The 52 Lists Project book

14th February 2017

A year ago I picked up the One Line A Day journal, and a year on I’m happy to say that I’ve managed to keep on top of it and that I haven’t missed a single day.

I wrote a whole post about the One Line A Day journal, but basically the concept is that you write just a couple of lines about your day every single day, and there’s enough space to to this for 5 years.

Now that I’m into my second year of using this journal I’m getting to see what I was up to this time last year which is really nice, even if this time last year we were in the middle of moving house and it was super stressful! I’m getting all reflective and I enjoying being able to see how far I’ve come in just a year.

Anyway, having the One Line A Day journal has shown me just how much I love of keeping of journal and documenting everyday life.

The 52 Lists Project book

So this year I picked up The 52 Lists Project book by Moorea Seal after seeing it on Lucinda’s blog. It is a journal with prompts for writing lists about your life and a variety of different topics.

The 52 Lists Project book

The book contains 52 journal list prompts, which means there is one a week for a year, and there are two lined pages for each prompt so you can write down your lists. The book is split up into seasons, with some of the prompts being relevant to a particular season while others are just quite general.

The 52 Lists Project book

At the end of each list there is a “Take Action” instruction for you to get thinking about the list you’ve just created.

I didn’t buy this book until February, but I wanted it to be a project for 2017, so I had a bit of catching up to do, but I feel that this allowed me to get more familiar with the set up of it. My plan is to take some time out on a Monday evening each week to fill in a new list.

This books is very aesthetically pleasing! The cover is beautiful, as are all the photographs and illustrations inside. I’m completely in love with the hand lettering throughout the book. I’m feeling inspired to learn how to write like this myself.

The 52 Lists Project book

If you look up the hashtag #52ListsProject on Instagram and Twitter you can see how other people are filling in their journals. Some people are getting really creative with theirs, but I’m just being boring and sticking to a standard list! It’s a great source of inspiration though if you are struggling to think of what to write.

The 52 Lists Project book

There is also another version of the book called 52 Lists for Happiness which, of course, is more focused on happiness. You could fill in both books at the same time but I’m just going to focus on the one this year, and if I manage to keep on top of it then I’ll probably buy the happiness one for next year.

The 52 Lists Project book

So far I’m really enjoying using this journal. I love taking some time out of my day to write in my journals and just get away from my laptop! Here’s hoping I can keep it with it through the rest of 2017.

Are you into journaling?

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  1. I have often thought about using one of these journals but I feel like I just won’t commit. I try to write a list every day (just of stuff to do) but I don’t often do it, most stuff is in my head. And there is so much nice stationery out there that I would waste my money on if I ever bothered to get something really pretty. I already have a set of notebooks that aren’t getting much use, haha. I carry my notebook around but I still don’t use it “religiously”, so to speak.

    • Holly

      I used to buy a new diary every single year and my commitment to them lasted a couple of months, if that. I don’t know whether I’ve just got better committing or I’ve just got better at choosing journals that I know I’ll stick with.

      To be honest, I have a draw in my desk that is just full of notebooks! I’m a bit of a notebook hoarder!

  2. Cristina Cocioaba

    This looks amazing. Also it has a very beautiful design so it can help you return to it. I make lists, but most of the time I write down unrealistic things and I end up giving up. Then I start again.

    Also the one line per day journaling idea amazing. I used to keep a journal but I gave up after a while. Maybe I will go back to it, I really write what’s going through my mind .

    • Holly

      There’s nothing wrong with lists of unrealistic things . It’s okay to have dreams!

      I highly recommend the One Line A Day journal.

  3. The “Take Action” bit is lovely. I like that. The journal looks very nice.

  4. That’s a gorgeous book for sure! They’ve really put a lot of care into the aesthetics and design of it.

    I’ve never tried these types of journals (the ones with prompts), and I’ve always been hesitant to try them. I bet they would do me a world of good in keeping mindful about my life and activities. I’d probably forget to fill them in, though! I do have my bullet journal, but it’s not the same. It’s more of a planner and to-do list. I can, and do, use it for small memory keeping. I feel like I’d want to sit down and fill in all the lists in a few sessions, rather than once a week, haha!

    • Holly

      Pretty books are my weakness!

      I like having prompts because I’ve tried keeping a journal in just a plain notebook and I end up getting so negative. I feel like this book forces me to be positive.

  5. It’s very pretty! I always appreciate when the designs are incorporated throughout the journal to make all of it aesthetically pleasing. I’m not always the best at making my own title or creative lists, but I always love looking at those who are on Instagram! It makes me want to learn calligraphy, or at least practice a bit with it to learn some tips!

    I love journals because I think they are so pretty, but I’m really bad at actually using them, haha! I really like making lists though, so I tend to keep small notebooks or journals with me so I can jot something on my to-do list. I’m about halfway through the one I’m using, so this makes me excited to browse through all the pretty journals that are out there for my next one!

    • Holly

      I could scroll for hours on Instagram or Pinterst looking at other people’s journals. I love to see all the creativity.

      Haha I also get excited about buying new journals. I recently found a shop that was selling Moleskine journals for half price and I was over the moon!

  6. My girlfriend is really into journalling etc at the moment… I may have to buy this for her, it definitely sounds like something she would enjoy. Who knows, maybe I would as wll- I’ve just dipped my toe into the world of journalling and learning all about it.