Travel Diary | Baltic Cruise | Tallinn, Estonia

11th September 2018

After Gothenburg we had another day at sea (more eating and drinking!) before arriving in Tallinn in Estonia.

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and is perhaps most famous for it’s old town which is said to be one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe.

Up until a few years ago I’d not heard of Tallinn, but I remember seeing someone I follow on Instagram visit there and it looked like something out of a fairy tale. I don’t know what I expected from Estonia, but that wasn’t it!

We docked about a 20 minute walk outside of the old town. As we headed up to the buffet for breakfast we realised that we were surrounded by other ships that completely dwarfed our ship, but we could spot the old town in the distance.

Tallinn’s old town is divided into two areas; the lower town and the upper town. We started off by wandering the streets of the lower town.

As you can see from these pictures, the old town is characterised by cobblestone streets and colourful buildings.

Before we left the UK I did some research about the best viewing points in the old town. I wanted a photo of the rooftops like I’d seen on Instagram! So in order to see that iconic view we walked up a very steep hill to the upper part of the town.

The best viewing point in my option is called the Patkuli viewing platform. This is the view from there….

If you look closely you will see all the cruise ships in the background.

Another great view point is the Kohtuotsa viewing platform which is actually quite close to the Patkuli one. From the Kohtuotsa viewing platform you can see the new, modern part of the city in the distance.

We rewarded ourselves for climbing to the viewing points with a glass of the local beer; Saku. We definitely overpaid for our drinks because of the location, but I’m glad we did it as it’s something I will always remember.

After our beers we took a slow walk back into the lower town and had a little look around the shops. I struggled to find a Christmas decoration for my collection but I managed to find a bell on a ribbon that kind of looked festive, so I bought that!

On our way back to the ship the weather unfortunately took a turn for the worse and we got caught in a huge downpour!

The next post in this series is going to be a long one as it’s all about St Petersburg in Russia and we were there for two days.

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  2. Wow Tallinn looks absolutely stunning. I had no idea it was so gorgeous. Definitley adding it to my list of places to visit 🙂

  3. Joy

    Omgosh, Tallinn looks so beautiful. I love a good old town, especially the color of the buildings and the cobblestone roads. Cobblestone roads are what convinced us to buy our house. Your holiday photos are giving me such wanderlust!