Palamos, Spain

I can’t believe I have come to the end of my Mediterranean Cruise Travel Diary series already! It’s been great to look back at the wonderful holiday Tyrone and I shared together that was, without a doubt, one of the best holidays I have ever been on.

My final post is all about Palamos; the last stop on our cruise before returning to Mallorca to fly home. Similar to my Corsica post, this one will be short and sweet, because we only really spent a few hours ashore in Palamos.

Ajaccio, Corsica

I know, my last few Travel Diary posts have been very long. However, the next two will be short and sweet because my visits to Ajaccio and Palamos were exactly that.

We hadn’t booked excursions so we just got off the ship and explored the port towns in the mornings. We then head back to the ship to spend some time making the most of the all inclusive drinks.

Rome, Italy

Rome: The Eternal City. It’s certainly something special.

The last time I went to Rome was also apart of a cruise on the Island Escape. I went with my parents and we went on a excursion called “Rome All In One Day” which involved spending lots of time on a bus seeing all the sites of Rome.

This time I want to explore on my own, and as it was Tyrone’s first time in Rome I wanted to be able to show him around myself. So we booked the excursion called “Rome On Your Own”.