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18th September 2012

I apologise for not blogging sooner but I have been so busy with moving to Liverpool and starting university. Once I get more into a routine I’m sure I will find a chance to blog at least once a week.

I feel like I have settled in really well. All of my flat mates have arrived now and I’m living with three other girls who all seem really nice. My room is still a little bit messy as I’m struggling to find somewhere to store all my junk. I’m eating well and cooking for myself. I have even been cooking for others! I’m becoming quite domesticated, which is a shock to everyone. I figured out how to use the washing machine and none of the colours in my clothes ran, which is always a good sign. I’ve been cleaning my tiny little bathroom, cleaning the kitchen and taking the bins out. I’m getting use to this living away from home business. πŸ˜‰

Last Wednesday I enrolled into university so I can say that I am now officially a student at LJMU. Enrolment day wasn’t particular interesting. We sat through several introduction talks and I got to meet my tutor and other people in my class. We also received a kit that we will require for some of out geography field trips. This kit includes a hard hat, a high visibility vest, a field notebook, a hand lens, a grain size card and a tape measure.

On Friday we went on a field trip to the Sefton Coast. It was freezing, even though I had taken a hoodie and a jacket. The wind was really rough so we were constantly getting hit in the face by the sand blowing around. Not so pleasant. We visited three different beaches in total, including Crosby which is home to Antony Gormley’s Another Place. It’s basically a beach full of statues that are suppose to look like Antony Gormley. It’s such a strange thing to see. I really wish I had taken my camera. Ah well, I think I will visit again and get some pictures for you. πŸ™‚

After visiting the beaches we went to a rugby club where we were provided with a meal and free drinks. Free alcoholic drinks, that is. So of course, being students living on a budget, we loved the opportunity for free stuff! We sat in our tutor groups and we took part in a pub quiz. Our tutor group came joint first but we lost the tie break question.

My first lecture was yesterday and it was on the fundamentals of scientific research. We geographers share the lecture with forensic anthropology and biology students. All natural science and psychology students must take this module. The first lecture was only an hour long but it was pretty dull and it felt like it was irrelevant to geography. In the afternoon we had our first lecture on the module Earth – A Geographical Perspective. The lecture part of this session was really interesting as it was on plate tectonics and the structure of the earth. The practical side of the lesson was a little boring. We just sat and stared at rocks for 2 hours. We had to describe them and say what we thought they were. I was clueless as I thought they all looked the same. I’m just hoping it will get more interesting as the weeks go on.

I promise to write a more interesting and less messed up blog next time.

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  1. Cat

    It sounds like you’re doing well on your own πŸ˜€ That’s great that your flatmates are all nice!

    I love beaches but… only when it’s warm, haha. That sucks that the wind was rough. Getting sand in your face, eyes especially, feels awful.

    I hope your classes get more interesting later on!

  2. Joy

    It must be exciting to start school and have new roommates! College gives you good chances to make friends.

  3. Michael

    I hope I settle in as well as you do! I too shall hope to be as domesticated as you. πŸ˜›

    I’m just a bit worried about laundry though and drying clothes and stuff.

    A field trip at uni? I havn’t hear of this, I hope I get one! 0:) 0:)


  4. Wow, you seem to be enjoying yourself! that’s gr8! It must be fun to start living alone with no one to depend upon…

    btw i started watching Grey’s anatomy on TV… it’s a good show… very addictive as you said… but I really like Dr. McDreamy! (hehe!)