggage make it to the other side?
  • What time will we get to the hotel?
  • What’s the hotel going to be like?
  • Will it be quiet?
  • Will my neighbours be respectable?
  • Will the food be nice?
  • Will there be enough vegetarian choice for Tyrone?
  • Will the bed be comfortable?
  • Will the pool side be busy?
  • Is the hotel far from shops?
  • Have I packed everything I need?
  • Is my house okay?

Yep. I’m a worrier.

I think the reason I worry so much is because we save all year for a holiday, and wait all year for holiday season to arrive, so I just want it to be perfect and completely worth it. I also worry because, as the chief organiser in our relationship, I feel responsible if something goes wrong.

I wish I could be as laid back as Tyrone.

How do I deal with these worries? Not very well to be honest, but I’m learning.

First up, I acknowledge the fact that yes, things can wrong, but there are many things I can do to reduce the chance of these incidences happening.

Then I tell myself that things do wrong and they have gone wrong in the past. For instance, the hotel we stayed at when we went to Italy as few years ago was bloody awful! But none the less, we made the most most it and overall we had a lovely holiday. We learned our lessons from this experience, and we use that knowledge each time we book a holiday.

Basically it’s just a case of giving myself pep talks and reassuring myself. Sometimes I talk my thoughts through with Tyrone (sorry Ty!) and I find that really helps too.

Once I get there and I have a cocktail in my hand I’ll be fine.

Do you worry or get stressed about travel?

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  1. I also worry when I see one negative review out of many thousand. If someone has a problem then it is worth noting. Though if, for example, someone complained about the size of the room while many hundreds of people had no problem (or said something like ‘it was small but enough for two people’) that was enough to settle my worries.

    It’s always the trips with flights that worry me a bit, because the thing I freak out about most is luggage and losing mine. I carry my laptop, camera, and other super valuable things in a backpack and take it on the plane. I sometimes worry that some of my favourite clothes will be lost, but what can you do? If it gets lost it gets lost. I’ve found that packing light means that if I were to lose my suitcase, I would be losing less clothes. 😛

    I think that getting insurance has given me some peace of mind about little things that can go wrong. But all in all, I try to plan holidays during a less stressful time, and the fact that you’ve planned so far ahead should ease at least some of those worries! 🙂 It’s much better than rushing the planning meaning that you would be more panicking than worrying.

    I feel bad because I think Nick is the primary planner and I don’t do much. Haha.

    • Holly

      That’s true. I’m more likely to go online and write a negative review than a positive one. And yes many people have different opinions on what is good. I remember when we first went to look at our house and our landlord described the rooms as “small” but we thought they were huge compared to our tiny flat!

      I’m glad I bought insurance because I had to get out the doctor when I was ill. I don’t want to have to claim on it though because really the holiday company should pay as they were the ones who made me ill and then called out the most expensive doctor ever!

  2. I do worry, but it makes me to pay more attention on things that can go wrong and I can prevent some of them. This is why it looks like I’m moving if we are going away for even 2-3 days.

  3. I’ve never related so much to a post before! Haha! I am exactly like you, such a worrier and get super stressed so quickly. A similar thing happened to me a few days ago, my mom was talking about how the hotel I picked out had “dry” food as stated by 2 reviews out of thousands. I felt so stressed and scared that I made a huge mistake opting in for an all-inclusive holiday to Spain. After reading other more recent reviews, I eventually calmed down and tried to explain to my mom about how “it’s only 2 reviews!” and that we should enjoy the holiday because we never have time off in this crazy busy world!

    I also deal with it like you. Even if things are quite negative, we need to make the most out of it! It’s away from rainy, gloomy England so 😉

  4. You’re not along when it comes to pre-travel worries! I have the same worries until I check into the place I’m staying XD. This gives you a good preparation; where you check twice for your passport and double check on everything else to ensure that you have a great time out there. The more you travel, the more natural it becomes? I used to worry a lot about travelling, but my last trip was pretty laid back :).