Florence, Italy

The next adventure on the schedule was an excursion to Florence and Pisa in Italy.

Now, I’d better come clean. In the post where I announced I was going on a cruise (probably prouder than I would announce if I was getting married – which I’m not) I said I wasn’t going to Florence because I’d already been on that excursion. Well, we went anyway, because Ty hadn’t been and I probably would have regretted it if not, so we thought we might as well go.

We docked in Livorno on the Friday morning, and after a quick breakfast we left the boat and joined our tour bus.

First stop was Florence for a tour with the city guide.

San Remo, Italy

After our day at sea, on the Thursday we docked just outside of San Remo in Italy. As we couldn’t dock in the port, we had to take a tender (small boats, like life boats) on to the shore.

We had an early start on our day in San Remo as we’d booked an excursion to Monaco. So we took some early morning photos of San Remo, hoped on the tender and then joined the tour bus.

Island Escape

Just as I did with my trip to New York, I will be sharing posts all about my Mediterranean cruise every Tuesday for the next 6 weeks as a part of my Travel Diary series. Enjoy!

For the first post I’ve decided to talk a little about the cruise ship we stayed on – the Island Escape.