Talk about stressful

29th August 2013

I’m blogging again, which can only mean one thing; I have internet!

Today our internet went live and I can’t tell you how good it is to have WiFi again. Everyone in the building has passworded their internet so there was no stealing WiFi for me. I’ve been using the 3G on my phone and occasionally tethering to my iPad, but yesterday I got a text from Vodafone saying that I had hit my limit. Getting broadband couldn’t have come at a better time.

It’s been nearly two weeks since I moved to Liverpool. The whole move in process was completely stressful because our estate agent was bloody useless and nothing seemed to go right for us. It has certainly been an eventful couple of weeks.

On the day of the move I went to pick up the keys to the flat with my dad.

Problem number 1 – They didn’t have a key fob for us to use to enter the building.

We are living in a block of flats (not a high rise block of flats, just a small building) and to enter the building you need an electronic key fob. The estate agents didn’t even have one for us so we wouldn’t be able to get into the building. The earliest they could get us one was two days after we had moved in. They knew my move in date so why the hell hadn’t they got one to give to me?! In the end someone who lived in one of the other flats had to let us in on the Saturday and once we were in we had to stay in. Only one of us could go out at anyone time. Someone had to stay in to let the other one in. I mean, can you imagine what it would have been like if I had been moving in on my own. I would have been completely trapped.

Once we had got into the building there was another big problem.

Problem number 2 – The estate agent had given us the wrong key/the lock was broken.

Tyrone and I went up to out flat and tried to get in. They key would not turn and the lock wouldn’t open. No matter how hard we tried we couldn’t get in. After many phone calls later to the estate agents they finally sent out a locksmith who had to break into the flat for us! He was convinced that they had given us the wrong key but the estate agents were sure that it was the right key. Personally, I believe that if it was the right set of keys then it would have had the damn key fob on it. Once the locksmith had broke in for us we could finally start moving in.

Problem number 3 – The lights in the bathroom had all broke.

When we came to view the flat we noticed that all the bulbs in the bathroom had blown. The estate agent who showed us around the flat told us that she would make sure it was fixed for moving in. Lies. All lies. And as we couldn’t go out to get replacement bulbs we were literally in the dark until the Monday.

Problem number 4 – The toilet leaked in 4 places.

We had to get a plumber out on the Monday morning. He was here all day trying to fix the toilet. It was a complete mess! He did manage to fix it in the end and he also replaced the light bulbs for us as he couldn’t work without any lights on.

Problem number 5 – We have no access to our meters.

I wanted to get my water and electricity billing sorted out as quickly as possible. Of course, I needed meter readings. We looked all over the building for meters but no luck. I rang the estate agents and they didn’t know where they were. I rang the building management and even they didn’t know where they were! In the end someone from the building management rang me back with the details of the man who looks after the building. I called him and he text me the meter readings as we can’t get access to them. It’s a pain in the arse. I sorted out water easily and yesterday I managed to sort out electricity, which was a little more complicated that it should have been. Tyrone sorted out internet and TV licence which made my life easier.

Despite all this we are dealing with all the challenges life throws at us. I think we are doing rather well for a couple of 19 year olds. On the Sunday that we were trapped in our flat due to having no key fob we unpacked and got everything sorted. We built our flat pack furniture and moved all the furniture that was already in the flat to move suitable places.

Now for the fun part; pictures!

The kitchen. It’s all integrated and has everything we need, including a dishwasher.

The dining table that came with the flat.

The living room, complete with our new TV. Tyrone’s desk and computer are in the corner.

The bathroom. Naturally, all of my bath products are lined up around the bath.

The bedroom. We brought our own mattress because the one already here was pretty crap. But because the mattress belongs to the owner we have to keep it, that’s why it is behind the wardrobe. It doesn’t look great but it’s the best we can do.

We’ve got quite a bit of storage in the bedroom. On top of the bookcase is my picture disk vinyl of Dark Side of the Moon and next to it is the Lego Arkham Asylum, because it’s damn cool!

This is my desk set up. It’s where the blogging happens.

I do love this flat to pieces. It feels like a real home. The views are incredible and I love waking up each morning, opening the curtains and looking out over the city. It’s so much quieter than living in halls and already I feel really happy here. I forgot how much I missed living in Liverpool.

I could carry on for ages talking about what we have been up to in the city but this post is getting too long as it is. At least now I have internet I can get back to blogging again.

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  1. Elena

    I always dread the text that tells me “I have hit my limited amount of 3G”. So yay for your internet being up!

    It is stupid how unprepared your estate agent. It’s his job to sell you the house and the process that comes with it. It can’t be that hard for her to do her job right.

    Ah, I will have to move out next year to study and I’m dreading all the “grown up” things that come with it. Water, electricity, wi-fi, washing my own clothes.. But I’m sure I’ll be fine, haha.

    Have you had any more troubles or is everything getting better? It really sucks how bad your estate agent was. But, yeah your flat looks great! Too bad about the mattress, but your bookshelf looks awesome.

  2. Cat

    Yay for having internet! That sucks about all the problems you had with your flat at first though. It doesn’t sound your estate agents were prepared at all, which is annoying. I’m glad the problems were eventually resolved at least.

    Your flat looks great though! I hope things will go smoother from here on out!

  3. Estate agents in Liverpool are rubbish! Me and my housemate had a terrible time! Whereabouts are you? The kitchen looks really nice! The whole flat looks really nice and spacious, and really modern. Having internet is amazing, it took me a month to get mine!
    Hope you’re all sorted with the estate agents now, and everything is working fine! TV License was the one we forgot about, I didn’t buy one until last week, I felt really bad!
    Good luck in your new flat! Hope it all works out boss!