Travel Diary | Baltic Cruise | Copenhagen, Denmark

Hooray! We’ve finally made it to the final post in my Baltic cruise travel diary series. I know I’ve dragged this one out and you’ve probably all lost interest by now, but I’ve started so I’m going to finish!

The final stop on our Baltic cruise was Copenhagen in Denmark. Copenhagen was the city I was most looking forward to visiting on this cruise and I’m kind of gutted we didn’t get to visit earlier in the itinerary when my legs weren’t so tired.

After another day at sea we docked in Warnemünde in Germany.

Funny story; although this was my first time on German soil, it shouldn’t have been. When I was about 13 years old I went on a school trip that was supposed to go to Germany. We were going to travel to Germany overnight on a coach, spend the day in Germany at a Christmas market, then return home that evening. I know, what a stupid idea!

Guys, I’m sorry! I’ve gotten so behind with my Travel Diary series from my Baltic Cruise last summer. I mean, since that trip I’ve been to Disneyland Paris, and I’m off to Barcelona in two weeks time. So yeah, I need to get my arse into gear! 😂

Better late than never though, am I right?!